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  • After Sookie identifies the vampire bartender Longshadow responsible for stealing from Fangtasia, Bill steps in to protect her. In doing so however, he breaks a vampire taboo and must now face the consequences from Eric and his clan for killing one of their own. Knowing he will be away, he asks Sam Merlotte to keep an eye on Sookie. Meanwhile, Jason and Amy take their vampire captive, Eddie, to Jason's house and confine him to the basement. They draw his blood and Jason undergoes an odd transformation. With Amy now working at Merlotte's, Jason spends his spare time just talking to Eddie and they develop a rapport. Elsewhere, Tara visits her mother's exorcist, but decides she can't afford the $800 cost for her own exorcism. Sam agrees to lend Tara the money needed, while he also deals with Detective Andy Bellefleur who becomes suspicious about his past. With Bill away, Sookie chooses to spend the night at Bill's house but wakes up the next morning with a naked man on her bed...

  • Bill kills Longshadow to protect Sookie and now he must travel to face a vampire trial. He asks Sam to protect Sookie since there is a serial-killer hunting her. Jason befriends Eddie but he does not let the vampire go. Sam pays eight hundred dollars for Tara's exorcism. Detective Andy Bellefleur investigate the naturism camp in Texas and finds that Sam's parent have never been associated with the club. Sookie decides to spend the night in Bill's house with Sam's dog and she has a surprise in the middle of the night.


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  • The bartender vampire Longshadow goes after Sookie, after she outed him as the thief at Fangtasia. Bill reacts by snapping off a beer tap and staking him through the back to protect her. Longshadow spews blood all over Sookie, creating a "Carrie" moment as she ends up drenched. Eric and Pam watch, unconcerned as the bartender's face melts and shrivels. One dead vampire.

    Ginger, the human employee whose thoughts lead Sookie to Longshadow, cleans up the soupy remains, freaked to be down among the ick. Eric commands Pam to glamour Ginger when she's done. Pam's worried there might not be anything left in Ginger, but Eric says the alternative is to turn her and Pam agrees they're not that desperate.

    Eric buys Bill a blood as Sookie cleans up. Eric isn't pleased Bill killed a vampire for a human. He has to pay for it. Eric wants the girl. Bill objects and Eric suspects he's in love with Sookie. Eric agrees he would have made Longshadow pay, but not in front of non-vampire witnesses.

    Jason drives with Amy and the vampire Eddie in the trunk. He's freaked out by their recent and on-going kidnapping and she's calm.

    At the bar, Pam brings Sookie a change of clothes. She tells Sookie she's not going anywhere until Eric is done with Bill. There's vampire in Sookie's cleavage.

    Ginger re-meets Sookie, glamoured.

    Jason carries his vampire booty into a basement with Amy. Both Jason and Eddie want to know what Amy has planned as she ties him to a lawn chair and drains Eddie's blood. She tries to placate Jason with blood, but he's unnerved. Amy drinks it straight out of a thimble poured form Eddie's arm and Jason, watching her enter her happy place, seems to become less worried. Eddie tells him not too, but Jason takes a swig.

    Tara tries to get exorcism answers. She gets a quote: $799.95, because Tara's demon is worse than her mother's. She tells Tara not to wait, her loneliness is spreading to her eyes. She tells her to count backwards from 10 when she's alone to see if she can stand herself.

    Bill brings Sookie home, dressed in leather. He tells her everything's fine with Eric, but at home, it isn't. There's blood on the walls and Sookie's cat is hanging from the ceiling fan.

    Amy and Jason pause mid-sex to thank the vampire for his gifts. As they proceed to do it in front of him, he doesn't seem to appreciate the gratitude. A trippy dreamlike sex sequence shows them frolicking through woods and fairylands. Meanwhile, Eddie continues to bleed.

    Bill wraps around Sookie, clothed, in bed. He tells her he'll protect her because the trouble she's in is his fault. She says it's hers because she chose it. Sookie closes her eyes and sees her grandmother.

    Amy and Jason frolic in a sun-drenched meadow. She tells him to lie down and listen to the trees. Jason feels light-headed and is talking funny. Amy feeds him an almond, telling him raw food makes the experience better, even better than last night.

    Jason worries someone will hear Eddie yelling from inside his basement. He thinks they should feed him. He's worried Eddie is going to die. "So what?" says Amy. Her plan is that things will work out because they have to. She deserves to have something good happen, she says. She tells Jason she loves him. He turns away like a big dork and grabs a beer. She repeats it, seeming sweet for a girl who just kidnapped a vampire. Jason tells her he loves her, too.

    Tara counts backwards in the mirror but is interrupted by her mother, telling her Sam is at the door with flowers. Her mother assumes she slept with him. He came to apologize.

    Tara tells him they're not going to work and asks him if he's a masochist. As proof of her unsuitability she tells him about the exorcism she's starting to think she needs but how she doesn't have the money for it. She runs him off.

    At the bar, Arlene finagles an engagement party from Sam.

    Sookie comes to work, saying there's nothing good about the morning.

    Jason sits on the road crew, staring at the trees. Renee jackhammers a tree and Jason tackles him to prevent him from hurting it. Rene does not share Jason's newfound nature love as the running jackhammer nearly hits him. Hoyt tries to talk to Jason, but calls him "Jay," which prompts Jason to ask if he was on the football team and throw him to the ground. Jason does not seem to be handling his V well.

    At Merlotte's, Sookie waits on Andy Bellefleur, who wants to talk to Sam. While he decides what to order, Sookie tells him to hurry up and figure out who's trying to kill her. She tells him about her cat. Amy interrupts, suggesting Sookie take a break.

    Amy checks on her outside. Soon they're talking about Arlene and marriage and then what Amy intends with Jason. She tells Sookie Jason misses her and loves her. Sookie concludes Amy is way too good for Jason.

    Jason arrives home and flips on the TV. He's aggravated by vampire advocate Nan Flanagan on TV. He hears whimpering from the basement and checks on Eddie, who's in pain from sitting in the same spot. Jason moves him, but hurts his back.

    Tara finds $800 in an envelope and goes to ask Sam about it. He tells her they'll talk after work.

    Bill golfs. (Yes, golfs.) But on a Wii. The doorbell rings. It's Eric, Pam and a new guy, Chow, Longshadow's replacement. Bill says he takes it it couldn't be avoided (we don't know what yet). He says he has to stop by the bar and tell Sookie he'll be gone for a while.

    In his basement with Eddie, Jason has recovered and is feeling good. He asks about Eddie, who used to be an accountant. He tells Jason he used to be married, and only recently realized he was gay. Jason is sympathetic, and tells him he doesn't look that gay. He tells Jason about seeing an unattractive gay vampire surrounded by pretty young things and making up his mind then to turn. Jason says that's crazy.

    Bill and his entourage arrive at Merlotte's. Bill needs to talk to Sam. He tells Sam he's been called away and he needs Sam to watch over Sookie. Sam's not happy Bill's asking, but he'll do it for Sookie.

    Eric and Pam pass out brochures for Fangtasia. Eric announces that vampires know when a human has wronged them. Amy freezes.

    Bill tells Sookie he has to stand trial. She realizes he lied to her about everything being OK. Sookie's upset he has to leave and cries as she kisses him good-bye while Eric yells at him to hurry up.

    Tara, having seen the whole thing, tries to talk to Sookie. She starts to apologize for their earlier fight and Sookie tells her she can't even remember what she's supposed to be mad about. Tara gives her a hug.

    Jason tells Eddie about the death of his parents. Eddie lends a sympathetic ear. He feels bad that Jason had to grow up without a male influence, like Eddie's son now that he's gone. Jason worries that Eddie might glamour him but Eddie says he hasn't learned that yet. He asks Jason if he's going to marry Amy. When Jason says she might be the one, Eddie tells him not to, that she's a psychopath. Jason swears at him and leaves for more beer.

    Tara tries to return Sam's money, but he's not taking it. He says people didn't even know vampires existed two years ago, so an exorcism isn't the craziest thing in the world. She softens and thanks him, then kisses him. Sookie sees them making out.

    She asks Amy to cover the rest of her shift. When Amy asks if it's a good idea to go home, Sookie says she's going to stay at Bill's because no one will look for her there.

    Sam comes out, zipping up, and asks Amy where Sookie is. When she tells him, he runs out, but is stopped by an increasingly suspicious Andy Bellefleur in the lot. He calls Sam on his naturalist story and says they need to talk. Sam says he forgot something in the bar and will be right back.

    Sookie drives, checking her mirrors nervously.

    The watchful dog runs out of Merlotte's by Andy.

    Seconds later he's at Bill's front door. Sookie greets him and welcomes him inside for the night. He looks away as she changes, a gentlemanly dog.

    Sookie invites him on the bed with her, deciding to call him Dean.

    Jason returns home with beer...and blood. He feeds it to Eddie.

    Sookie wakes up in the middle of the night, thinking Dean's sleeping on her feet. She sits up to see something is on her feet... naked Sam. They both scream.

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