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It cant get any worse then this
megerild30 January 2008
I hope the makers of this movie are happy, they made me waste 1,5 hours of my life a left me puzzled with greatest question of all time: will there ever be a movie thats worse then this? I have to say I started watching this movie with skeptic thoughts in my mind, but not even in my worst nightmares would I have seen what was before me. The dialog is a waste of breath, they could have had "Band X" play random songs for 1,5 hours on top of the movie instead of the dialog and it would have made exactly the same amount of sense. The special effects are like from the 80-s, and even then they would have been below average, the acting is below zero. This movie was actually so bad it forced me to register to IMDb so I could rant about it so at least it achieved something good. The only time I could recommend spending time with this movie is ... well lets face it: never.
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If there's a god, protect us from this movie.
tcapristano27 February 2008
This is a bad film.

The plot is the most idiotic thing I remember watching in a long time.

The "god message" takes form after 15 minutes of watching, so you end up waiting just one more minute because you just cant believe what you're seeing.

There's some amazing bad acting going on, like people talking in panic for almost no reason, or doing the most absurd things. Even plain cell phones work in the jungle.

Its a film made for people with short horizons and no brains. Its an excuse to spread the "word of god". And its done in the dumbest, lamest, least appealing way.

...and I do love all genres of cinema.
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Awfully awful
saurabh-bose4 February 2008
Its a doomsday not for the all humankind but to the ill fated ones who are doomed to watch it. A real disaster starting from misguided storyline,dumb acting,pathetic dialogues and supreme bad direction. The dialogues are real crap. one is "The world is falling apart and so i want to know you are safe"..And the special effects reminds me of some late seventies movies .I mean some of them had much better effects. Starts with doomsday countdown of your patience and unlike the world's fate (saved of course by talking to god )u are out of any patience. Uff pathetic.. give me back my lost 90 minutes.. I am planning to invest in inventing time travel to get it back.. Never ever watch it..if u dare u will have your doomsday...
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Spoiler would only enhance the pain
mt33556 February 2008
I couldn't spoil anything because there is nothing to spoil. Words could not convey the ......... of this film. You see I can't even find a word to say how bad it is. I can't believe when they were making the film or even writing it, that they couldn't see they were making a mistake. The actors seem to be trying to act as badly as possible. The story line is right out of the Sunday morning Davy and Goliath writers trash bin. You can't say this film is good for nothing, it can always be used as a good example of a bad film.When I think of the money lost and the time I wasted I want to cry. If the story is true, they should have spared us and released it on 12-25-2012
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waste of my time
slash-strike2 February 2008
When i first started watching this movie I taught to myself "how bad can it be?! it will be at least a decent watchable movie .." . I was wrong .

This movie is just horrible . Everything in it is badly done , including the acting . I doubt there is one thing anyone will like about this movie . I can even say it is the worst movie I have seen in my entire life ! I have never rated a movie with 1 until now.

I just want to know : was this a low budget movie ? Because if it was I would somehow understand why I was put trough this horror of watching this movie . Special effects are like in the '50s , the acting is like of 10 year old kids , the attention to details is non existent , the background sound is probably from another movie . And this is only the stuff i can think about now .

I wouldn't recommend this movie to anyone , not even the people i hate .. If you think of watching this movie DON'T ! Skip directly to "Cloverfield" if you want to see a new good action movie . I know i should have done the same !
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worst movie I ever saw
laci2715 February 2008
Features of this movie: bad acting , visual effects made with a home PC, bad directing, useless talk scenes, bad screenplay, bad dialogs (where the writers on strike?! - actually they were... and you can tell!), fake rain made with a bunch of shower heads, very bad casting and totally random music.

With a decent cast, screenwriters and a director, it would have been a 7+ movie. This looks like something you can make with your friends, a PC and a handy-cam. Actually NO, I've seen much better short films on Youtube. Total waste of my time. This movie is even worst then 'The Helix... Loaded'.
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Terrible Christian end of days movie.
eisa-110 February 2008
Don't bother. Complete waste of time with no redeeming features. Some of the effects are passable I suppose, but the scrip and the wooden acting combined with the mixed mess of the basic religious undertones...yuck.

The music sucks, the pacing sucks, read the other comments and stay far away, the only reason to watch this would be with a few friends, some beer and for free as something to laugh at.

Silly string rain, computer graphics probably done in paint, text overlays with typing noise, generic characters,silly string used as "rain" text cant really express just how bad this thing is.
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Oh my God, this is the worst film in the history of film-making
fastrack62511 February 2008
This film is the worst piece of biblical garbage i have ever seen. I really wish that i had looked it up on here first to save myself the pain of watching it. The acting is horrible, and the story is even worse. The CG parts are trash, not even suitable for those "TV movies" that they make for the sole purpose for TV, like the Poseidon adventure that was on NBC. However, at least that movie had a suitable storyline to make up for the bad acting and unsatisfying graphics. I would gladly be forced to watch black and white TV for the remainder of my life than have to watch this piece of trash again. Sorry to all you believers out there...
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Waste of time
charlesdias7 February 2008
This movie promises something interesting but just delivers Christian religious propaganda, poor CGI effects, far-from-good actors and a very cliché story.

I'm really unable to understand why people would spend money to film a movie like that, it's a waste of money, just it. Perhaps some people gets some nice tax reduction investing in films like that because I doubt it makes enough money to worth the trouble.

If you want some religious propaganda plus wasting your time and money, feel free to rent/buy and watch this movie. I you want a good advise, rent another movie and never think about this one, even if it's in the bargain basket.
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Movie in dire need of a redeeming scene
JHerculano2 February 2008
Should have been alerted by the "Christian Epic" reference, thought it was an apocalyptic movie in the line of the 7th Sign. It indeed deals with the end of the world and the usual heroes that somehow convince God through some ordeal that He should let us apes live a little longer. But where movies like the 7th Seal grip you by script and acting, this one will bore you to tears. Acting is awful, the dialogs are out of bad evangelical early morning TV, plot and subplot lines make no sense at all. You'll need a lobotomy to watch this one with anything other than utter boredom and a sense that Armageddon must indeed be near for something like this to be thought of, let alone be produced.
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My eyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees!
skullous16 June 2009
Warning: Spoilers
This movie will make you beg for doomsday to come quickly. I highly recommend this movie if:

A- There are no bridges nearby

B- You actually like having typewriter messages in the form of "San Diego, California, 17 hours to Doomsday" popping up every 2 frames, making sure you're aware that this is, in fact a doomsday movie and that you have enough time to go do something else.

C- You're fond of music scores composed by a rabid monkey on crack with the volume set on max. But then again this might disappoint you.

D- You get shivers down your spine when actors deliver a poignant porn movie like performance (minus the porn)

E- Youlove it when an actress cast as a paramedic repeats her "I don't believe in God because people die everyday. Good people." just in case you didn't get it the first 5 times.

F- You truly believe that the more an old ladylooks like she's having a constant aneurysm and whispers her lines so that you have to crank the volume up to 50 to make any sense of what she just mumbled, the bigger her chances of going to heaven are.

G- You're Mel Gibson.

Otherwise, it's a really good movie, and you should just take my word for it.
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What a crappy god-loves-us-all propaganda movie
the_wolf_imdb22 May 2009
Warning: Spoilers
Well, I have seen more intelligent Nazi and Communist propaganda movies than this crap. Are really US Christians THAT stupid??? God wants Apocalypse to be brought to us so he explains his plan magically to Mayas and even gives them very cool brand like new cross with Jesus Christ on it approximately in year 600 (just to have most of Indians to be mass murdered by Christians somehow later). So we have Maya-Christian calendar in Maya-Christian pyramid with Maya-Christian cross in it. Now we have year 2012 and ever-loving Gods steps forward to kill us all by arranging all the planets that way so Earth will stop its rotation according His good plan (this is SO lame science that I just don't trust authors could ever pass even basic grade education). To prevent this well planned massacre by ever-loving God, some of believers and soon-to-be believers must gather and travel to the Maya-Christian pyramid to perform some pagan-Christian ritual for no apparent reason. No one has idea why this must be performed as there are no references to Bible or any other source of legend or reason, but everyone "feels" it must be done. So they spend a lot of time by traveling and having endlessly painful dialogs about ever-loving God and His Plan (not) to kill us all. That part is very painful but with speedup of DVD play to 8x you may survive it. In the end they manage to perform some hi-tech birth-enabled pagan-Christian ritual which cancels all the effects of gravity and will of God so world is saved. Bravo, brave US-Christians! Another villain plot by our ever-loving God Almighty has been crushed. Way to go! But please: Warn us please in advance and clearly sign your crappy brain-dead propaganda DVD in clear manner, not as a "catastrophic thriller". As a paying unfortunate customer I would evaluate the cost of this crap not as "$3.99" but "give me back 20 bucks for surviving this".
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Enjoy the comments while criticize the film
accacfa31 March 2008
I felt I was cheated after I finished this film. So I googled this film and I found out it's one of the

Worst movie. I read these comments on IMDb. Some of them are really funny. i didn't have fun with this film, but i

enjoy reading the comments on this film. Just like one comment says, "You can't say this film is good for

nothing, it can always be used as a good example of a bad film". To me, it caused some funny comments. And just as another comment says, "I have never commented on a film, but I registered in this web to vent

my frustration. I registered in this web to share the pleasure to read all these great comments on this

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Some people might really like this
jsorenson77717 March 2008
If you were the filmmaker's mother and the offspring of some sort of DNA cataclysm and if you think of yourself as an intellectual Christian who does not need to read in order to know what is and if you dislike all those sinners who do not subscribe to your interpretation of your holy book and if you only believe the truths espoused by your pastor (Billy-Bob-Ed-Tim-Fred) down to the corner in the back of the gas station and if you think Ed Wood was a true master and if you were recently put into a clothes dryer down to the laundrymat for a few hours -- then you might well be able to somehow find something maybe a little bit worthwhile or at least unrepugnant about this film.

Otherwise you probably won't like it much at all.
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Terrible, just plain terrible.
idkak31 January 2008
Warning: Spoilers
The title of this film implies a good story, I mean Mayans, doomsday... how can you go wrong with those? But...guess what? They really made a mess of things, big time.. The film is cheap from scene one throughout to the end, not only graphically but also story-wise. The story should have really been pretty straight forward as according to Mayan prophecies the we will be entering another "World Age" on 21/12/2012 which to some translates as doomsday.. There are a million things that come to mind that one could have done with such a story, but it was some how mixed with faith, Christian symbolism, Christianity and familiar scenes to the "seventh sign" (1988) towards the end.. To me mixing Mayans with Christianity is hilarious on its own but I agree that even that would have been interesting to watch if it had been written well, but this film simply wasn't, the story is terribly cheap so much so that its not even worth the watch on TV.
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sion-cablo3 February 2009
'rrichkj's review of this film nearly killed me - I laughed so hard my bowel ended up next to me in my bed - which made up for watching 40 minutes of this total crap. Danae Nason's face had a strange effect on me. Now feeling like I wanted to vomit, now wanting to punch myself in the face, now head-butt the wall. The film was emotional viewing. I didn't realize how bad it was until I hit the stop button - I had scratched out my left eye. God knows if I hadn't hit the stop button I wouldn't be alive to join IMDb.com and to make my first ever comment. I see Danae Nason has done another movie since called ' Countdown Jerusalem ' - Tag line 'The end isn't near... It's here'. Oooooh - I bet that's a good movie...
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karlo-124 February 2008
Warning: Spoilers
Okay ummm where to start....... this movie is one of the worst, if not the worst movies I've ever seen.... the acting... the effects... the story ... i have no words.. it was so SO AWFUL.

Before i saw it i was like... hmmm "Doomsday" what a cool name for a movie.. and i the second i started watching it and when i saw the rain in the movie... i said to myself... "is this suppose to be a joke or something" It was so fake it was unwatchable.

The film has so many Goofs and i so bad all around i cant puzzle it how and who the h ell agreed to spend money on this c rap and why they released it even..

Overall i do not recommend this movie, don't even think about it... it isn't even a "funny bad movie".
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Absolutely Ridiculous!
rdtarbox5 March 2008
what an awful movie, spare your self the horror of sitting through this. Nothing but bad acting, ridiculous special effects and the worst story you could possibly imagine. Nothing in this movie even enters the realm of possibility and just is a giant display of stupidity.

If you have a suspicion that someone one you know may be an absolute moron, have them watch this movie then ask them what they think of it. If they say anything positive about it you should never speak to them again. Just talking to someone who understands this movie will lower your intelligence.

the writer and director of this movie, Nick Everhart, should be barred from even touching a pen or a camera again. please someone save us from this insane man.
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End of the world? Hopefully the end of the director's career.
jamespage10001 January 2010
I mistook this film for another film of a very similar title, this film is called 2012:Doomsday and is directed by Nick Everhart, the film I thought I was buying is 2012, directed by Roland Emmerich and stars John Cusack. Well, okay, I bought the wrong film, should have checked the box a little closer... er wait a minute, I did check the box, the packaging is brilliant, very encouraging, and the synopsis on the back is almost identical to the synopsis for the other 2012, I was cheated, as far as I'm concerned.

2012:Doomsday by Nick Everhart is a complete and utter waste of time and money. Super-imposed snow in Mexico, not a single cast member capable of a believable performance, way too much god-squad preaching all the way through from just about every member of the cast, the disaster scenes and special effects were no better than films made in the early 1970's, a girl with an injury to her side from a car door that literally looked like a rubbery joke shop trick injury, I could go on.

The film is racked with common knowledge mistakes and gaffs, one example is an injured guy lying on the ground talking, praying, and moving, when one medic says to the other 'Check for a pulse'. WHAT??? 'Check for a pulse' Pleeeeeeease, the guy is ALIVE !!!! he's praying, he's clasping his hands he's moving, he's talking. Oh dear.

I have watched films before and thought 'that was rubbish' or 'that wasn't up to much' but never before have I watched a film and felt angry at the end, angry at how my time was just so totally wasted. I'm really not that bothered about the money I spent on the film I'm angry at the absolute nerve that the makers of this film have to actually go through with it and release it. Don't they have any pride or shame? If it were me I'd sit back and say 'no way, this is a career killer'. I believe it was actually completed before the other 2012, I can't say for sure who had the idea first, it doesn't matter 2012:Doomsday is available now and I'm convinced every copy sold is now being sold to people who think they're getting the other one. I really would avoid this, some might think it worth buying because it is so so very poorly made that it might be a laugh, well that's okay as long as you know what you're letting yourself in for.
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this movie sucks
lankiesktr13 May 2008
this movie is the most unholy piece of garbage on the planet. i now feel stupid after having wasted my life on this film. thank you Neil whoever you are for unleashing such a horrible film to infect millions of people. your movie is not a movie at all. it doesn't even deserve the dignity of being called a film. cheesy graphics and terrible acting were not the worst part of this movie. the worst part of this movie was the fact that you could not follow the horrible acting of the stupid plot of the movie. please do us all a favor and stop directing. whoever wrote this film f*#$ you you suck. if you ever decide to make another movie stop and think about how you will be effecting other peoples lives before you do. i don't like you
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worst movie in history
boulaindeltona26 April 2008
this is the worst movie i have ever seen,

i just lost 1 hour and a

half of my life for this totally crap.

i would like to know what other movies the director of this movie have made. what an amateur.

does anyone knows who is the director of this??

i would like to email him to tell him a few things.

i am really upset for watching this, the trailer seems to be a reasonable movie. 2012 should be the end of days, but only for directors and producers of movies like this one. movies like this should never be edited in first place. damn time wasters.....
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Worst film I have ever seen and thats saying something!!!
paulw-1225 March 2008
Warning: Spoilers
I read the reviews and thought it can't be that bad, I'll give it a go. OMG it is a terrible bit of film making. Everyone seems to use the phrase 'I don't know why, but I feel like I have to do this'.

The acting is bad, Team America has better acting and they're puppets.

The story line is woeful. I have enjoyed films in the past with a religious theme, but this was just plain silly.

The special effects are obviously done on a tight budget, but 'Bad Taste' had a low budget and the effects were 10 times better. I mean when it was snowing all they did was scatter some soap powder in front of the camera. Thats how bad it got.

This bit has a slight spoiler, but gives you the general idea of how ridiculous the film was and how little thought was given to dialogue, plot and everything else that goes into making a film. One of the main characters meets a photo journalist in the middle of a Mexican town, he ends up going into the middle of nowhere with her, on foot. She then says she needs to get to some Mayan temple. His next line is "I'll go, my car is parked just over the next hill"..... errr How the HELL is your car there, what are you talking about man!!! Ah well if you insist on watching it, just have a laugh at all the bad bits, that should turn it into an alrightish film. Thats as good as it will get.
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Please do yourself a favor and skip this movie
nastyninja16 March 2008
Movies could not get worse, in fact I am the lazy kind and never register on the sites. This movie was so bad it has forced me to register. I was not the only one who registered into IMDb.com found at least one more person who felt like me.

If it did not have 2012 in the tile I would not have bothered.

* bad acting * bad direction * stupid story line * the location / time information (usually in the beginning of the movie) over used * awesome scientist theories

Anyway, the stupidity of having a Christian connection to the Mayan prophecy is weak. I have seen better direction/acting/screenplay and plots in XXX movies
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They should be ashamed of this movie for so many reasons.
brianjszabo7 February 2008
Warning: Spoilers
One of the worst movies I've seen. Basically uses Christianity to take a dump on Mayan culture with little actual info on the events predicted to happen in 2012. Not just a bad idea but a horribly MADE movie as well. Many noticeable errors throughout this movie were easily seen. Looking out the window during some of the driving sequences, you could notice dramatically different speeds being depicted as the camera switched between characters. I also learned from this movie that a cut to the lower back causes little bleeding, intense coughing, and ultimately death. Snow also flies up at one point. The overall Christian message isn't bad I guess, it is just so forced it becomes predictable and ridiculous. It also seemed to me that the intent of this movie was somewhat to remedy doubts and inconsistencies about historical elements of Christian faith by rewriting a pagan Mayan history with the addition of a Christian element. Even in this sad endeavor, this movies fails miserably. I see no reason to recommend this movie but plenty of reasons to avoid it.
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Worst movie ever!!!
bwayz14 February 2008
Warning: Spoilers
This is the worst movie of my life. Bad acting, graphics very far under par, plot is infantile, the writer, for that matter everyone associated with this film needs to shoot themselves. I have never commented on a movie but i registered for this film. I am embarrassed to say that this movie was filmed in my country. The movie is set in Mexico, but not a single scene was shot there, it was all filmed in Belize, and clearly the people are not Mexican, the scene has things in English. The Maya ruin referred to as Chichen Itza is actually Lamanai. The one Belizean person with a role in the movie ridiculously over-gestured. I am embarrassed as a Belizean. As a scientist I am offended at the implications of what was happening. I was hoping that at the end they would at least have redeemed themselves by saying something that the rotation of the earth had reversed, still implausible, but at least would have continues with what they were suggesting. As a Christian, I was offended that the produces think that this fear mongering, and the cheesy religious dialogue would at all convince 'non-believers' or even sit well with Christians. I am offended by this movie in all senses. I agree with other commenters that the writer should bang his head on a rock, it would be more entertaining.
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