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4 Jan. 2012
The Royal Treatment
Fiona gets her first international client when Gemma Pankhurst-Jones (NATASHA BEDINGFIELD) calls from Buckingham Palace, where she works as a "proxy" for the royal family. When she says her recent marriage remains unconsummated, Fiona concludes this is therapy by proxy -- and the new royal marriage is in trouble!
11 Jan. 2012
Speed Bump
Fiona's conjugal advice is unsuccessful, and Gemma says she's running out of time -- she's pregnant, and her husband is bound to know he can't be the father. Can Fiona save the British empire?
18 Jan. 2012
Heir Today, Gone Tomorrow
The London tabloids are full of a royal scandal that mysteriously echoes Gemma's situation, and Gemma finally realizes that Fiona's therapy is all talk -- mostly to the press.
25 Jan. 2012
Hooray for Hollywood
Fiona thinks she's been discovered by Hollywood when newly sober reality star Allegra Favreau calls to option Fiona's memoir for a Lifetime television movie.
1 Feb. 2012
That's How I Role
Allegra Favreau does character research on Fiona, grilling her on some embarrassing details left out of her memoir, and Fiona offers up an acting critique of Allegra's past work before they agree to continue the work face-to-face in L.A.
8 Feb. 2012
Come Fly with Me
Jerome surprises Fiona with an unwelcome traveling companion for her trip to Los Angeles.
15 Feb. 2012
Acting Out
Fiona and Allegra conduct a postmortem on the disastrous trip to Los Angeles, and Allegra, now a Hollywood pariah based on some unfortunate camera phone footage, prepares for a long stretch on the casting couch.
22 Feb. 2012
Hands-On Therapy
Fiona's mother, Putsy Hodge, wants to be declared legally insane, and Fiona, once she finds out why, instantly agrees.
29 Feb. 2012
Cell Phone
After her roommate's unfortunate death, Putsy Hodge prepares for life in the Big House, while Fiona begs her to lawyer up and take the Fifth.
7 Mar. 2012
The Family Business
Fiona is pleased to discover that Putsy has been cleared of all charges, but horrified when she discovers that Putsy has a new career - and, worse, a new career advisor.

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