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...yeah, that sums it up
TBJCSKCNRRQTreviews8 March 2010
This is one of the four featurettes on the DVD of The Invasion(of 2007), and one of the three that's around(in this case, about 20 seconds more than) 3 minutes long. Yeah, not a lot of chance for depth; however, this one is really a mere sneak peek, and it does just fine at that. It consists of behind the scenes footage, interviews and clips from the film. As the title implies, you get a look at, and an impression of, work on the set. They talk about what the director wanted, what an actor can bring to it, that it was fun(ah, isn't it always?), and that it's shot on location, and "not like a postcard", which I guess means not scenic, but down to earth, and I can agree with that, for the tone, and I'd say they succeeded. This is well-edited and the pace is fast without overwhelming you. No, it doesn't really delve into anything... I don't know if they didn't have(whether it didn't exist or they didn't get it) the material to make this have a greater running time or what... with that said, it is entertaining and informative. I recommend this to anyone interested in the subject. 7/10
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