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Melissa McCarthy: Abby Yates



  • Kevin : Would it be okay if I bring Mike Hat to work sometimes? He has major anxiety problems.

    Abby Yates : You know what? I would love to let your cat live here with you, but I have a pretty severe cat allergy.

    Kevin : Oh, I don't have a cat. He's a dog. His name's Mike Hat.

    Abby Yates : Your dog's name is Mike Hat?

    Kevin : Mike Hat.

    Erin Gilbert : Your dog's name is Mike, last name Hat?

    Kevin : Well, his full name is Michael Hat.

    Abby Yates : I can't say that I'm allergic to dogs... so.

    Kevin : You know, it's all right. He lives with my mum.

  • Agent Rorke : Sheriff in New Mexico reports a UFO encounter, the crew of the S.S. Ourang Medan dies mysteriously, the entire town of Langville, Montana goes missing.

    Jillian Holtzmann : It does?

    Abby Yates : Okay, but we're talking about relocating. No one's being killed here. Right?

    Mayor Bradley : They were turned inside out.

    Erin Gilbert : Their skin is on the inside of their body?

    Mayor Bradley : Their skin is on the inside of their body because their organs are on the outside.

    Abby Yates : But, they're okay, right?

    Mayor Bradley : Sure.

    Jillian Holtzmann : I think they're dead...

  • Abby Yates : I'm just looking for a reasonable ratio of wontons to soup, this is madness!

  • Abby Yates : We just gave a ghost a nuke, we should probably run.

  • [Everyone notices a ghost perched on Patty's shoulders] 

    Abby Yates : Patty! Don't move!

    Erin Gilbert : You got a, uh...

    Patty Tolan : Nope, I'm tired.

    Erin Gilbert : No. You got a...

    Patty Tolan : I'm just gonna go ahead and take off. How about that?

    Erin Gilbert : I, I don't really think that's a good idea.

    Patty Tolan : No. I'm gonna take off. Don't piss off the ghost.

    [as Patty slowly walks out of the crowd, a crowd member takes a selfie with Patty and the ghost] 

    Patty Tolan : Really?

  • Abby Yates : Have you seen a class 4 semi-anchored entity anywhere in the vicinity?

    Graffiti Artist : You talkin' like a boat?

  • Abby Yates : [Holtzmann is dancing to 'Rhythm of the Night']  I don't mean to DeBarge in!

    Jillian Holtzmann : Is that by DeBarge? I thought it was Devo.

  • Abby Yates : [seeing Slimer drive past in the Ghostbusters' car]  Well, that thing is having the time of its life.

  • Abby Yates : I will kick the unliving crap out of you, and you...

    [points at Slimer] 

    Abby Yates : ...and especially you!

  • Erin Gilbert : [the Ghostbusters are surrounded by giant apparitions]  I'm not good in a fight.

    Abby Yates : Well, here's your chance to work on that.

  • Abby Yates : I have one wonton! I have a tub of soup and one split wonton!

    Erin Gilbert : I'm sorry you're having a soup crisis.

    Abby Yates : There isn't even any meat in there. That's just a carrot.

  • Abby Yates : It's really easy sit there and be the naysayer when you don't actually do anything.

  • Abby Yates : [on Kevin]  We like him, despite his many, many frustrating quirks!

  • Abby Yates : We have over a hundred comments already. And they're not all crazies. Come here, I wanna show you this. Read that.

    Erin Gilbert : Ain't no bitches gonna hunt no ghost.

  • Abby Yates : Come on Rowan, show yourself!

    Rowan North : [disembodied voice]  What form would you prefer I take?

    Jillian Holtzmann : Uh, maybe something stationary. Like a bull's-eye.

    Patty Tolan : Well I'll tell you what I prefer. I prefer something nice and cute, like a friendly little ghost.

    Rowan North : [Manifests as the Ghostbuster's logo]  Oh. Is that what you want? Something more familiar?

  • Dean : I will not let the 12-year reputation of this fine institution be besmirched by you!

    Abby Yates : Oh, come on! Suddenly this place has a classy reputation to uphold? You're only dean now because the least dean went to jail.

    Dean : Are you saying that I'm not qualified?

    Abby Yates : You spell science with a "Y". And what's upsetting about that is I don't think you know that that's wrong.

  • Abby Yates : [on Rowan]  It's always the sad, pale ones.

  • Abby Yates : We need to reverse the portal. It's gonna take an insane amount of energy!

  • Erin Gilbert : Let's go.

    Abby Yates : Let's go.

    Erin Gilbert : Oh.

    Abby Yates : Oh.

    Erin Gilbert : Did you want to...

    Abby Yates : Oh, sorry. I'll let you. I'll let you.

    Erin Gilbert : Next time.

  • [from trailer] 

    Abby Yates : It's a class 4 apparition.

    Erin Gilbert : That's okay, she seems... peaceful. My name is Erin Gilbert, doctor of particle physics...

    [the ghost throws up on her] 

  • [examining one of Rowan's devices] 

    Abby Yates : I'm smelling both electrical discharge and isotopic decay.

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