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Bo Jackson -- Defends Lance Armstrong ... 'Nobody Is Perfect'

  • TMZ
Lance Armstrong has a very powerful ally ... perhaps the Greatest Athlete, ever ... Bo Jackson ... who tells TMZ Sports he still believes the disgraced cyclist is a good guy.  We spoke with Jackson ... who tells us he's been friends with Lance for years -- and despite his misdeeds, Bo is convinced he's a good person.  "Lance isn't perfect," Bo says ... "Nobody is perfect. The only perfect man was nailed to the cross." That's why Bo says
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Of Course There Is A Lance Armstrong Movie Already Being Made! Of Course We Had To Cast It!

We’re betting the second Lance Armstrong agreed to do that revealing Oprah interview this week, a million Hollywood execs shed a single tear, knowing there could be only one Lance Armstrong cheating scandal movie. According to Deadline, Paramount Pictures and producer Jj Abrams beat them all to the punch, closing the deal on the filmmaking rights to the proposal for Cycle of Lies: The Fall Of Lance Armstrong, a book to be written by sports reporter Juliet Macur. That’s right: they bought the proposal to a book that has not yet been written. Now we want to shed a single tear over how genius that is.

Since it’ll be a little while before shooting starts, we have plenty of time to pitch potential actors to play America’s Most Hated Athlete (You’re welcome, Manti Te’o!). As for who should play his ex Sheryl Crow…um,
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Lance Armstrong Denounces 60 Minutes

As the CBS program accuses him of illegal doping, the cycling champion tells Howard Kurtz the show is treating him unfairly. A look at the allegations and the behind-the-scenes war over Armstrong's reputation.

Lance Armstrong and 60 Minutes are on a collision course, with the cycling champion accusing the CBS program of unfair tactics in an upcoming broadcast about allegations of illegal doping by Armstrong.

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The show has "basically reneged" on promises made to him, Armstrong told me Thursday night, and "everyone would be frustrated" by such treatment. He said of the producer on the story, "I would not call him a straight shooter... My version of events has never changed on this, and won't."

CBS News Chairman Jeff Fager, who is also executive producer of 60 Minutes, dismissed the complaints. "We have been so thorough and fair to Lance Armstrong,
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Your AP Athlete of the Decade is... Tiger Woods

  • Pop2it
The Associated Press has voted Tiger Woods as the Athlete of the Decade. He received 56 votes... coincidentally, one for every mistress one for every PGA tour win he had in the 2000s.

Woods bested second-place Lance Armstrong by 23 votes.The rest of the field includes Roger Federer with 25 votes, Michael Phelps with 15, Tom Brady with six and sprinter Usain Bolt with four.

The ballots were turned in prior to the Thanksgiving Day car accident and ensuing scandal. One has to wonder... would the votes have been different if the ballots were cast after the scandal?

We realize that one has nothing to do with the other. Regardless of how you feel about Tiger Woods' sex life, there is no arguing his achievements on the golf course.

Still, it looks a bit funny for the AP to announce Tiger as their Athlete of the Decade while his wife is possibly moving to Sweden,
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Associated Press Names Tiger Woods The ‘Athlete Of The Decade’

  • OnTheFlix
Associated Press names Tiger Woods the 'Athlete Of The Decade.' Despite the recent events and affair allegations against Tiger Woods, The Associated Press has still decided to name Tiger Woods, the "Athlete of the Decade," according to the New York Times. They say Tiger received 56 votes,and most of the ballots were turned in before his SUV accident and scandal,which occurred last month. Tiger won 56 PGA Tour tournaments in the past decade,and 12 of them were majors. Lance Armstrong came in 2nd place with 33 votes. The tennis god, Roger Federer got 3rd place with 25 votes.
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Poll: Should Tiger Woods Be Athlete of the Decade?

Poll: Should Tiger Woods Be Athlete of the Decade?
Despite being linked to 14 women, Tiger Woods has been voted the Athlete of the Decade by the Associated Press.

"His 10 years of incomparable golf [outweigh] nearly three weeks of a salacious sex scandal," the AP writes, pointing out his 64 worldwide victories and 12 majors dating to 2000.

See photos of the women linked to Tiger Woods

Woods has won more PGA Tour titles in the past decades than all but four of golf's greatest players won during the span of their careers,
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