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  • Sookie, Jason and Bill return to Bon Temps only to find the town looking like a disaster area. Everyone is under Maryann's spell and looking for Sam Merlotte who has been shape shifting to avoid capture. At Bill's house, they find that Hoyt Fortenberry's mother Maxine is in residence, also under the spell and driving Jessica to the breaking point. At Sookie's house they find Maryann in firm control. Bill has a nasty experience with her but Sookie seems to have a strange power that hasn't been seen before. At Lafayette's house, they find Tara who is in a deep trance. No one, even Bill, has seen anything quite like this but he knows someone who may be able to explain everything.

  • Sookie has erotic dreams with Eric while returning to a crazy Bon Temps with the population possessed with black eyes by Maryann, who is preparing a sort of altar of offer with meat. Meanwhile, Sam is hidden in the house of the alcoholic Andy Sam explains to Andy that Maryann is an immortal supernatural creature that has murdered Jeannette and Daphne and taken their hearts. Meanwhile Hoyt's mother is chasing Sam for the evil Maenad. Sam is lured by Arlene that asks him to come to the Merlotte's. Sam and Andy finds the place crowded and they are trapped in the freezer. The possessed Tara is tied up in a chair with Lafayette and her mother. Meanwhile Sookie returns with Bill to her decayed house that is completely destroyed by Maryann. Bill protects Sookie biting Maryann but is poisoned by her blood; however Sookie's hand glows and saves him. Jason comes to the Merlotte's armed with a chainsaw and a nail machine and uses Arlene to force the locals to leave the Merlotte's. Then he saves Sam pretending that he is the horny god. Sookie and Bill escape from Maryann and arrive in Lafayette's house. Sookie finds that Tara's mind is empty and Bill uses his glamor in Tara to let Sookie in and bring Tara back. Bill recalls that he read about Bacchus many years ago and he knows a vampire that might know how to defeat Maryann. Meanwhile, Maxime offends Jessica and the vampire attacks her.


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  • Open with Sookie consoling Eric after Godric's death. She kisses him on the cheek and then (gasp!) they begin to make out and she offers him her neck.

    Whoops never mind. Sookie was dreaming as she and Jason drive back to Bon Temps with Bill in a casket in the back. As they arrive in town they see people acting crazy in the streets. One black-eyed couple tells Jason "We gotta go get Sam. It's almost time."

    Maryann is building some monstrous Wickerman-like edifice made of meat and organs. She tells Eggs they have a living sacrifice on the way.

    Cut to Sam over at Andy's place. Andy comes home with Sam's clothes and tells Sam how people are acting. Sam isn't sure how they will be able to "deal with a maenad." Sam thinks she wants to cut out his heart for "Dionysus or Satan or some god who has horns." A sobbing Arlene calls Sam and tells him there is a mob outside the bar, and Maryann is now coming after them.

    At Bill's place we see Maxine Fortenberry under Maryann's spell and acting crazy. Hoyt fills them in about Maryann setting up camp at Sookie's place and tells them about Daphne's being killed and de-hearted. Jason takes off for Merlotte's, to fight "the war I've been training for."

    Sam and Andy are ambushed at Merlotte's. They are only able to escape by locking themselves inside the walk-in fridge (not the hreatest plan!). Terry, who appears to be the mob's leader, gives the command to call Maryann to come pick up Sam.

    Lafayette and Lettie Mae have Tara tied up in a chair. Tara is still very much under Maryann's spell and Lafayette can't snap her out of it.

    Sookie and Bill go to Sookie's house. They spot Maryann's monument in the lawn before heading inside. Lafayette calls Sookie about Tara and tells her they should get out of the house. On their way out they run into Maryann herself. Maryann pins Sookie up against a wall and Bill comes the rescue, throwing Maryann onto a couch. When Bill bites Maryann's neck he begins frothing at the mouth and vomiting. Maryann puts her hands on Sookie and, much to both Maryann and Sookie's surprise, Sookie is able to push away by emitting a glowing light from her hand.

    "That was fun. What are you?" Maryann says with a smile as they couple leaves.

    Sam apologizes to Andy for what is happening to the town.

    Jason gears himself for battle, grabbing a chainsaw and high-powered nail gun. He shows up at Merlotte's and ends up pointing the nail gun at Arlene's head. This compels Terry to order everyone out of the bar.

    In the car Sookie tells Bill she has no idea what she did to Maryann. Sookie now knows it was Maryann who attacked her in the woods. Bill thinks Tara might be of help to them.

    Jason lets Sam and Andy out of the walk-in. Within seconds the mob comes back into the bar and traps the three men in the kitchen. Sam eventually gives himself up to the mob so Jason and Andy can escape.

    Tara is chanting a phrase in tongues over and over again. Bill and Sookie show up. When Sookie tries to read Tara's mind all she finds is darkness:

    "It's not her, she's gone." Sookie tries again but can't get across an "abyss" in Tara's head. Bill begins to glamour Tara to make her more accessible to Sookie.

    Using some flares, a flashlight and a gas mask, Jason successfully pretends to be the mob's god while standing on a car in Merlotte's parking lot. Jason smites Sam (waves his arms in that direction), who transforms into a fly to trick the mob into thinking he has been sacrificed.

    The combination of Bill's glamouring and Sookie's reading manages to break Tara out of Maryann's spell. On the porch Sookie tells Bill that Maryann is after people's souls. The chant they've been muttering is related to Bacchus. Bill tells Sookie he read about ancient creatures years ago and thinks Maryann might be one of them. He doesn't know how to defeat Maryann, but knows "one vampire who might." Bill asks Sookie if she will be able to do the glowing hand thing to Maryann again. She isn't sure. Bill leaves for the night.

    Jessica finally gets sick of Maxine taking shots at her. She tosses Hoyt aside and goes for his mother's neck.

    Bill arrives at a palace protected by multiple guards. One of them tells him: "The queen is expecting you." He is led inside a bright room and says "your majesty," before raising his head. Bills mouth drops open and we see a bottom of a leg with blood dripping down the calf to the foot.

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