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  • The killings of a Wraith in Las Vegas are investigated by Detective John Sheppard - who knows nothing about life-sucking aliens from another galaxy.

  • In an alternate universe, Detective John Sheppard is with the Las Vegas Police Department and begins to investigate a strange series of murders. This Sheppard is a bit down on his luck, over-promoted and barely getting by. What Sheppard is dealing with is a Wraith who has made it to Earth and is building a device to send out a signal of some sort. Of course, he has no idea what a Wraith is but a senior member of the Atlantis expedition, Rodney McKay, decides to take Sheppard into their confidence and tell him about the Pegasus galaxy and their fear that the Wraith is trying to send out a signal with Earth's location. While they succeed, they may have opened a rift with other parallel universes. This Dr. McKay, who is cool and smooth, actually visited Atlantis in another dimension once and wonders what may now happen there.


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  • In an alternate reality Police find a desiccated corpse on a desert road outside Las Vegas, Nevada, the seventh victim of a bizarre serial killer. Detective John Sheppard is called in to assist and is baffled by the murders. While investigating, Sheppard finds traces of radiation on the bodies, and this clue leads him to a peculiar looking man with super human attributes that allow him to easily evade capture.

    Later, Sheppard is detained and driven to Area 51. There he meets up with Dr. Rodney McKay who reveals that the suspect is in fact a wraith who feeds on human energy. Ironically, McKay and his team have traveled to Earth from the Pegasus Galaxy, by way of a stargate, to prevent this same wraith from compromising the security of the planet by building a comunications array to transmit the location of earth to the wraith in the Pegasus galaxy in alternate universes and in their own. But so far, Sheppard is the only one who's been able to get close to him. The signal is cut off before transmitting the location to their realities wraith, but not before the signal is transmitted to the alternate realities.

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