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Thea Gill: Stacey Davidson


  • Stacey Davidson : You can't blame a person for who they are.

  • Stacey Davidson : I'm just trying to show a little interest and talk about something other than golf. There are other people at this table. Maybe you'd like to hear what Birdie has planned for the day. Would anyone like some more waffles?

    Birdie Davidson : Uhh, we haven't even started yet.

    Stacey Davidson : Well, we'd best get started then, shouldn't we?

    Nathan Davidson : Sorry, your mother's right. It's polite to show interest, otherwise you can seem cold or frigid.

    Stacey Davidson : Oh, sometimes it's what people do when the actions of others seem erratic or unusual.

    Nathan Davidson : It's difficult for someone to attempt spontaneity if they're greeted with ridicule.

    Stacey Davidson : When you don't tend your chickens, they'll never produce the golden egg.

    Tyler Davidson : Okay, I get it. Show a little interest. Sorry. Birdie, what're you doing today?

    Birdie Davidson : Mom doesn't like that I've seen a penis so I have to start tennis lessons.

    Tyler Davidson : That's great. That's really great. Great waffles, Mom.

  • Jeffrey : I wasn't showing my penis. I was showing a minnow.

    Stacey Davidson : Oh..."minnow." For sure.

    Birdie Davidson : Mom, he's telling the truth. He was just showing me a minnow.

    Stacey Davidson : This is unbelieveable. I don't care what we want to call it, children of age should not be sharing this kind of thing.

  • Stacey Davidson : Remember our rule to not talk about golf? Well, I'm changing that. We can all talk about golf... especially tonight with your grandmother.

  • Birdie Davidson : Where did Chase go?

    Stacey Davidson : Well, he's gone to stay someplace else.

    Birdie Davidson : Did he and Tyler break up?

    Stacey Davidson : Tyler and Chase were never dating.

    Birdie Davidson : But they loved each other. I could tell.

    Stacey Davidson : They loved each other like good friends. RIght now they have some issues to work out.

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