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2 Apr. 2010
Miami's trauma Alpha Team chief William Rayner resigns on the spot after a surgery goes wrong. Brilliant Dr. Chris DeLeo is prepared to support the seniority by promotion of lackluster Dr. Eva Zambrano. However Kuwait veteran Dr. Matthew Proctor, who left his Maryland practice to start over after losing his wife, decides to stop in and takes newbie resident Dr. Serena Warren under his wing. Meawnhile a bizarre explosion accident and bystander heroism requires a lot of dedicated work and still risks ending bitterly.
9 Apr. 2010
88 Seconds
One member of the team learns a secret about Dr. Proctor's past while treating the victims of a hotel shooting. Meanwhile, Dr. Deleo is offered a prestigious career move.
16 Apr. 2010
What Lies Beneath
Dr. Chris Deleo enjoys the idle rumors about his allegedly more than a flirt with Zambrano, who actually ends up in another's bed. Zan and Emily's harbor wedding turns into a carnage when the marquis is crushed by a 'microblast' (tiny storm). Father of the bride Henry rejects almost all blood due to an earlier liver transplant. Donor tests unearth a family secret and prove Zan undeserving of the mother of the bride's hostility. Ice sculptor Fortunato firmly believes that his Christian name actually spells good fortune, despite a pipe having skewered him, requiring the...
23 Apr. 2010
All Fall Down
As the team works to save the lives of a couple injured in a balcony collapse, they are shocked when the wife refuses treatment. Meanwhile, a patient's arrival with a large sum of cash in tow causes a stir among the staff.
30 Apr. 2010
Golden Hour
In order to show the importance of their facility, Dr. Proctor is forced to give a speech proving just how vital he and his team are in the minutes following a major accident.
7 May 2010
Calle Cubana
When Miami's Calle Cubana celebration turns violent, the Alpha Team finds themselves battling an increased workload. Meanwhile, Dr. Zambrano takes special interest in a young teenager left for dead on the hospital's driveway.
14 May 2010
Man on the Road
As the Alpha Team awaits news of their friend's condition, they must tend to the victims of a motorcycle accident and a small plane crash.
21 May 2010
An Arm and a Leg
The career of a young golf prodigy and the lives of three college friends are in the hands of the Alpha Team following a horrific alligator attack. Meanwhile, Drs. Sable and Proctor try to analyze their feelings for each other.
4 Jun. 2010
Like a Hurricane
Chaos ensues as a hurricane heads for Miami. The Seaver family are trying to evacuate, when a car cuts in front of them, however, their anger is interrupted when a speeding SUV comes barreling towards them, crashing into the car ahead. All of the passengers in the car that cut them off are dead, but with the exception of the youngest daughter, the Seaver family is also severely injured. MT1 is busy because of the impending hurricane, and despite it being his first hurricane, Dr. Proctor is the calm in the storm. Zambrano is somewhat distracted by the fact her father (...
11 Jun. 2010
Diver Down
Brandon Carp's tourists diving party and instructor Kevin all get wounded after a sudden explosion in a wreck they dive to. First concern is decompression, for which Serena must be locked it too, despite her claustrophobia. In the haste, a missing finger wasn't noticed, hence left behind. Not all symptoms are what they seem. Finally, proctor being dropped at work by a fox in a sports-car raises more speculations from Chris and especially Zambrano.
18 Jun. 2010
Time of Death
A boat comes crashing on shore and sends twins Derek and Kelly to trauma, but as one fights for their life, Serena can't get the other's heart beating. She has to declare her first time of death. Another patient, Carla, has both her husband (in process of divorce) and boyfriend in the waiting area. Chris's brother Rick asks Ava for a medical opinion, but doesn't want Chris to know.
25 Jun. 2010
Down to the Bone
After a construction site collapses, several victims are brought in and treated. Dr. Chris Deleo, who is eager for his evaluation by Proctor, ignores his instructions to go home after a double shift. Instead he volunteers to go down the pit and perform a perilous leg amputation on Joe, the only construction worker who couldn't be evacuated, despite very real danger to both of them. Dr. Bruce Kaye, the grumpy surgeon who is Selena's internal nightmare, collapses from heart failure while she assists him in the OP.
2 Jul. 2010
Medicine Man
Ben Sims, an artistically gifted high-school student, suffers 'internal decapitation' during a school bus incident. His unemployed mother can't afford medical care and considers transferring his custody to the state so they would pay to surgically remove a cyst which may wrecks Ben's graphic future. While wondering how to diagnose and help Ben's equally wounded teacher, Chris is appalled to find out accidentally that his no-good brother Rick hid from him being a cancer patient, shocked when brainless pranks continue in hospital. Proctor's patient, hunting accident ...


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