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  • When Sookie finds Sam asleep without clothes at her bed, he reveals his own secret to her that he happens to be a shape shifter, plus his pet dog seen around the bar is really him in disguise. Sam also recalls important events in his life. Arlene and Rene have their engagement party at Sam's bar and Sookie, already freaked out by Sam's revelation, is attacked by an unseen person in the darkened kitchen. Meanwhile, Tara decides to undergo the exorcism, but later discovers something about the exorcist Miss Jeanette. Jason decides it's time to do something about the captive Eddie, while Amy thinks differently. Elsewhere, Bill has to face the music and appears before a vampire tribunal over his self-defense killing of Longshadow. The normal sentence would be to spend five years in a silver-wrapped coffin but the Magister has a better idea... to make Bill turn a human into a vampire.

  • Sookie awakes with Sam naked on her bed. Sam discloses to Sookie that he is a shape shifter, and recalls how he was abandoned by his foster parents when he was fifteen. Tara pays for the exorcism to Jeanette and sooner she discovers that she is a grafter. Bill faces a vampire tribunal and the Magister sentences him to transform the young human Jessica into a vampire. Meanwhile Arlene and Rene give a party in the Merlotte's sponsored by Sam. Jason decides to release Eddie.


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  • Sookie freaks to see a naked Sam at the foot of her bed. He tries to explain that Bill asked him to look after her. Sookie's pretty sure he didn't ask Sam to do it naked. Sam tries to tell Sookie something about himself he's never told anyone and Sookie thinks he's going to confess to being the murderer. She runs and hides in the bathroom, grabbing a loofah for protection, which would work great if he were rough skin. She looks out and sees the friendly dog waiting for her. Then the dog transforms into a naked Sam. "I'm a shape-shifter," he tells her, not the killer. Sookie stands agape. "Shut the f--- up."

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    Tara meets with the voodoo woman, Ms. Jeannette, in the woods. They sit next to a campfire and Tara asks a million questions. The woman spits in Tara's hand and puts something in her hand and makes her hold it over the fire then rub it on her face as she talks about demons traveling via cell phone and microwave, which is why she lives in the woods. Tara drinks from a vial - "snake juice."

    In Jason's basement, Eddie wakes up as Amy drains him, explaining she's a good person because she's an organic vegan and her carbon footprint is minuscule. She punches his arm because he has a clot forming. Amy goes to look for tape and finds the empty Tru Bloods Jason gave Eddie. She thinks it's beneath them to lie to each other. Eddie tells Amy that Jason loves her and thinks she might be the one. He tells her if he dies there Jason will never forgive her.

    Sam explains shape-shifting to Sookie. It's hereditary, but he was adopted. He can turn into almost anything, including birds, but flying's hard. He can't turn into people, they're too complex. It wears off if he falls asleep and on a full moon he can't control the shift (which explains what Terry and Andy saw). But don't call him a werewolf, they're nasty- and real. Sookie tries to process the fact that all these things exist. "Life is just getting too weird too fast," she says.

    He tries to put his arm around her but she yells at him. He thought she of all people would understand. He wanted to tell her for years. She's grossed out that she kissed him and he wanted to do more.

    Voodoo Woman chants and Tara convulses on the ground, holding her stomach in pain. She feels sick and voodoo woman tells her to let the anger and hate go. She throws up. She sees a younger version of herself standing nearby. Voodoo Woman tells her a demon will take any form to stay alive, only she can destroy it. She gives Tara a knife and Tara approaches the girl. She swings the knife through the air into seemingly nothing. But it comes up bloody. The voodoo woman tells her the demon is gone forever.

    Jason primps in the mirror. Amy wants to talk about Eddie, she thinks the way they've been treating him is really uncivilized. He agrees. She wants them to make him love them, help him develop Stockholm Syndrome so they can keep him in the house forever and sell his blood when they need money.

    Tara goes home and tells her mom about her exorcism. They decide to celebrate.

    Sam, Terry and Sookie prepare for Arlene's engagement party. Arlene shows up and suggests they redo the decorations. The real dog that Sam modeled himself on watches. Sam thinks back to his childhood, when he shifted and his mother saw him.

    The politician stops by Lafayette's. He wants V juice, but Lafayette is sold out. He can't restock until after dark. The politician has a speech that night and gets stage fright. Lafayette finds another way to calm him.

    Tara and her mom drive back from getting food out of town, but her mom feels sick. Tara stops at a drugstore to get her some Pepto. The employee looks like Ms. Jeannette, but with hair and glasses. And not living in the woods. Tara confronts her and she 'fesses up. The snake juice was ipecac and peyote. Tara's furious and feels stupid. She says her mom will start drinking again when she finds out. Ms. Jeannette suggests she not find out, faith is a powerful thing.

    Everyone parties at Merlotte's. Terry tries to talk to Sookie, who wishes Bill was there. "There's some dead people I wish was still around, too," he says.

    The vampires gather. A head vampire presides over a tribunal. They rip out the fangs of a vamp who fed on another vamp's human. His punishment is three months of starving until his fangs grow back.

    Eric presents Bill.

    Jason feeds Eddie Tru Blood, happy not to have to sneak. He tells Eddie about their plan to have Eddie live with them. Eddie asks if Amy told him she found his Tru Blood. He says Amy is playing him.

    Lafayette calls Eddie from his house, where the door is knocked down. He finds something and knows Jason is involved

    At the party, Arlene tells Rene to ask Sookie to dance. Rene tells Sookie she deserves better than a vampire, although he says he has nothing against them. Sam cuts in. He asks for a truce. She's mad he didn't trust her enough to tell her, and that he didn't tell her about Tara. He says there's nothing to tell. He says he didn't tell her because he knew this is how she'd react.

    Jason sort of ignores Amy and tells Hoyt and Rene he met Amy at Fangtasia. He talks about how he feels about her, but says he might have lost the upper hand in the relationship. Rene tells him to take it back.

    Bill tries to defend himself, but the head vamp, the Magister, isn't hearing it. Bill tells him Longshadow was stealing from Eric, who backs him up. Bill tells him the human exposed Longshadow, which Eric also backs up. Eric tries to cool Bill off when he speaks too well of humans and upsets the Magister. The usual sentence is five years in a coffin chained with silver, during which time he'd probably go insane and waste away. But the Magister is feeling creative.

    Arlene raves about Rene to Amy and Sookie, saying he's just so decent and nice to her and the kids. Amy raves about Jason and Sookie complains that you can't really trust anyone, the wet blanket at the love fest. Tara struts up, loaded, and when Sookie tells her she shouldn't be with Sam, she says "at least he doesn't drink my blood."

    Andy, still looking for answers, asks Sam what his story is. He was adopted and on his own by 15 -- the truth. Andy asks who took him in. He wants to know what his life was like before he moved to Bon Temps and people started getting killed.

    Flashback to teen Sam coming home from school to a completely empty house, except for his bedroom.

    Andy says he has no record before he moved there. Tara spills beer on Andy and goes over to Sam, kissing him and pulling him away from Andy.

    Tara takes him in the office and tries to get Sam to have sex with her. He stops her, asking what she wants from him. She turns back to angry Tara and storms out.

    Lafayette, angry, finds Jason at the party, telling him his supplier is missing. He chews Jason out for always acting like everything's fine, even when people are dying around him. He shoves Jason to the ground, saying he won't be next.

    The Magister tells Bill he owes them a life. They take a teenage girl named Jessica Hamby (Deborah Ann Woll) out of the trunk of a car. Bill says he'll take the coffin instead. Jessica begs for her life, promising to be a good Christian.

    Sookie goes inside to get ice. The lights go out. She flashes to the scene of a woman being attacked somewhere. Someone springs from the dark and tries to choke Sookie. She hits him with the ice bucket and runs, hiding in the walk-in fridge. The person follows. She flashes to a woman dying as a man strangles her. Sookie manages to escape and runs back into the bar and into Sam. She asks him not to leave her and he holds her tight.

    Tara speeds down the road, drinking. Suddenly, she comes upon a woman standing in the middle of the road next to a pig and swerves to avoid them.

    At Jason's, Amy and Jason argue as he tries to be the boss. Amy tells Jason that Eddie will kill them. Jason runs to free him from the silver chains telling Amy that he won't. As Jason starts to undo the ties, Amy grabs a fence post and spikes Eddie through the chest, killing him.

    Bill says if they want to torture someone, torture him. The Magister counters that according to their records Bill's never been a maker. He asks if Bill knows the procedure. Yes. "Then proceed."

    Bill approaches Jessica, taking her hand. She says Jesus will take her home to Heaven. Bill asks her name and glamors her, trying to calm her. But glamor is not permitted. The Magister tells Bill to do as he's told. Bill grabs Jessica, staring at her neck, asking for forgiveness. He chomps down. Jessica screams as Bill feasts and the other vampires look on lustily.

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