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Big Brother 19 Is Catching Major Fan Backlash Over Something Jason Said, New Details

According to a new report from New York Daily News, CBS is now catching quite a bit of fan backlash on social media over some very offensive rape jokes that houseguest Jason Dent (above) made earlier this week. They’re saying that this past Monday, August 28,2017, Jason made a joke about threatening to f@#ck houseguest Kevin Schlehuber’s wife and tie up his daughters and make them watch. He was talking with Alex Ow, Paul Abrahamian and Josh Martinez at the time. They all started laughing after Jason made the joke. Jason made the joke, saying it would be a consequence of Kevin breaking their alliance. New York Daily News listed a couple of remarks that were made by various viewers that took to social media to express their very negative feelings about what Jason said. One viewer said, “Rape is now entertainment.Bb and cbs and juile chen
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'Blue Bloods' Season 4, episode 13: Two cases involve 'Unfinished Business'

Past events can fuel present problems, as the Reagans' latest cases taught them anew.

Written by co-executive producer Siobhan Byrne O'Connor, Friday's (Jan. 17) episode of CBS' "Blue Bloods," "Unfinished Business," set Danny (Donnie Wahlberg) and Maria (Marisa Ramirez) on the trail of Army veteran John Russelll (guest star Chad Michael Collins), who had assaulted his wife, Maryann (guest star Kelli Barrett), and taken their son Tommy (guest star Michael Capperella) from his school.

The Army, as represented by Maj. Harrison (guest star Terry Serpico), wasn't happy that Danny had started an investigation without clearing it with him first. A struggle over jurisdiction began, with Marine veteran Danny noting, "I understand protocol. I just don't like following it."

During a press conference on a weapons-selling bust, Frank (Tom Selleck) was confronted by Betty Lowe (guest star Karen Allen), who asked him "why I can't get justice for my daughter. And her killer is out there,
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Things Are Getting Better! And So Unbelievably Fast...

Watching an episode of Glee every week usually results in my having at least one Omfgtisfg! moment. (That stands for Oh My F***ing God This is So F***ing Gay!) Whether it's Kurt coming out to his dad, an episode about bullying, or Blaine serenading Kurt, it's pretty much guaranteed that something will happen on Glee that makes me marvel about how much has changed when it comes to Glbt issues in the U.S.

This week's Omfgtisg moment didn't actually happen in the episode, but rather came during the first commercial break when the Google Chrome "It Gets Better" ad aired. To say it was nothing short of extraordinary is an understatement. We're talking about one of the most influential corporations in the world coming out and endorsing one of the most important gay projects ever . And not in some insignificant way like a five second "CBS Cares" spots.
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Recap: 'The Amazing Race -- 'Run Like Scalded Dogs'

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I reckon I probably ought to begin my recap of Sunday (Feb. 28) night's "The Amazing Race" by noting the sad timing of an hour that found the contestants departing Chile after spending parts of three episodes in the nation that now finds itself coping with a horrible natural disaster.   The episode was preceded by a CBS Cares PSA featuring Phil Keoghan and it makes sense to precede this recap with an obligatory link to the Red Cross home page where, as one might imagine, they're mobilizing donations for relief efforts in Chile (as well as Haiti where, as you...
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