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It's Well Worth Going to Going the Distance
LadyLiberty8 September 2010
Erin (Drew Barrymore) is getting a late start on her dreams. At 31, she's finally finishing college with an internship at a New York newspaper. With just six weeks to go before returning to San Francisco to complete her education, she meets Garrett (Justin Long) over a classic game of Centipede.

With similar quirky senses of humor and more than a little disarming honesty, the two quickly pair up. From the beginning, they know that any relationship they have is limited to the next month and a half, so they promise to keep it light and casual. It doesn't work.

Six weeks later, Erin is packed to leave, and Garrett is pretending that's okay. Despite their best efforts, the two are soon burning up the phone lines between the coasts. Erin's sister, Corinne (Christina Applegate) is dismayed knowing that a relationship over such a distance is hard. In fact, it's all but impossible.

The plot seems very simplistic and I suppose that it is. But Garrett's eccentric roommate Dan (Charlie Day) and Erin's sister's personality quirks add real spice to most scenes, and the very real chemistry between the main characters (Barrymore and Long have had a real life on-off-on relationship) transcends the simplicity and makes Going the Distance something more.

Barrymore, as always, is capable, and her innate sweetness shines out from the screen. Long, perhaps best known as the "Mac guy" on those infamous Mac/PC commercials, proves an able partner. Day is good, and though Applegate's role is limited, she steals her scenes almost across the board. Look also for Jim Gaffigan in a small supporting part as Corinne's husband. His deadpan delivery is perfect.

BOTTOM LINE: Going the Distance was amusing without question. But what made it a good movie was the fact that, for all the genuine laughs, it quite simply rang true.


FAMILY SUITABILITY: Going the Distance is rated R for "sexual content including dialogue, language throughout, some drug use and brief nudity." While this is not a movie for small children, the tenderness with which the central relationship is played and the integrity and genuine caring portrayed by each half of the central couple wouldn't be a bad lesson for teens to learn. I'd say this film is okay for teens 14 and up.
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Great Rom-Com
spooner_2223 August 2010
Going The Distance was far better than expected. I saw the trailer for this movie before going to see it and I thought it looked good, but far too often with this type of film, all the best bits are in the trailer. This was not the case with this film, it was consistently funny, well acted and very good in general. Drew Barrymore and Justin Long were very believable as a couple (this may have something to do with them being together on off in real life). I thought that each actor played their part well, the friends of the main characters were all fantastic. Overall, this is well worth going to see and one of the funniest rom-coms I have seen in a long time.
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Going the Distance: Good for the Guys Too
iumagoo200026 August 2010
This is one of the most real AND funny Rom/Com's that have come out of this stale city in quite some time. Often when one of these movies come out, hordes of women beg their beau's to come to the cinema to no avail. luckily for us, this is a fresh new look at an otherwise female driven genre.

Going the Distance takes a look at long distance relationships from a REAL perspective. None of this Hollywood glitz. None of these fairy tale endings w/ friends who say and do what the producers hope the audience want to hear. It's like your watching a docu-drama about funny people. This movie showcases events how they would actually happen. People how they'd actually talk and relationships as unpredictable as they actually are.

Another refreshing notion is how this movie is told, in the majority, from the male's perspective. Not entirely, but enough. It's told from a place where humor, booze and late night / post weekend b*tch sessions w/ close friends and/or relatives help weave together a romantic story in a funny way. It's just how life happens!

I've seen this movie and can contest that it is the perfect concoction of humor, fun, romantic moments and hard R moments to make it a good fit for most couples. And guys, this will be a great way to go see a Romantic Comedy for your girl and get something out of it for yourself. GIVE IT A CHANCE, AND YOU'LL BE TELLING OTHERS TO DO THE SAME.
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Funny, sweet and surprisingly filthy
sarky15 August 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Drew Barrymore plays a less kooky character than usual and is all the more likable and believable for it. I just don't quite buy Justin Long as the leading man but his sidekicks help, particularly Charlie Day who plays a role not that far removed from his part in the sitcom It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, awkward and funny. Between him and Christina Applegate who play Drew's sister they absolutely made the film for me.

A few downsides, Justin Long's story didn't go where the movie signposted it might, Ron Livingston played a small cameo as his boss and it seemed we'd get to see more of what Justin did - the bands he didn't like vs the ones he wanted to champion but that plot line just tailed off. At one point he's asked to look after a band definitely not in his taste range, and you get the feeling more was shot of this but edited out. Because of that whilst we saw him being funny and charming I just didn't get his motivation in not moving to San Francisco. I found the ending really weak, when you leave a rom-com you want to have a little punch the air moment when the leads overcome their obstacles and get together. What we got was a slightly drippy lacklustre finish.

Definitely no punch the air moment and I WANT that, no matter how sappy or cheesy it might be. Overall I laughed quite a few times, a few really big chuckles and even a couple of belly laughs so for that reason I'd give it a 7.
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A forgettable and plain romantic comedy
Gordon-112 January 2011
This film is about a couple surviving the hardships of a long distance relationship.

"Going the Distance" maybe a realistic look at the hardships of a long distance relationship. It tells the pains of a long distance relationship in much detail, such as trust issues, unclear future prospects of being together physically, and whether to pursue love at the expense of career due to relocation. Maybe "Going the Distance" is just too realistic, that I find it rather plain. It has comedic moments but it lacks the certain charm and fun that I expect of a romantic comedy. Out of all the characters, I like Christina Applegate's critical housewife the most. At least she stands out and is memorable. The rest of the film is unfortunately forgettable and plain.
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Men - don't be put off just because it looks like a chick flick!
jkeggen16 August 2010
Just been to see this film before its official release and really, really enjoyed it. As the trailer suggests it's about a long distance relationship. The storyline is pretty straightforward. It's not the type of film that will have lots of complicated twists and turns, so in that context it's fairly predictable, but it's really well acted by the main characters, particularly Justin Long, Drew Barrymore and Christin Applegate. There are lots of laughs, and I mean laughing out loud, from both the men and the women in the audience. For me it's one of the funniest films I've seen that wasn't an out and out comedy. As the title of this review suggests, there's something for both men and women in this.
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My Review: Going the Distance
estebangonzalez109 November 2010
¨A comedy about meeting each other halfway. ¨ Oscar nominated documentary director Nanette Burstein brings us ¨Going the Distance¨, which marks the first time she directs a fictional film. It's a rom/com that deals with long distance relationships and the screenplay was written by first time screenplay writer Geoff LaTulippe. Justin Long and Drew Barrymore play the two main characters who begin a no strings attached relationship, but end up falling in love despite the fact that Drew's character, Erin, is moving from New York to San Francisco. Justin Long is Garrett, a guy who works in New York for a record label and who isn't looking for a serious relationship with Erin because he knows she is going to leave soon, but their friendship grows and love blossoms. Both decide they can't let such a good thing end and decide to continue their relationship despite the distance. Justin and Erin try to make the relationship work, but they face several difficult situations that most people who have had long distance relationships can identify with. The movie mixes comedy with romance and at the same time it has several situations we can identify with. Some of the secondary characters enhance the comedy, such as Christina Applegate who plays Erin's married sister who is very uptight and overprotective. Charlie Day and Jason Sudeikis play Dan and Box, Garrett's best friends who have some of the funniest lines in the movie. The chemistry between Barrymore and Long is good and the screenplay has several funny moments, but at the end of the film you realize you have already seen this movie before since it ends up being pretty predictable. This is one of those movies that had potential to be so much better, but at the end it stuck with Hollywood's predictable rom-com formula. You might have an enjoyable movie going experience with Going the Distance, but it is far from memorable and by the end of the day you will have forgotten all about it. For people who have gone through long distance relationships and its struggles, then they may feel drawn towards it and identify with some of the things happening, but as a comedy I was expecting a little more.

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Going the Distance is a very enjoyable honest romantic comedy starring Drew Barrymore and Justin Long
tavm13 September 2010
Just watched this romantic comedy starring sometime off-screen couple Drew Barrymore and Justin Long. She's an aspiring reporter and he's a record company executive who's forced to guide crappy musical acts for his label. They're forced into a long distance relationship due to unforeseen circumstances. That's all I'll say of the story and just say that this was quite both a ribaldry hilarious and honestly touching movie that seem to ring true most of the time. With fine supporting turns from Jim Gaffigan, Jason Sudeikis, and Christina Applegate, not to mention the leads, I highly recommend Going the Distance. P.S. Nice use of some classic '80s songs like Berlin's "Take My Breath Away" or Bill Medley and Jennifer Warnes' "I've Had the Time of My Life".
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Surprisingly Awful
pyewacket6 September 2010
Warning: Spoilers
What a surprise this movie turned out to be. Likable stars and the one good review I read duped me into thinking I'd have a great time.

Instead, it's a stinker almost from the get-go. For a couple with major history, Barrymore and Long have zero screen chemistry. In fact, no one in the movie has any chemistry with anyone else. It's a case of "Let's pretend we know each other on camera for the next several shots!" The movie is profane - while sex talk is normal, I don't know anyone who actually speaks the way these people speak. You grow weary of hearing the profanity - if it were in the service of genuine comedy and laughs it would be one thing, but there's at most two laughs to be had in this entire misbegotten film.

A real stinker!
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Witty and entertaining
zygma-624-92974315 August 2010
I have just been to a premiere screening in Wimbledon and I have to say that I had fun! The movie was funny, all characters were well written and original - it almost felt these guys really exist somewhere there. Garrett (Justin Long) has apparently always had problems with commitment. And although he seems to be doing everything fine and trying hard, looks like he cannot speak the female language at all. Erin is only temporarily in New York. They start a no-strings-attached relationship which quickly spirals into something deep and serious, with nothing else being serious in the background. They realise they are meant for each other but this is only the beginning of a long, complicated road with obstacles like the great distance between New York and San Francisco, longing, and juggling two priorities like love and professional ambitions. Good jokes, hilarious situations, and a bit of lavatorial (literally) humour, all tossed with realistic, three-dimensional roles is a recipe for a more than average romantic comedy (and funny at that for a change!)
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dngcal-934-9056424 March 2011
Without question a terrible film. Barrymore must realize that this is not her best work though she helped save many scenes. The writing was simple, plot for a 12 year old and offers nothing new. This film needed a better director and a rewrite before being shot.

The plot is taken from a few older stories and revamped. Its not what one would call Oscar material and not a "smart" film. Scenes were too tight and did not take advantage of the city. Lines were too contrived and scenes not very original. Its sad that writing has digressed and stories are stretched to create a full length film.

Do not waste your time....B O R I N G.
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Profanity and jokes covering up poor writing, but it's still a romantic comedy
napierslogs13 December 2010
"Going the Distance" is just a romantic comedy, but an adequate one. Justin Long and Drew Barrymore have real chemistry, making it seem fairly romantic, and Long and his friends are actually very funny men, making the film come across as more funny and less not-funny.

I generally really like films picking simple stories and just telling them straight. For the most part, this film did that. But here the problem is when they bothered to include sub-plots, they were meaningless and then dropped. This unfortunately just highlights the poor writing. Then trying to cover up the poor writing, they added lots of profanity and many off-topic jokes. There is no problem with profanity, it's just that there wasn't much need for it here.

Now let's talk about jokes - which both make and break this film. It is laugh-out-loud funny in places, and now, I am even more of a believer that Justin Long, Jason Sudeikis and Charlie Day are very much underrated, great comedic actors. Their timing was flawless and they were even able to make lame jokes seem funny. So, yes, I laughed, but the problem is the majority of the jokes were thrown in for the sole purpose of a laugh, and they had little to do with the storyline of the film. They were laugh-out-loud vulgar, not laugh-out-loud smart.

"Going the Distance" is a romantic comedy for those that like romantic comedies. It is written better than some, and at least you are laughing enough so you don't notice how poor it is.
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A worthy effort ruined by writing and vulgarity.
klovess6 December 2010
I like Drew Barrymore. I like Justin Long. I did NOT like this movie. From the trailer I was expecting a "sweet" romantic comedy. That was not what i got. From start to finish, you get extremely vulgar writing. "F" words galore. You get drunk, stoned, and casual sex all in the same night. That doesn't spell love story to me. I don't consider myself prudish but i was totally turned off by this. The phone sex/masturbation scene was very disturbing and just went on and on. The other reviews on Amazon that seem to like it just remind me that filmmakers are targeting the "40 Year Old Virgin" crowd. Lots of filth and lack of story. It's not for guys, it's not for girls. Avoid. Let's let Hollywood know that they need to get some actual writers instead of the drivel that seems to be popular now-a-days.
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Don't be distant from this sweet, funny, lovely film but, be aware that the language is quite raw!
inkblot117 September 2010
Erin (Drew Barrymore) is an intern-journalist for the New York Sentinel. Older than most other novices, at 31, she once followed a former flame on his life's journey and got off kilter. Now, she's pursuing her dreams and, after the internship, will be returning to the west coast for the final months of her degree. One day, the managing editor compliments her writing but points out errors in grammar and such. Erin takes it hard. She has been hoping to get a job with the Sentinel after she graduates and now, things are looking bleak. Heading to a trendy bar after work, she starts drinking and blowing off steam over a classic video game. Looking over her shoulder is Garrett (Justin Long), who is impressed by her skill. Garrett, too, is out of sorts because his latest girlfriend broke up with him, after a severe tongue lashing about his attitude. He also just got a tough assignment from his boss (Ron Livingston). But, lo and behold, the two video gamers take a shine to each other and end up spending the night together. Its supposed to be a one night stand but they both want more. However, as Erin points out, she will only be in Manhattan for six more weeks. Long term attachments will be impossible. Or will they? Hey, after a nice 42 days , the two decide to keep the relationship going long distance, with emails and video conferencing and short, weekend trips. Can it last? This is a very lovely film, complete with romance, humor and honesty. All fans of romantic comedy should enjoy it. BUT, there is some raw language and some sexually charged scenes so if you prefer more of the ABC Family-type romances, be aware that your eyebrows may go up. The cast is great, with Barrymore and Long making a terrific couple. Drew looks beautiful and is very funny while Long is likewise handsome and humorous. Christina Applegate, Charlie Day, Livingston, and all of the rest are a true joy as well. The scenery on both coasts is attractive, especially Applegate's suburban Frisco home. Costumes, too, are well chosen while the script and direction never lose momentum, focus, or mirthfulness. Romcom fans, you should go a good distance yourselves to find this one, if it doesn't come to your neighborhood theater or stores. Many other film lovers will also appreciate its winning ways, too, so get your tickets this week.
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Much MUCH worse than a bad movie. New definition of bad is required!
Nicomachean16 January 2011
This movie is so awful it defies words. After the first 20 minutes I felt like flying to America and chocking everyone to death with my bear hands. And then choke every single moron that has written a good review for this movie on IMDb or anywhere else. And then reserve some especially painful death for the megamoron who actually wrote the script - it is that bad.

Its so bad it even makes 'Perfect Hideout', which is hands down the worst movie ever made, look and feel like a masterpiece.

As I said, I only watched for 20 minutes, had I stayed for little bit longer I would by know have irreversible Tourettes, hence all the swearing.

The jokes, I mean 'the jokes', compare to my nephew's who doubles laughing about saying poo. I am not exaggerating, they are literally of that calibre. I cannot blame the actors for that, even though they were sh*t too, but the writer. How could he think that that script was funny is beyond me. He definitely need some sort of very expensive therapy or some very strong pills, never mind if the side effects are absolute blindness, it is still worth it.

Acting at best mediocre, but for real, not worthy of a school play. You don't feel like laughing but more like strangling everybody who speaks. The world that they portray may well be in Mars or perhaps a different galaxy for no one on god's green earth, apart from some retarded 2 year old speaking monkeys, lives this way. Or at least so I hope. Awful awful movie. I feel better now that I have ranted for a while.
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not a very interesting relationship movie
MLDinTN26 June 2011
This movie wasn't that great because not much happens. There's no excitement or twist. It's about 2 people meeting in New York, Garrett and Erin. They start dating but Erin will have to move back west to go to Stanford in 6 weeks. So, when she moves, they decide to start a long distance relationship. So, they talk on the phone and text and complain to their friends. Now and then one will travel to visit the other.

Exactly what is so great about this story to turn it into a movie. Nothing, that's why it doesn't work. It's just about ordinary people; it's not like one of them is a spy or celebrity. So, it doesn't take a lot of effort to guess how it all ends.

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4th grade mentality Warning: Spoilers
Drew stoops to a new low. Who writes this stuff? Daddy, I need to hear a dirty word like BUTT or other dirty words or bodily functions that I can understand so I can laugh? (Hint: Pick up a book and expand you vocabulary so you have other options as to what is humorous) I can't give a movie a good review unless it's built with skill and this movie is not. Built with the mind of a abused 4th grader.

It's like walking through a field of dung and having to eat it along the way and then giving the experience a good rating because of that one small piece of not totally digested chicken that you found and ate.

A movie needs to inspire the mind, not this so called reality for the so called less fortunate who have simply made the choice to exist at the bottom of the pool. I don't buy into the trash when I live in America where I have a black man as president and countless others who have risen to the top simply because they aspired to.

This movie is a waste of film and an insult to those who have made the choice to live in the world of better.
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A very unromantic, not funny, but a truly forgettable film.
MovieChamp14 September 2010
This film is a wast of time. Its nothing but a mix of stupid jokes with no substance what so ever. To make things worse, theirs no romance in this show. With that stated I must also stat the effort that has clearly been put in to the writing of the script is puzzling. Dose the screenwriter think he is something or do the actors and actresses manage to mess up extraordinarily. My opinion is both are a mess including the director.

A very unromantic, not funny, but a truly forgettable film. Don't see this movie. It dose not work on any level. Going the Distance really goes no place. Forget you ever heard of it. That will be doing yourself a favor.

My over all score 1/10.
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I'm sorry but I found this to be so unoriginal
peterlane518 September 2010
Warning: Spoilers
It had funny parts to it but it was just too predictable. From the very beginning you know what is going to happen and just drags on way too long. It's your typical Romantic Comedy formula, boy meets girl, boy and girl fall in love, boy and girl break up, boy and girl get back together, and it's a happy ending. I mean I don't mind that, but it's just when it way overused is when I have a problem. Justin Long, Christina Applegate,Ron Livingston, Jim Gaffigan, Jason Sudeikis, and Charlie Day from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia are all great, but Drew Barrymore's lisp got really annoying. I think I would have enjoyed it a lot more if the writing was better, but it wasn't. I mean we've seen this same story so many times before and it's getting old.
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The Language throughout sinks it
bob-rutzel-119 December 2010
Erin (Barrymore) and Garrett (Long) enjoy a summer fling that turns into more than a fling, but now they have to settle for a long distance relationship.

Here's the thing: there were a lot of very good funny lines in here and if they kept the F-bombs and other smutty language out of it, this would have become, with a major exception, a very funny film you could share with your grandparents. Why? Because the F-bombs and other smutty language didn't need to be in here for comedic effect. The dialogue itself was funny, but the raunchy language put an uncomfortable edge to it all. Do people who are just about to know each other really talk this way or am I on the wrong planet?

Is holding a conversation with others in the living room ,while on the toilet, with the bathroom door open funny? Is having sex on the dining table funny? Is cleaning that table? Is talking about masturbation to a old lady using a walker who is trying to cross the street funny? What has happened to us?

Chemistry? I didn't see it. That was the major exception noted above. All I saw were people having fun with raunchy language and hoping nobody noticed. You want to call that good chemistry, fine. I don't. But, we really didn't care about the main characters and when they broke up for a little bit, did we care? Not at all. And, speaking of chemistry, the dark make-up around Erin's eyes made her look a lot older than Garrett.

But, to be honest even if the raunchy language wasn't there, we would not have cared about the main characters who were really too weak to be leads. The story also is too weak to allow any caring to happen. We still would have had some good dialogue, but no caring. When the dialogue is good, why mess it up with raunchy, annoying and out of place language? All they had in common was the language they used. Perhaps one or two sub-plots may have helped. But, it was the language that got in the way of a one-plot and possibly pleasant story. Didn't happen. I need to find my real planet.

Violence: No. Sex: Yes. Nudity: No. Language: Throughout
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Showed promise, but worn down by lazy writing
jdinan6 September 2010
"Going the Distance" had potential, as I was intrigued by the concept of a film based on the concept of a couple trying to maintain a long-distance relationship. There was a sense of realism there, and those who have dealt with such relationships can understand Barrymore and Long as they experience that on screen.

But what had the potential of being more than just your typical romantic comedy was dragged down by several factors...

1. Profanity -- there is a role for profanity in movies, yet "Going the Distance" seemed to want to drop f-bomb after f-bomb for the sole purpose of shocking the viewer. There was absolutely no need for such salty language in this film.

2. Dropped subplots -- I wanted to see more in regards to Justin Long's job at the record company, as well as Drew Barrymore's relationship with the bartender in California.

3. Weird scenes -- one scene in particular (won't spoil it for you) seemed to only be in the film to give Jim Gaffigan a chance to show off his standup.

Overall, there is a good film within "Going the Distance." You have to hack through the lazy writing, etc., to find it.
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Not Drew's best effort or choice of scripts
Cole_Thornton6 September 2010
This seemed like a very weak attempt to break out of the traditional romantic comedy mold and you were left wondering if the actors themselves even cared to read the script before signing on to this half- baked effort. There was very weak chemistry between Long and Barrymore that led to little or no interest in whether the story could make the distance or not.

The main characters were stale and no amount of f-bombs and over the top crude humor made the trip any more enjoyable. In fact the script left you wondering if Drew Barrymore was desperate for money or something else that forced her to take her often played love-struck romantic character to such a low level. Other than a few laughs from the supporting cast, this was a terrible movie.
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too annoying and not funny
Foxhat18 September 2010
Warning: Spoilers
and cliché after cliché: 1. the obligatory, not funny guy friends of Justin's character 2. toilet humor (his roommate wanting to keep the door open while he was on toilet, whatever, not funny) 3. the over-acted/bitchy/disapproving/overbearing sister character played by Christina Applegate (just watch K. Heigl's sister character in "Knocked Up", much better and believable)and the whipped husband 4. two words: "Mia! Statue!" whatever, not funny, and what a stupid way to end a movie 5. overall, just like the summary says: too annoying and not funny at all. watch "forgetting sarah marshall" for some seriously unique laughs and even some believability (for this genre).
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A Nutshell Review: Going the Distance
DICK STEEL2 September 2010
The draw of Going the Distance will undoubtedly be its leading stars of Justin Long and Drew Barrymore, being an on-off-on real life couple and the premise of a long distance relationship will likely not be lost on these two. I'm not sure how many of you will subscribe to or are currently in a relationship where the distance put between you and your loved one means a meet up only once in a few months, whether that initial affection felt will be sufficient to sustain a commitment after the novelty wears off.

And in this film, Geoff LaTulippe's story outlines most of the immediate pitfalls and concerns about long distance relationships that it'll likely scare you off from one anyhow. The perils here translate to not being able to enjoy what other couples in a "normal" relationship do, having to rely on technology to bridge that distance, and the raking up of phone bills to engage in decent conversation, or something kinkier. Then there's the fear of someone else cheating on you, since you're out of sight hence out of mind. I suppose love requires nurturing, and without being able to do so on a fairly constant basis, means an extraordinary amount of effort to make things work.

But that's only the first part. See, I told you Going the Distance casts doubts despite its comedy at the right places to lift the film from its doom and gloom, nevermind if director Nanette Burstein manages to hook you in and convince you to root for the leads Erin (Barrymore) a soon to graduate journalist intern, and Garrett (Long) the record label employee told to babysit and promote some young kids band whom the record company is hoping to be the next Jonah Brothers. The bigger question here when the relationship stables and matures, is who's going to make the move to be with the other, permanently, as a sign of commitment.

Ah, that C word. Moving means uprooting your life, forgoing your friends, family and frankly, career as well as you choose to be with someone who stands a significant place in your heart. Like Erin, this represents a risky leap of faith, albeit confusing too when the head and heart battles it out for rationality, that may end up with losing out on everything when the relationship sours, as Eric had experienced before, thus losing a part of her life as an undergraduate that she now has to play catch up. Somehow the premise of the film makes you contemplate whether you're likely to plunge into something like this, or if you're already in one, take stock at where you're at now.

The film has Barrymore and Long to thank for, because when they're on song, and I suspect some scenes here inevitably has real emotions being expressed especially in many off the cuff banter that seems too natural to be staged or scripted. They make a cute couple, and play off each other really well in both scenes intended to tickle your funny bone, and the emotionally dramatic ones that call on them digging a little deeper to express their fears and desires. Co- stars Charlie Day and Jason Sudeikis as best friends of Garrett also help to Unfortunately with this film being the typical Hollywood rom-com means the sticking to an expected feel good formula, as well as just scratching the surface of the issues it raises for the most parts.

Such as the deliberate crafting of their occupations, where making fleeting and sweeping statements of the state of the music and newspaper industry wasn't minced, and you get periodic reminders of it. It makes passing remarks on the eventual demise of newspapers (and hence the massive layoffs) due to the advent of the blog, and how record labels lament not making a lot of money, when they're heavily investing in crap that can be manufactured off an assembly line, rather than to put their weight behind more worthy, talented acts. The Boxer Rebellion, featured in the film, will be a band that I will checking out real soon as part of the movie's eclectic soundtrack.
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Pretty so so rom com
davispittman1 April 2017
I usually like Drew Barrymore, but this one was just way too so-so/average to work. Drew Barrymore and Justin long play romantic leads here, their chemistry is just alright, let's just say that they aren't a couple I'd be compelled to pull for, didn't really matter to me whether they stayed together or not in the end. It's not really that Barrymore or Long are bad actors or that they give poor performances, it's just that the two of them put together in a romantic way doesn't work all that well, couldn't buy it. And also the other big issue with the film is the lack of good comedy, it's just not funny. There are a lot of jokes and lines that are supposed to be funny, but in my opinion they aren't even mildly amusing. The script is pretty average too, the dialogue isn't that creative, very predictable and bland. That actually is the one word I'd use to describe this whole movie. BLAND. Honestly there were just two things i liked about this film, Christina Applegate and Drew Barrymore. I enjoyed seeing both of these actresses because I'm fans of both, but that really is the extent of the positives here. 4/10.
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