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Claude Miller obituary

French film director and close associate of François Truffaut

The film director Claude Miller, who has died aged 70 after a long illness, was continually dogged by comparisons to his friend and mentor François Truffaut. Hardly a review of his films failed to mention Truffaut in some way or another. This came about for various reasons. Miller was Truffaut's production manager on several occasions and made subtle references to the older director's work in many of his own films, almost always mentioning him in interviews. He had a small role in Truffaut's L'Enfant Sauvage (The Wild Child, 1970) and adapted La Petite Voleuse (The Little Thief, 1988) from a 30-page screenplay that Truffaut had written a few years before his death.

When Truffaut was once asked whether he had started a school of directors, he denied it. "These people are more influenced by other directors than myself. If Claude Miller has points in common with me,
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I’m Glad My Mother Is Alive Review [Sfiff]

I’m Glad My Mother Is Alive Review [Sfiff]

Freud would have had a veritable field day with the creepily erotic film I'm Glad My Mother Is Alive by France's acclaimed Claude Miller, and his son, Nathan Miller. That eroticism takes place largely between a mother and son. Which is wrong, of course, even though this mother gave up this particular son for adoption years before the bulk of the story takes place. The strange tale receives an added sense of singularity considering the familial relationship between Claude and Nathan. This is a bit cryptic, but you'll understand after watching the film. And I wholeheartedly do recommend you see this film. Although the I'm Glad was originally meant to be directed by Jacques Audiard (Un prophete, The Beat My Heart Skipped) thirteen years ago after he read an article based on true events. It eventually ended up in the very capable
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