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  • The Enclave (includes Kyklops, and Bi-Beast)

    U-Foes (includes Vector, X-Ray, Vapor, and Ironclad)

    The Military (includes General Thaddeus "Thunderbolt" Ross, the Hulkbusters, Glenn Talbot, and Emil Blonsky a.k.a. the Abomination) Edit

  • Here are the skin/suit names and how you can get them.

    Classic Hulk - Collect 5 comic covers in New York City

    Gray Hulk - Smash 10,000 things

    Ironclad - Defeat the U-Foes, trick a U-Foe to defeat his or her own teammate, and defeat the Abomination

    Iron Man Hulkbuster - Have Iron Man Game Save Data

    Maestro - Destroy a building in each New York City neighborhood

    Abomination - Defeat the Abomination

    Joe Fixit - Xbox 360 Exclusive

    World War Hulk - PlayStation 3 Exclusive

    Red Hulk - GameStop Xbox 360 Exclusive Edit



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