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The dreamer
jotix10030 April 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Leonardo, a playwright, has trouble concentrating on a few lines he has written on a notebook. He also has problems starting to read a novel that we learn was written by his son-in-law. He has been married for a while to Martha, an attractive woman. Leonardo seems to be in a rut, not only experiencing writer's block, but in his life as well. His three children have left home to pursue lives of their own. Suddenly, he feels lost; he compensates by daydreaming a lot.

Leonardo and Martha's relationship, as a couple, is going through changes. Each one appears to be living in a different planet. Martha, having nothing to do, decides to go back to the university where she finds fulfillment. Leonardo, on the other hand, is left by himself most of the time. One thing they have agreed to, is participating as a couple on group therapy, something that does not seem to be working. Even talking to an analyst friend, Dr. Spivak, does not give Leonard any satisfaction.

Leonardo's fantasies are all in his mind. They include an almost obsession with the woman dentist he finds when his own one is away. He is seen tailing her, but is he really? Then there is the trip to Israel where Julia, the daughter is living. Martha is visibly bored with everything. His son-in-law's critical success leaves Leonard cold. Floating in the Dead Sea he finally reconnect with his wife, but for how long, one wonders.

Daniel Burman, one of Argentine's top movie directors, has done better before. This is not a total failure. Despite of the so-so press he received, Mr. Burman has an enormous talent. His work has always revolved about the family, something he has expanded on before. The middle class family he presents in "El nido vacio" does not fit the mold of his previous work, but it is nevertheless, a good effort. Burman can produce wonderful images like the one in which Leonardo, in pursuit of Violeta is seen in a video-like sequence to the tune of Ravel's Bolero.

The film is saved by the great Oscar Martinez. His Leonardo shows a man who is facing a middle age crisis and does not know how to deal with it. The excellent Cecilia Roth has little to do in the film. As Martha, she is an enigma. This woman shows no warmth toward her husband. She is happier with her friends, or with a student group. Arturo Goetz is perfect as the analyst friend. Ines Efron plays Julia and Eugenia Capizzano makes an enigmatic Violeta.

The film owes a lot to the cinematography of Hugo Colace, who keeps getting better all the time. The incidental music is by Nino Cota, but there songs by Jorge Drexler are heard in the background. This was a good effort by Daniel Burman.
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Not as good as Derecho de Familia,but sill,a very good film
Argemaluco27 April 2008
It's really weird that I go to the cinema to watch an Argentinean movie,but I decided to do that for El Nido Vacío because director Daniel Burman's previous film was the brilliant Derecho de Familia.The result is not as good as Derecho De Familia but,still,it's a very good movie from a talented director.El Nido Vacío has a very intelligent screenplay which has a lot of excellent dialogs.It's easy to note that Burman worked hard on the screenplay and I really appreciated that.The direction is precise and the actors bring great performances.But,I found some fails on this movie.While a lot of dialogs are excellent,some of them feel a little bit pretentious and forced.Also,I would have preferred some more dynamism on a specific moment of the movie.Still with that fails,El Nido Vacío is a very good movie and I recommend it.
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