Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 (Video Game 2008) Poster

(2008 Video Game)

Jonathan Pryce: Field Marshall Robert Bingham


  • President Howard T. Ackerman : Bingham, I am hearing a rumor that I know can not be true, are we really signing a peace treaty with the commies?

    Field Marshall Robert Bingham : Actually sir, it's more of a case fire.

    President Howard T. Ackerman : So, you're tell me it *is* true.

    Field Marshall Robert Bingham : Well, we've already exhausted most of our forces, and we belive that siding with the Soviets will help us against the Empire.

    President Howard T. Ackerman : Bullpucky. You know those Russians can't be trusted, they hate everything we stand for. Freedom, liberty, the persuit of happiness, apple pie... did I say freedom, well it's worth saying again.

    Field Marshall Robert Bingham : Sir, most of the Allied leaders have already agreed to this.

    President Howard T. Ackerman : Not me, not the U,S of by god A. You're making a *very* big mistake my friend, you mark my words.

  • Field Marshall Robert Bingham : [First Allied Mission]  Ah, commander. I'm Field Marshal Robert Bingham, chief officer of the Allied military command. I'm told that you;re a capable officer, well let's hope that this assessment is correct. All of our senior commanders are fighting in Europe, leaving the defense of Great Britain entirely in your hands. I would like to meet Lieutenant Eva

    [Eva comes on screen] 

    Field Marshall Robert Bingham : she will be your intel officer and communications liasion.

    Lt. Eva McKenna : Glad to have you on board, sir. Field Marshal, the President is ready for you.

    Field Marshall Robert Bingham : [President Ackerman comes on screen]  Mr. President, I like you to meet our new commander on the ground.

    President Howard T. Ackerman : Greetings commander. You ready to send those commies running back to their mommies? I sure hope so, becuase if you can't stop them over there, the only thing that's gonna stand between those godless Reds and the U, S of A is gonna be one little ocean.

    Field Marshall Robert Bingham : I absoluely agree, Mr. President. We can not allow the Soviets secure a foothold in Great Britain. The fate of the free world depends upon it.

  • Field Marshall Robert Bingham : That was bang-on brilliant, commander. Excellent work, and I have to say, the Soviets are proving to be a useful ally.

    Lt. Eva McKenna : [Comes on screen]  Sir, Premier Cherdenko is on the line. He says it's urgent.

    Field Marshall Robert Bingham : Put him through, Lieutenant.

    Premier Cherdenko : [Comes on screen]  We won't *stand* for this treachery, Bingham! You hear me? My advisors warned me on trusting you Allies.

    Field Marshall Robert Bingham : [In disbelief]  What? Treachery? What the hell is going on? Eva.

    Lt. Eva McKenna : Sir, appearently one of our satelite relay systems is targeted directly at Moscow. It's source is an American command post I didn't even know existed. It is at the site of Mt. Rushmore in South Dakota.

    Field Marshall Robert Bingham : [Scoffs]  What?

    [to himself] 

    Field Marshall Robert Bingham : Ackerman. Get the President on the line.

    [Ackerman comes on screen] 

    Field Marshall Robert Bingham : What's going on at this Mt. Rushmore command center, Mr. President?

    President Howard T. Ackerman : Those reds are playing you for a fool, my friend and as long as I'm the President of these United States, I can't allow them to leave this dance. Bingham, you can thank me later when this is all over.

    Field Marshall Robert Bingham : What's all over? Ackerman!

    [Ackerman goes off screen] 

    Field Marshall Robert Bingham : Oh god. He's clearly out of his tree. You need to stop them, commander before he underminds our alliance with the Russians.

  • Field Marshall Robert Bingham : [Last Allied Mission]  You caught them by the shortened curlies, commander. They didn't know what hit them. Well, it looks like everything that Zelinsky said was true. I can hardly beleive it myself, those treacherous Russians are to blame for everything that happened in this war. The only thing that matters now is the complete and utter destruction of the Soviet Union. Cherdenko and Krukov have consentrated all their forces in the one place taht they believe is inpregnable: The Peter & Paul Fortress in Leningrad. Bring it down, commander. Make them pay for their lies and betrayal.

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