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Sex & Nudity

  • A woman is seen skinny dipping. Her breasts are shown.

Violence & Gore

  • This movie contains a lot of violence and gore.
  • Throughout the whole movie, a woman mouth is shown bloody and severed. Later during the movie, a man also inherited the same behaviour as the woman.
  • A woman scrapes her hand on a wall. Blood can be seen.
  • A rabbit is killed but you don't see the killing.
  • A woman bites a man's hand. It is later seen quite bloody and gory as a woman treats his hand.
  • A man hits a woman face with a branch multiple times.
  • A deer is killed and gutted and the intestines can be seen. May offend. Though you don't see the killing.
  • A woman bites a man neck and rips his flesh. This is very graphic as it is shown in slow motion. Blood is later seen coming out of his neck.
  • A woman eats a dead man's body. Nothing is shown as it is dark but ripping and chewing sound can be heard. She then drags the body and eats his flesh in a gory way as the camera zooms in. This is very bloody. The intestines of the man can be seen dangling as the woman rips the bottom half of his body.
  • A woman drops a rock on a man's head.
  • A woman stabs a man a couple of times in the back.
  • A woman bites off two fingers of a man.
  • A woman bites another woman's hand.
  • A man and a woman feeds on a dead man's body. Munching and chewing sound can be heard.
  • A man slice another man's body multiple times with a machete.
  • A man bites another man's neck and rips his flesh. Very bloody and gory.
  • A woman is found in a cave, screaming at something, and when another woman is entangled, it is revealed the woman's stomach is very swollen, and something is squirming around inside. Very disturbing and gory. The woman's shirt has been ripped open cause of her stomach being so big.
  • A woman slice open her belly using a machete. This is extremely bloody and gory.
  • A woman is thrown at a wall.
  • A monster-like creature hits a woman multiple times at her crotch.
  • A woman slice the monster-like creature using the machete.
  • Numerous fighting scenes.
  • A woman kicks another woman's into a tree trunk. A crack sound can be heard.
  • A woman drops a rock on another woman's head. Very bloody and gory.


  • Multiple mentions of the f-words. Few mentions of cunts, shits and bitch. Other mild profanities.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • This movie contains a lot of frightening and intense scenes of people having a cannibalistic behaviour and hunting their friends down.
  • The last part of the movie is extremely intense.
  • The brief pregnancy scene and the self mutilation in the cave is very disgusting and bloody and gory.

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