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Season 1

9 Mar. 2020
Ladder to the Stars
An adventure spanning billions of years into the evolution of life.
9 Mar. 2020
The Fleeting Grace of the Habitable Zone
A long-term vision of humanity's future worlds is explored.
16 Mar. 2020
Lost City of Life
Explore the story behind the man who found the first clues to life's beginnings on Earth.
16 Mar. 2020
Nikolai Vavilov risked his life for a discovery that would change the history of science.
23 Mar. 2020
The Cosmic Connectome
An abandoned orphan's dream opens the way to understanding the architecture of thought.
23 Mar. 2020
The Man of a Trillion Worlds
A young Carl Sagan realizes his childhood dreams, carrying his mentors' research forward.
30 Mar. 2020
The Search for Intelligent Life on Earth
A hidden underground network, a collaboration of four kingdoms of life, is revealed.
30 Mar. 2020
The Sacrifice of Cassini
A scientist figures out how to go to the moon while fighting for his life in a war trench.

 Season 1 

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