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A bit lackluster compared to earlier episodes this season
LaFeeChartreuse16 November 2008
Warning: Spoilers
This one didn't quite live up to the level of intensity set by earlier episodes this season (notably #5), but I guess it wouldn't really be possible to keep things that intense all the way through. It does at least allow the various story lines to continue unfolding, has a few interesting developments, and raises a few questions.

I have to say that some of the things people are complaining about seem to me to imply they either weren't really paying attention or didn't think too much about possibilities. Heroes isn't a show that spoon-feeds you explanations and makes everything obvious - it's a show that keeps you on your toes, throwing things at you that require you to pay careful attention, and constantly think and question. That's what I *like* about it. I don't mean to imply that there are never any missteps, because there are, but I don't think there are as many as some viewers seem to think.

Example: Peter's fall. How he survived is hardly a mystery - they practically announce it as it happens! Mr. Petrelli's pointed comment to Sylar about the unlikeliness of him surviving it coupled with Sylar's not-very-convincing look of innocence couldn't have been more clear if they'd added a little subtitle saying "Look! Sylar broke his fall with telekinesis!" Why he did it is another question - did he just have qualms about killing him even though he's apparently switched sides, or does it mean that the switch wasn't real and he's just trying to make Mr. Petrelli think he's on his side? Who knows? Presumably, that's something we'll find out further on in the season.

Why doesn't Mr. Petrelli immediately know all Peter's abilities and how to use them? Well, why would you expect him to? Everyone we've seen him drain powers from so far had only one, and in each case he already knew what it was. Chances are he knows that a few of Peter's powers are from spying on him, but it's highly unlikely he'd know all of them, much less be able to use them effectively immediately. Every time Peter's absorbed an ability, it's taken him a little while to figure out how to use it. Why wouldn't it with his dad as well? Why is Elle losing control of her powers (as is Claire, possibly)? That one was openly discussed, for heaven's sake! She doesn't *know*, and she wants to find out - that's why she goes looking for Mr. Bennet, and ends up going to Pinehearst. The suspicion she and Claire have is that there's something happening to both of them that's causing their powers to escalate out of their control. What that is could be any number of things, and there's no reason why viewers should expect to have it all explained ahead of time while the characters themselves are still trying to sort it out.

It just seems strange to me that some people get upset when everything isn't clearly laid out and explained in advance (or even when it is but they somehow missed it). Half of the fun of a series like this is trying to unravel the mysteries and figure out what's happening, and perhaps people who don't enjoy that should be watching something less challenging.
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Powerless Heroes
aamirm29 October 2008
Warning: Spoilers
watching Heroes has become a habbit which I cannot help myself not to watch it despite the fact that it's coming down in quality in each and every episode it proceeds. It seems that the writers want us to foolishly believe whatever they write even if it was ridiculous and funny. Sylar must be able to break out of his cell because MamaP encourages him with some stupid words, and we have to forget all the episodes he was imprisoned the same way and he was unable to flee. PapaP's has taken all the Peter's abilities and he easily have control over his negative aspect of these powers like the hunger for more power which Peter and Sylar had been fighting with.Peter run out of the room to save himself from daddy's danger. Papa P could've stopped time to hinder Peter but he'd not probably aware of this particular ability!

Elle breaks into Bennets's house and beats Clair's brother down because she need someone's help! We never know what's happened to her that she can't control her power anymore. Was it Sylar's half-action or what?

At the scene where Sylar throws Peter down from the 7th floor, Clair and ELLE are out there watching Peter's falling. Powerless Peter survives with some minor injuries thanks to Sylar's newly-found in episode ability to partly give his abilities to others! it's a guess, but it's the only possible reason for Peter staying alive. of course the idiot Peterwhich temporarily had been turned to a villain and had been unable to tell right from wrong, can be able to interpret deep thoughts inside Sylar's mind and define him as a good guy! these holes in scenario were much more that previous episodes. I don't know if they're gonna fix these factual goofs of not.But I hope so.
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