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Caruso Does His Eastwood Imitation
ccthemovieman-124 October 2008
Warning: Spoilers
This opening scene is amazing as David Caruso plays Clint Eastwood for a few minutes. Caruso, a.k.a. "Horatio Caine" kills everyone in sight as "The Good, The Bad And The Ugly"-type music is played in the background! It's very stylishly shown, too, like a Quentin Tarantino action film, and it left my jaw dropping watching it. It's pretty amazing.

That scene is set up quickly by showing Horatio being set free in soon after his arrival in Rio de Janeiro. He had just been extradited there for the murder of a man who had killed his bride about a year ago. Horatio is on some lawman's (I think) property and is told he can leave...but you know the minute he leaves the premises he's a target, and that does indeed happen immediately. That's when Caruso's character suddenly turns into an Eastwood combination of cowboy and "Dirty Harry." It's far-fetched but fun to watch. However, the first scene after the commercial break is an insult to anyone's intelligence. Just like that, Horatio is back in Miami, and pursing the kidnapping of his CSI subordinate, "Calleigh Dusquense"(Emily Proctor). Since the kidnapping happened before Horatio even left Miami, how did he get out of the situation he was in in Rio, get on an airplane and back to Miami all the same day? It's ludicrous, but that's what we are handed. There is no transition period.

The rest of the show deals with the kidnapping, and how that is solved. That part of the story, too, has more holes in it that the proverbial swiss cheese, but this show is style over substance and usually a lot of fun to watch regardless. You just go with the flow and enjoy the colorful characters and scenery, such as Elizabeth Berkley's humongous fake chest and the whacked out boyfriend of hers, "Ron Saris" (Kim Coates) plus Horatio's snotty kid "Kyle." It's amazing the type of low-life people Horatio goes to great lengths to save all the time, along with the good people at CSI.
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