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Nathan Fillion: Johnny



  • Johnny : Enjoy the attention while it lasts, boys. After you lose, no one will remember you.

    Mike Wazowski : Maybe. But when you lose, no one will let you forget it.

    Chet : Oh, boy. That is a good point.

  • Sulley : [On the Day of the Final Exam]  I'm gonna wipe the floor with that little know-it-all.

    Johnny : Yes you are.

    [Takes Sulley's ROR Jacket] 

  • [In the First Challenge of the Scare Games, Mike and Sulley arrive badly stung from the Glowing Purple Urchins at the finish line, just behind the RORs] 

    Chet : Way to blow it, Oozmas!

    Mike Wazowski : Hey, 2nd place ain't bad.

    Greek Council VP : [Jaws Theta Chi arrive behind them, unharmed]  2nd place, Jaws Theta Chi!

    Mike Wazowski : *What*?

    Johnny : Your whole team has to cross the finish line.

    Greek Council VP : 3rd place, EEKs. 4th place, PNKs. 5th place, HSS. And in last place...

    [the rest of Mike and Sulley's team arrive, even more badly stung from the urchins than they are] 

    Greek Council VP : ...Oozma Kappa!

    Greek Council President : [Removing Oozma Kappa's name from the Leaderboard]  Oozma Kappa have been eliminated!

    [Dean Hardscrabble approaches a surprised and upset Mike, smiling] 

    Dean Hardscrabble : Don't look so surprised Mr. Wazowski. It would've taken a miracle for...

    Greek Council VP : Attention everyone, we have an announcement. Jaws Theta Chi have been disqualified.

    [Holds up a tin of Protective Gel that they've been using] 

    Greek Council VP : The use of illegal protective gel is cause for elimination.

    Big Red : What?

    [the referee removes the moisture from George Sanderson's leg, then stabs it with an Urchin, causing it to swell up like a balloon, with George screaming in pain] 

    Greek Council VP : [Removing Jaws Theta Chi from the Leaderboard and adding Oozma Kappa back on]  Which means that Oozma Kappa's back in the games - it's a miracle!

    Dean Hardscrabble : Your luck will run out eventually.

    [Walks away] 

    Mike Wazowski : This is gonna be harder than I thought.

  • Johnny : [During the party at the RORs while all of Mike's team is standing in the centre]  Let's give it up the Oozma Kappa.

    [out of nowhere, a monster dumps loads of paint onto Mike and the rest of his Teammates, much to their surprise] 

    Johnny : The most *adorable* monsters on campus.

    [Other ROR members begin firing glitter towards the Oozmas as the other monsters around them begin to laugh, making them look even more humiliated] 

    Johnny : [to Randy]  Release the Stuffed Animals.

    [Randy materialises in front of a rope which he pulls, releasing a number of monstrous stuffed animals onto Mike's team, then a photo of it is taken] 

  • [while trying to find someone to join his team for the Scare Games, Mike spots his Roommate Randy in the Crowd] 

    Randy : Excuse me. I'm running a little late.

    Mike Wazowski : Randy! Thank goodness, I need you on my team.

    Randy : Sorry Mike. I'm already on a team.

    [Randy walks out of the crowd, revealing a ROR Jacket that he received after Sulley was kicked out of their team, much to Mike's shock] 

    Randy : I'm finally in with the cool kids, Mike. Don't blow this for me.

    Johnny : [Calling out]  Hey Boggs, over here.

    [Randy walks over to the Rest of the RORS] 

    Johnny : Do your thing.

    [Randy turns invisible, leaving only his jacket visible] 

    Chet : Woah, where did he go?

  • [the RORs are selling all kinds of media with the humiliating photo of Oozma Kappa from their party the previous night] 

    Mike Wazowski : Hey, what do you think you're doing?

    Johnny : Raising a little money for charity.

    Mike Wazowski : Yeah, well stop it!

    Johnny : You want us to stop raising money for charity? That's not cool.

    Chet : This guy hates charity

    Mike Wazowski : [angrily]  We'd like you to stop making us look like fools.

    Johnny : Hey, you're making yourself look like fools. Lets be honest, boys. You're never gonna be real scarers, cause real scarers look like us. But hey, if you really wanna work for a scaring company, they're always... hiring in the mail room.

    [Johnny shows Mike and his team an advertisement in the Newspapers for the Monsters, Inc. Mailroom] 

  • [Sulley begins to feel bad about Rigging the Scare Simulator in the Final Challenge of the Scare Games. He walks sadly across Campus, carrying the Trophy that his team received, feeling sorry for Mike] 

    Professor Knight : [Walking by]  Mr. Sullivan. Great job out there. Look forward to having you back in my Class.

    [Sulley is then approached by the RORs, apart from Randy, who'd presumably been kicked off the team after they lost] 

    Johnny : You did great out there Sullivan. I guess I was wrong about you. You're one of us after all.

    [Johnny hands Sulley Randy's ROR Jacket. He then spots Dean Hardscrabble up ahead talking to Professor Knight. Sulley hands both the ROR Jacket and the trophy to Johnny and runs up to Dean Hardscrabble] 

    Johnny : Where are you going?

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