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Brian Tee: Noburo


  • Noburo : Shingen! Shingen!

    Logan : Keep going.

    Noburo : Since he got sick... old man Yashida spent billions on doctors, healers. Stockpiling adamantium at his lab in the North... secretly trying to prolong his life. He brought the company to the edge of bankruptcy! He was obsessed with you!

    [chatters at Yukio in Japanese] 

    Logan : [punches him]  English!

    Noburo : Shingen lied, protected the old man... concealed the debt from stockholders and the board. He tried to be a good son and thought he'd be rewarded.

    Logan : And then the old man left everything to his granddaughter.

    Yukio : [glares at Noburo]  If Mariko got all the power, she would dump his ass.

    Noburo : It's true... Mariko would have NEVER gone through with the wedding... not once the will was revealed... She never took to me...

    Logan : Oh, really? A class act like you?

    Noburo : Shingen promised me a fortune for my help.

    Logan : So you put a hit on his daughter. Is that it?

    Noburo : Political careers do not last forever...

    Logan : That's right...

    [grabs and hauls Noburo] 

    Noburo : Wait! Wait! No! You wanted the truth. I TOLD YOU THE TRUTH!

    Logan : I didn't like it!

    [hurls Noburo through a window] 

  • [Logan catches Noburo carousing with two strippers] 

    Logan : Call me old fashioned, but I thought being engaged meant you were done with this kind of bullshit.

    Noburo : I am the Minister of Justice. Do you have any idea what I could do to you?

    Logan : Really? You're gonna try and talk tough standing there in your red underwear?... You have ten words... TEN words... to explain to me why YOU, the Minister of Justice, would want your fiancée killed by the Yakuza. And if I don't like what you say, you're goin' through that window!

    Noburo : You don't have the faintest idea what's going on...

    [Logan punches Noburo] 

    Logan : How many words was that?

    Yukio : Nine.

    Logan : Nine... You have one word left.

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