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Oz Investigates: Whipped Toppings and Whipped

Dr. Oz examines store-bought cans and tubs of dessert toppings: what is really in them, and how does the new, whipped non-dairy options compare; deconstructing cranberry sauce; The Dish crew shows the hacks to foolproof...

Current Episode (aired 19 Nov. 2019)

True Crime: Escape From Hell: How Rosalynn McGinnis Escaped 19 Years of Captivity at the Hands of her Mother's Evil Husband

Twelve-year-old Rosalynn McGinnis is kidnapped, tortured, and repeatedly raped for 19 years by the man who married her mother to get to her; Lorraine Bracco ("The Sopranos") sheds light on the case of a realtor who was ...

Season 11

9 Sep. 2019
A Very Personal Oz: The Signs Dr. Oz Missed That His Mom Has Alzeimer's
Dr. Oz opens up about a health issue that has hit close to home and takes a breakthrough blood test to see if he has the genes for Alzheimer's; a new at-home test; Candidate Check-up: Bernie Sanders' age, exercise regiment, and health care policies;
10 Sep. 2019
True Crime: Never-Before-Heard Details in the Jeffrey Epstein Scandal
The suspicious death of Jeffrey Epstein: the autopsy findings and the reportedly unusable surveillance video; forensic experts reenact the possible crime scene if he was murdered; new details from his accusers; the father of accuser Virginia Roberts;
11 Sep. 2019
Oz Exclusive: Wendy Williams One-on-One
Talk-show hostess Wendy Williams ("The Wendy Williams Show") discusses overcoming life's challenges, her new health diagnosis, and what it's like to live with a chronic and painful condition; Morgan Spurlock ("Super Size Me") investigates fast-food chicken;
12 Sep. 2019
Oz Exclusive: Dog the Bounty Hunter on Grief and
Duane 'Dog' Chapman discusses losing his wife, the decision to let cameras document her final moments, and the two things he promised her before she died; the latest on R. Kelly's sex-crime charges and why his former crisis manager had to step down;
13 Sep. 2019
Caught on Tape: Disgusting Supermarket Behavior That Will Outrage You
Surveillance cameras capture people touching, spitting, and urinating on food in supermarkets; Dr. Pimple Popper surprises a couple with her verdict in Health Court;
16 Sep. 2019
From the Impossible Burger to Beyond Sausage
Exclusive access into the labs of Beyond Meat and Impossible Burger to reveal industry secrets of how they are made and whether they are really better for your health; the next big meatless fast-food craze; the polio-like disease striking children;
17 Sep. 2019
True Crime: I Survived Being Branded by the NXIVM Cult
One of NXIVM's top recruiters recounts being branded and eventually escaping, after learning the truth behind the secret sisterhood; a librarian reveals how she helped authorities solve the mystery of a family, whose bodies were found in barrels;
18 Sep. 2019
Breaking News: Collapsed Lung, Mysterious Symptoms: Is Vaping the Reason?
Whether vaping is the culprit behind the growing clusters of lung problems; what chemicals are in vaping liquids; Vanessa Williams, Gail Simmons, Gina Neely, and Jamika Pessoa have new go-to weeknight dinners that cook up in less than 30 minutes;
19 Sep. 2019
True Crime: Breaking News: Where Is Missing Mom Jennifer Dulos?
The latest news on missing Connecticut mom Jennifer Dulos; why her estranged husband and his girlfriend were arrested for the second time; Jennifer's close friend speaks out; a mother sacrifices her son's life to prevent a mass school shooting;
20 Sep. 2019
Food Fact Check: Seltzer Boom: What's Really in Them
Whether seltzers are healthy; what is in them and how they have so much flavor while being so low in calories; a woman does not approve of her friend being on the Keto diet, eating fatty food; her friend argues that she's lost 30 pounds and won't turn back;
23 Sep. 2019
Oz Exclusive: Fertility Mix-Up Nightmare: My Son Was Born to Another Woman
A fertility clinic's mistakes result in multiple women carrying wrong embryos and giving birth to other couples' babies; one mom's custody battle; one of Harvey Weinstein's accusers speaks out on how he groomed her for years before assaulting her;
24 Sep. 2019
True Crime: Ted Bundy Survivors on Why the
Two women, who survived serial killer Ted Bundy's last and most infamous attacks, recount how they escaped death; parents make their children drink bleach, in an attempt to cure their autism;
25 Sep. 2019
Does Cooking in the Microwave Kill All the Nutrients in My Food?
Investigating whether microwaving food makes it less healthy and the surprising results of the experiment are revealed; Dr. Sanjay Gupta answers questions about CBD and whether it relieves pain and anxiety; the Dish Crew -- Vanessa Williams, Gail Simmons, Gina Neely, and Jamika Pessoa -- make five ingredient meals;
26 Sep. 2019
Murder She Saw: What This Medium Saw Inside a Murder House
Medium Anna Raimondi investigates paranormal activity in an old mansion, that holds secrets to a grisly mob murder; what she says still resides there and why the spirits can't move on; parents of a boy, who passed away, discuss their viral message;
27 Sep. 2019
Beyond the Grave: Are You Missing Signs From a Loved One?
A medium and grief counselor says deceased family members could be trying to communicate with or even warn people; three ways to unlock signs from the other side; a woman says she wants a sleep divorce because her husband snores and has sleep apnea;
30 Sep. 2019
Dog the Bounty Hunter in Crisis: the Dr. Oz House Call You Have to See
Dr. Oz visits Duane 'Dog' Chapman, after learning that he had been hospitalized for a possible heart attack and checked himself out, against medical advice; a man, bedridden for years, solves his medical mystery and invents a procedure that saves him;
1 Oct. 2019
True Crime: Breaking News: More Problems for R. Kelly
Complications pile up for R. Kelly, as he faces up to 500 years in prison; the arrest of a pair who may be serial killers; updates on missing Connecticut mom Jennifer Dulos; tainted alcohol and deaths at vacation destinations around the world;
2 Oct. 2019
Breaking News: Why Researchers Say You Can Eat Meat Again... As Much As You Want, Should You Believe It?
A new study challenges some people's thoughts and beliefs about eating meat; The Dish crew --- Vanessa Williams, Gail Simmons, Gina Neely, and Jamika Pessoa --- cooks up three recipes for pumpkin-spice lovers;
3 Oct. 2019
True Crime: What Made Her Snap? Insta Perfection
A renowned physician, who often posted on social media globe-trotting photos with her offspring, shoots them and turns the gun on herself; after being released from prison, Michael Peterson maintains his innocence in the 2001 falling death of his wife;
4 Oct. 2019
Ancestry Test Bombshells: Can This Medium Get Answers From the Dead?
People, who were shocked to learn that everything they thought they knew about their lineage was a lie, want answers from deceased loved ones who took these secrets to the grave; wearing headphones, with music blasting, may damage children's hearing;
7 Oct. 2019
Food Fact Check: Eggs -- The Answer to the "Are Eggs Healthy" Debate
Whether eggs can be bad for the cholesterol or heart; the truth about the yolk; the healthiest option for sausage; Brooke Shields tells what it was like growing up with the public fixated on her looks and reveals three weapons to defy her age;
8 Oct. 2019
True Crime Exclusive: Is Adopted Girl Really an Adult Who Tried to Kill the Family Who Took Her In? The Dad Speaks Out
A man, who adopted a Ukrainian orphan, breaks his silence about how he believes the child is actually an adult and a sociopath; the latest on Lori Loughlin, who faces up to 40 years in prison if convicted: whether her "not guilty" plea may mean for her;
9 Oct. 2019
The Big Aspirin Debate: Should You Be Taking It Daily or Not?
Aspirin has been recommended to prevent heart attacks, but evidence suggests a daily dose may be dangerous; an interview with Billy Bush ("Extra"); the Dish crew -- Vanessa Williams, Gail Simmons, Gina Neely, and Jamika Pessoa -- make cheesy chicken roll ups;
10 Oct. 2019
Mystery House: What This Medium Found Inside This Centuries-Old Home
Medium Anna Raimondi investigates a house, where a family say they've been plagued by spirits for nearly 40 years; paranormal investigator group Ghost Nation reveals caught-on-tape hauntings;
11 Oct. 2019
Beyonce's Dad Matthew Knowles Announces Shocking Diagnosis
Beyonce's father opens up about his shocking diagnosis; Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang talks about the future of medicine;
14 Oct. 2019
The Big Hair Investigation: Find Out Why Relax
Investigating the chemicals, in hair care products, that can have harmful side effects; the shocking world of human hair trafficking; a whistleblower manicurist speaks out about why she's very concerned for people's health at the nail salon;
15 Oct. 2019
Revenge! Victim Speaks Out About What Led
A police officer opens up about the fateful day he was shot by a disgruntled ex-LAPD cop, during a shooting rampage; Deepak Chopra's ultimate personality quiz;
16 Oct. 2019
The Search for the Alzheimer's Cure: Could This
Diabetes medicine that could be used to defend against Alzheimer's disease; new rules for aging backwards; Daphne Oz, Vanessa Williams, Gina Neely, and Jamika Pessoa have new twists on hot cheesy sandwiches;
17 Oct. 2019
True Crime: Man Whose Wife Murdered His New Girlfriend and Then Committed Suicide
A betrayed wife secretly records her husband, then shoots his girlfriend before killing herself; the story of a mom who helped exonerate her own daughter's convicted killer because she didn't believe he did it;
18 Oct. 2019
Women Who Look Half Their Age: What They Do, Revealed!
Women share their simple at-home secrets to skin care to look decades younger; what people need to know about retinal, one of the most popular ingredients on the market, to help reduce wrinkles, acne, and dark spots;
21 Oct. 2019
Why Two Glasses of Diet Soda a Day May Raise Your Risk of Death By Nearly 25 Percent
A new health alert about diet sodas; Rachael Ray shares the three most memorable meals that have marked her life -- and they are all Oz-approved;
22 Oct. 2019
Neighbors From Hell Caught on Tape!
Videos of people committing shocking and violent acts against their neighbors; a mother steals her daughter's identity for more than 20 years and racked up credit card bills;
23 Oct. 2019
Food Crimes No One Should Ever Make
Bizarre food combos; cow's milk vs. milk alternatives; the Dish crew -- Daphne Oz, Vanessa Williams, Gina Neely, and Jamika Pessoa -- reveal hacks using store-bought cake mixes;
24 Oct. 2019
True Crime: What Happened to Kelsey Berreth? Trial Begins for Her Fiance, Patrick Frazee
Updates on a missing mom: her fiancé's trial may reveal the reported plot to commit murder with the help of his mistress; the murder of a man, whose identity remained a mystery for 34 years;
25 Oct. 2019
Medical Mystery: Something's Killing Me
A sore throat can lead to a coma; a brain tumor turns out to be a deadly worm; an urgent Health Court case: a woman turns in her sister-in-law, whose diabetes may end up killing her because she's sneaking sugar;
28 Oct. 2019
Avocado Overload! Have We Gone Overboard with Avocados?
Appropriate avocado portion size; how to choose an avocado at the store; whether CBD helps people sleep;
29 Oct. 2019
True Crime: The Preppy Murder: The Real Story Behind the Central Park Killing That
The 1986 case of the handsome prep school student, who strangled 18-year-old Jennifer Levin; the detective first on the scene; Robert Chambers' former girlfriend; the twin of a woman, murdered decades ago, refuses to give up on finding her killer;
30 Oct. 2019
Oz Investigates: The New Pork Rules: How to Eat Pork Now
The new rules for buying, cooking, and eating pork; the Oz-approved bacon lover's guide; The Dish crew -- Daphne Oz and Jamika Pessoa -- make a pizza-stuffed burger; Carrie Ann Inaba ("Dancing with the Stars" and "The Talk") tells about her darkest days on and off camera;
31 Oct. 2019
Oz Exclusive: The Real Story Behind the Adoption Gone Wrong of Girl with Dwarfism
Updates on the shocking case of Natalia Barnett; whether she is actually a child or a 30-year-old sociopath; people who have been close to Natalia, since her adoptive family moved away, reveal what they know about her; Casey Anthony's parents speak out about rumors that she will have another baby and if they will ever reunite with her;
1 Nov. 2019
The Chicken Sandwich Wars: Which Fast Food Chicken Is the Tastiest
Which top-selling chicken sandwich is the tastiest; how to make them at home; emotional support animals; the trainer of a miniature service horse that recently took a plane ride with its owner;
4 Nov. 2019
Oz Exclusive: Dog the Bounty Hunter: An Oz Intervention
It's the day of reckoning for Duane 'Dog' Chapman, when Dr. Oz examines his latest medical results on stage; actor Robert Blake's daughter speaks out about her famous father, who was charged with her mother's murder;
5 Nov. 2019
True Crime: Exclusive: Natalie Wood's Boat Captain One-on-One on the Fateful Night She Died
Actress Natalie Wood's boat captain and friend talks about what he witnessed the night she mysteriously died and what he says took place after her death;
6 Nov. 2019
Outrageous! Baby Sitter Horror Stories
Parents share stories and caught-on-tape moments of child abuse at the hands of people they trusted; the Osmonds open up about their many health struggles; Alec and Hilaria Baldwin show how to break date-night dinner rules;
7 Nov. 2019
True Crime Exclusive: The Texting Suicide Case
The mother of Conrad Roy, whose suicide sparked controversy, after his girlfriend was sent to prison for urging him to kill himself; Charles Manson's youngest cult follower tells of helping to put him away;
8 Nov. 2019
Nightmares Decoded: Is It Sleep Paralysis Disorder or Paranormal Activity?
Many people report being held down by an unseen force while they're asleep, unable to move or scream for help; Dr. Oz goes into the field to investigate the filthiest public bathroom to show how to get in and out unscathed;
11 Nov. 2019
Nuke It! New Microwave Rules to Avoid Cancer and Food Poisoning
Common mistakes that can turn a microwave into a hotbed of germs; whether standing next to a microwave causes cancer; how to shop for the healthiest shrimp;
12 Nov. 2019
True Crime Exclusive: The Chris Watts Letters: Why He Says His Family Would Still Be Alive If He Hadn't Met His Mistress
Chris Watts horrified the country, when he confessed to killing his wife, his daughters, and unborn child; Dr. Oz reveals new details of Watts' crimes from the letters he wrote in prison and why meeting his mistress was a turning point for him;
13 Nov. 2019
The Fast-Food Taco Boom: What's Really in There and Does It Matter?
The good, the bad, and the ugly about fast-food tacos; TV anchor Hoda Kotb ("The Today Show") shares her favorite quotes to cope with anxiety, stress, and difficult days; Ree Drummond, the Pioneer Woman, brings her low-carb brunch hacks to The Dish.
14 Nov. 2019
True Crime Exclusive: The Jeffrey Epstein Accusers Tell the Side of the Story You Haven't Heard
Two women tell how they were lured into Jeffrey Epstein's mansion as teenagers and sexually assaulted; who Epstein's enablers were, and whether they may ever face justice;
15 Nov. 2019
The Big Butter Investigation: Why Are There 25 Kinds of Butter? And Is There Really a Better Butter?
Taste-testing and investigating the many butter options; de-constructing fast-food and boxed macaroni and cheese to find out the truth about what people are eating;
18 Nov. 2019
10 Years of Silence: Jon Gosselin Finally Reveals What Happened with Kate and Their 8 Kids
With a decade-long gag order lifted, "Jon and Kate Plus 8" reality star Jon Gosselin tells his side of the story about the accusations of cheating, abandonment, and child abuse; the Unabomber's brother tells what it took to turn him in his own sibling;
19 Nov. 2019
True Crime: Escape From Hell: How Rosalynn McGinnis Escaped 19 Years of Captivity at the Hands of her Mother's Evil Husband
Twelve-year-old Rosalynn McGinnis is kidnapped, tortured, and repeatedly raped for 19 years by the man who married her mother to get to her; Lorraine Bracco ("The Sopranos") sheds light on the case of a realtor who was lured to her death;
20 Nov. 2019
Oz Investigates: Whipped Toppings and Whipped
Dr. Oz examines store-bought cans and tubs of dessert toppings: what is really in them, and how does the new, whipped non-dairy options compare; deconstructing cranberry sauce; The Dish crew shows the hacks to foolproof Thanksgiving;
21 Nov. 2019
Duped! Dirty John Has Nothing on My Ex-Husband
A wife speaks out about the man who conned her into believing he was a secret agent, when he was really a sex offender and bigamist; an ex-intelligence officer says she was duped by an online romance scam; a woman's friend poses as a rich heiress;
22 Nov. 2019
Outrageous! Declaring War on Pedophiles:
The Oz investigation squad teams up with a high-tech task force to track down and bust pedophiles in an undercover operation; rapper T.I. creates a firestorm of backlash; counterfeit vaping products can contain carcinogens and poisons;

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