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Sex & Nudity

  • Rated R for language, drug use, sexual content, nudity and brief violence
  • 1x03: "The Case of the Missing Screenplay": Episode contains several seconds of full frontal female nudity presented in an erotic fashion.
  • 2x04: "I've Been Living Like a Demented God!": A man and a woman are shown in bed; it is implied that they've had sex. The woman says she wants to "go down" on the man's beard. No nudity.
  • 2x05: "Forty-Two Down!": A female student makes sexual advances on her instructor. Suggestive dialogue about a comic book character's genitalia size. A woman claims a man gave her oral chlamydia. No nudity.
  • 2x06: "The Case of the Grievous Clerical Error!": Dialogue about a woman's genitalia "having fairy dust down there." A man's pubic region is shaved before surgery (nothing is shown). A man says to a woman that he is glad "that possibly the last erection of [his] life is with you." No nudity.
  • 2x07: "Escape from the Castle!": Full frontal male nudity when men are shown inside a locker room at a day spa. Full frontal female nudity also shown inside the women's locker room. One scene depicts a college instructor spanking his female student (all clothes are on) in a sexual manner.
  • 2x08: "Super Ray Is Mortal!": A man and a woman are shown in bed; it is implied that they've had sex. The woman kisses the man alluringly while he tries to talk on the phone. A handmade doll is shown to have cartoon genitalia drawn onto it and is shown in a couple scenes. A man refers to the cartoon genitalia as a "beautiful vagina." Cartoon depictions of an oversized penis are faintly shown in the background of a scene (could easily go unnoticed). No nudity.
  • 3x04: "We Could Sing a Duet": A man is seen receiving oral sex from a distance (genitalia is obstructed) but scene clearly depicts the act.
  • 3x05: "I Keep Taking Baths Like Lady Macbeth": A woman suggestively receives a foot massage from two men. It is implied a woman is about to give a man oral sex (nothing is shown; scene ends before anything happens). A man is suggestively bent over during a singing lesson doing breathing exercises; his female instructor stands behind him, suggestively thrusting. A man and woman are shown in bed; it is implied they've had sex. A woman dances for a man in a sexual boudoir manner on her bed.
  • 3x06: "Two Large Pearls and a Bar of Gold": No nudity. Dialogue between two people who took each other's virginity. A man is "unable to get it going" in the bedroom and two people discuss the situation.

Violence & Gore

  • some examples of mild violence featuring little or no blood i.e a man is kick in the crotch (intended humour) a man gets punched in the face, a character falls onto a baby pram and hits his eye on soemthing (intended humour) the protagonist falls off an excersize bike (intended humour)


Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Episode: "I've Been Living Like a Demented God!": Multiple mentions of smoking marijuana and addiction to marijuana. A man is required to take a drug test and tries to bribe another co-worker for his urine. A man is asked to snort cocaine. A man is shown stealing a large bag of marijuana.
  • Episode: "Forty-Two Down!": A woman is unable to quit drinking alcohol and repeatedly takes her "last sip." A man says he thinks he is addicted to marijuana and is "not happy unless he's stoned." A man drives while under the influence of marijuana and another character mentions, "[His] driving ability really has deteriorated."

Frightening & Intense Scenes

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