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Really funny!
lee_eisenberg25 November 2008
Stephen Colbert, in his persona from "The Colbert Report", gets stranded in a cabin when he has to do a Christmas special, only to get visited by several acquaintances (all the while trapped by a bear). While I wouldn't call this Christmas special quite as funny as Colbert's show, it's still a hoot. More than an hour-long version of the show, "A Colbert Christmas: The Greatest Gift of All!" also pokes fun at every entertainer who makes a Christmas special every year. Stephen Colbert certainly does a really funny job. Not that I wouldn't expect him to.

Anyway, I definitely recommend this special. It constitutes a true dose of yuletide truthiness!
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Peace On Earth - Colbert style
Quinoa198427 November 2008
Warning: Spoilers
Stephen Colbert's Christmas Special - The Greatest Gift of All! (soon to be out on DVD, naturally) - sticks to two things at once: the tenets of the Colbert Report's rigorous and silly-cum-satirical bits on the religious right and Conservatives an other little tidbits that people who watch the Colbert Report know (like, for example, Stephen's problem with "BEARS!"), and to mocking the traditions of shoddy and schmaltzy Christmas and holiday specials. In a sense this is the opposite of the Star Wars Holiday Special, though not off at all on the laugh-count, in that the Star Wars fiasco was unintentionally hilarious while, of course, Colbert hits it on the mark again and again. His attitude here is one of running gags ("Misteltoe!"), over-zealous Christmas and nativity worship (Toby Keith doing an actually funny song on Christmas-time pride and Willie Nelson as the 4th wise man crooning on about smoking pot for the Lord), and some gentle prodding at the "other" big holiday of the season (no, not "America's Christmas: 4th of July", Hannukah, featuring Jon Stewart's words of wisdom).

Granted, it helps if one watches the Colbert Report a lot and is a fan, but a good deal of those who tune into Comedy Central likely are and will find it as entertaining as it means to be, even when an occasional song falls flat like the last number (yes, the piano duet with Stephen and Elvis is clever in lyrics but just not funny) or when one could actually pass for a Christmas song like John Legend's Nutmeg (after all, there is Lil' John, so enough said there). But it's little moments and giant/exaggerated facial expressions from Colbert that steal the show among the many cheerfully obvious bits of dialog, such as the reaction to the bear or the crazily inspired feat of George Wendt's appearance. So, load up on eggnog, turn on Comedy Central (or pop in the DVD if it comes to it) and croon along and stomp your feet to an awesome holiday treat.
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Simply Colbert
poopdoggdeadfreak200524 November 2008
Warning: Spoilers
It only has to contain Stephen's name to catch my attention and this as everything else Colbert has done has not let me down, from the awesome opening number to the laid back closing melody everything is a mockery and pokes fun at the politically correct, which I think we all enjoy doing like all the time. Our society has grown so anal that we are afraid saying Merry Christmas will offend people so watching Toby Keith sing about killing liberals and Willie Nelson bringing hash to baby Jesus could only lift my spirits and I watched it as much as I could since Comedy Central loves to replay everything luckily I wanted them to this time. All I can say is Stephen Colbert is a comical genius and this special was like icing on a very large cake he has been baking since his time on The Daily Show, God Bless you Stephen Colbert and Merry Christmas too.
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A merry, if somewhat goofy, Christmas special.
luuuuki6 April 2009
Warning: Spoilers
9/10 for frequent audience of the Colbert Report and/or Daily Show. 7/10 for any at least moderately liberal minded people who don't know the shows.

Stephen's overacting is wonderful as always, Jon Steward's appearance is a must see for fans. The songs themselves are showing just another facet of Colbert&team's talent. But on the other hand, the songs present the one issue with the show, that is the special musical guests' lack of comical talent or will to act goofy. And some song are a bit longer than necessary for the laugh. But that doesn't matter that much, as long as it's apparent that they're all having fun - and that message luckily comes across just fine.

All in all, quite an enjoyable experience. I consider myself a Christian (choir and all) and was not at all offended(*see spoilers), but hey, it's not an evangelically orthodox show, it's more about good laughs at running gags and stuff.

///SPOILERS/ the first song is a broadwayesque riot, Colbert's actual kids have a small part and Colbert himself is singing, dancing, juggling.. the highlight of the show in my opinion, together with the chemistry between him and Jon Stewart, which simply works. The last full length song, duet with Elvis Costello, while not being all that funny, get's quite deep in the lyrics, managing to induce genuine (if not orthodox Christian) Christmas spirit in it's wake.

*well, that bear kiss was kinda bleh :P /SPOILERS END///
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Lamest of the lame
kyoung-415 December 2008
I expected much, much more from Steven Colbert and am shocked he would stoop to such a level.

Watching this was beyond painful - perhaps he meant to act over the top and ridiculous, but if that is the case it just came off as condescending and fake.

If I were a religious person I'd probably be offended.

This was just a stupid waste of time and it's amazing to me that anyone found it funny.

I'm sure a talent such as Colbert could have put together a funny Christmas/Hannukah special that wasn't so boring. Were the writers on strike again? That would explain a lot.
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War on Christmas.
morrison-dylan-fan13 December 2014
Warning: Spoilers
With the last sequential day that the UK calendar will have this century being the 11/12/13,I decided to mark the US's last sequential day of 12/13/14 (with the next one being in 89 years!) by watching a program which has become my all time favourite Christmas Special.

The plot:

Preparing to leave his winter cabin to film a Christmas Special with Elvis Costello,Stephen Colbert spots a bear waiting outside his cabin,desperate to sink her claws into him.As Colbert searches round his cabin for a possible escape route,,a number of Colbert's friends make surprise visits,each of whom tell Colbert to not give up on his dream Christmas special.

View on the film:

Whilst the script by Michael Brumm, Rich Dahm, Peter Gwinn and lead star Stephen Colbert has a far from coherent plot, (with the bear reappearing/disappearing whenever the story needs it!)the writers take the special down a number of hilarious,bonkers Santa's Grottos,as Colbert & his friends spend time in the cabin singing unexpectedly catchy tunes which go from the high-rocking Have I Got a Present for You ,to the innuendo-laced Soul song Nutmeg.Dancing around the cabin,Colbert gives a terrific performance,with Colbert keeping the characters self-centred nature firmly in place among the X-Mas wrapping.Joining Colberet,Elvis Costello gives a delightful performance as a Charles Dickens-style version of himself,whilst Willie Nelson makes sure that this very special Colbert Special ends on a high note.
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