Get Low (2009) Poster


Bill Murray: Frank Quinn



  • Frank Quinn : I sold 26 of the ugliest cars in the middle of December with the wind blowing so far up my ass I was farting snowflakes into July.

  • Photographer : Do you want him to smile?

    Frank Quinn : That *is* his smile.

  • Frank Quinn : How ya fixed for underwear?

    Felix Bush : I don't wear none!

    Frank Quinn : One question too many.

  • Frank Quinn : You've been wanting a shot at sales. As of right now, you're on commission. Remember - foot in the door, establish trust, and drop the hammer.

    Buddy : I'd rather you go too.

    Frank Quinn : No doubt. But if you don't do this by yourself, you'll never know if you're any good. And you'll never be good if you don't know that you are.

  • Frank Quinn : What are the odds in a funeral home going broke when you have a business that everybody on Earth needs? If you can't make that work, it's got to be you, right? And yet, I don't know. What do you do when people won't die?

  • Felix Bush : Fancy car for the dead.

    Frank Quinn : I didn't buy it for them.

  • Frank Quinn : [Felix is about to get a haircut and a shave] 

    [to Barber] 

    Frank Quinn : I wish you wouldn't do that yet.

    [to Felix] 

    Frank Quinn : Mr. Bush, you can cut all the hairs you want after we've taken your picture. I'll pay for it.

    Felix Bush : Why you want my picture made?

    Buddy : We want to run an ad in some papers about your party. Hang some posters up of you.

    Felix Bush : You want me to look like this?

    Frank Quinn : Yes.

    Felix Bush : Why?

    Frank Quinn : Why?


    Buddy : Well, it's how people recognize you, sir.

    Frank Quinn : And you want as many people to come as possible. So...

    Felix Bush : So... crazy nutter draws more, hm?

    Frank Quinn : [pauses]  Don't you think?

    Felix Bush : Oh.

    [Get's out of barber chair and leaves] 

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