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  • Searching for Bill, Sookie heads to Jackson, Miss. in the company of Alcide, a werewolf bodyguard assigned by Eric to protect her. Jason is distracted from his police exams; Bud reaches the end of his rope; Arlene copes with unexpected news; Franklin charms Tara, and gets Jessica out of a jam; Eric bequeaths a gift to Lafayette. Haunted by visions from his past, Bill makes a surprising pledge of allegiance.

  • Bill has to decide if he is going to accept the King of Mississippi's offer but in flashbacks, we learn more of his relationship with Lorena. Having saved Sookie from a werewolf attack, Eric decides to provide her with a bodyguard, Alcide Herveaux. They set off to Mississippi to find Bill. In Bon Temps. Tara spends the night with Franklin Mott, a vampire who has just recently arrived and seems to have an interest in learning more about Bill. Jason meanwhile has decided he should become a policeman but he's still having trouble coming to grips with what he did to Eggs. Sam Merlotte has returned, having found his biological family, but their unexpected visit brings a new set of problems. Arlene learns something interesting about her pregnancy.


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  • In Sookie's house, the bullet roars towards the werewolf but Erik jumps in front of it. The werewolf smells Erik's blood and turns into a man. Erik throttles him and asks who he works for. Sookie shoots him in the leg and then hears him think "Jackson." Erik sees the werewolf brand on his neck and takes a big bite out of it, killing him.

    At the King Russell's house, Lorena, the woman Bill threw a lamp at, is charred, but fine. Bill thinks Lorena has lied to the king about him. The king asks Bill why he doesn't turn Sookie to keep her safe from people like him. He sends Bill to bed.

    Erik digs up a fresh grave to bury the werewolf. Sookie thanks him for saving her life, but she isn't about to fall for the old "I need your blood to heal" trick again. Sookie asks him about Jackson. Erik knows it's where the werewolf lives. Sookie wants to go there tomorrow.

    Cut to Tara in bed with the vampire she met at the bar, apparently getting over her grief. She yells at him to bite her, but he doesn't.

    Sam comes home to his family and finds Joe Lee in his briefs on the couch with Tommy. He tells Tommy he doesn't appreciate him trying to get him killed. His mom tells Sam they're proud of him but Sam tells her to worry about Tommy.

    Jason tells Hoyt about his drug dealer tackling and his plans to become a cop.

    Back in bed, Tara basks in her first vampiring. She tells him she wanted to kill the rednecks and he asks why. She doesn't want to tell him anything about herself. He tells her his name is Franklin. She leaves.

    At Bill's house Jessica calls Pam whom is in the back office at Fangtasia going down on Yvetta the human stripper from Estonia. Jessica is freaked out that the guy she killed is gone. Pam tells her not having a dead body in the basement isn't a problem and hangs up to return to Yvetta.

    Sookie catches Sam up on Andy killing Eggs and he tells her about his family. She asks Sam to look after Jessica.

    Hoyt quizzes Jason on cop test stuff, which he doesn't quite have down. Hoyt asks for Jessica advice. Jason tells him to move on.

    Arlene visits her OB-GYN. He tells her she's 9 weeks along... longer than she's been with Terry.

    Mike Spencer, the coroner, calls Merlotte's to tell Tara that Eggs' funeral is today.

    She gets there and it's just her... and Sookie, who paid for it. She asks Tara to come back and stay with her. (His first name was Benedict, which totally explains the "Eggs.") Pan over to the grave of Thomas Compton.

    Flash to 1868, Bill walking through the same cemetery and returning home, three years after the war ended. His wife greets him and he sees that his son Thomas has died. She sent their daughter Sara to Tennessee. His wife Caroline notices he's cold and crying blood. He tells her his human life was taken. She picks up the shotgun and blasts his arm. She freaks when she sees him heal. She tries to run but Lorena catches her at the door. Lorena kneels down to Caroline and says "I'm so sorry to have to do this to you." Bill tosses and turns in bed.

    Cut to Jason taking the police test and it's all in hieroglyphics. He goes to Bud for another one and sees Bud has a hole in his head, then he realizes he's naked and the class is laughing at him.

    Lafayette wakes Jason up in his truck at a job site. Hoyt calls for them. He found a headless body in a drainage pipe.

    Sookie returns home and starts cleaning up werewolf blood. She hears someone coming up behind her on the porch and tries to run. He grabs her, but says Erik sent him. He's a werewolf, Alcide.

    At Merlotte's, Sam is surprised when his new family shows up and tries to fake being excited about it.

    Bud, Kenya and Andy examine the headless, handless body. Andy thinks a vampire did it. Bud has had enough and announces he quits.

    Alcide tells Sookie his dad went to Erik for a loan and that's why he's escorting her to Jackson. He knows the werewolves they're after, his ex is now dating their leader.

    In Jackson, Bill dreams about Lorena and telling Caroline he won't allow Lorena to hurt her. Caroline asks him to kill her. Lorena tells him to make her forget. He glamors her.

    Bill buries his son. Lorena tells him the only way to show his love for a human is to stay away. He wakes up with bloody tears on his face.

    The werewolf who went after Bill complains to the king about his man being missing. Lorena suggests Erik intervened. Bill comes down and pledges his loyalty to the king. The king tells Lorena they don't need the girl, Lorena is peeved.

    Jason gets a beer from Tara and tries to be supportive. She says she wishes he was there that night and he gets all weird. Then he pictures her with a bullet hole to the forehead and excuses himself.

    Lafayette is woken up by Erik honking outside in a cherry Porsche. Erik tells Lafayette that Pam's been under some pressure lately, but the car is his. Erik appreciates that he's discreet, efficient and has a good network of customers. Lafayette says he'll think about it.

    Terry tries to guess what's wrong with Arlene and she finally tells him. When she sees he's happy she tells him it's his. He thanks her for giving his life meaning.

    Joe Lee stumbles back to his table with a tray full of shots and Sam intervenes when he sees some are going to 19 year old Tommy. His mom announces it's time to go.

    There's a knock at Jessica's door. It's Franklin. He walks in and knows her name. He tells her he finds things and asks if there's anything she's needs found. She mentions Bill, but he keeps fishing. Then he pulls something out of a bag to jog her memory. It's the head of the man she killed.

    Now he just wants something in return. He wants to know about Bill.

    Jason comes home and contemplates the deputy application. He burns it.

    Sam wakes up to a motion sensor going off. He grabs a gun and looks around. He finds a bird in his office. It's been rifled through.

    Sookie and Alcide visit the oldest were-bar in Mississippi. Alcide waits at the bar while Sookie chats up some biker werewolves. She does a giggly girl routine and says there's nothing tougher than a vampire. She hears one think about a vampire they ate the other night. When she puts her hand on his chest, she sees him feasting on Bill in the back of the car. He wants to talk in private and drags her to a side room. She screams and Alcide comes running.

    Alcide is quickly outnumbered but the bouncer breaks it up and pulls the guy off. The bouncer tells Alcide Debbie's not worth it. Alcide learns she's getting engaged to their leader, Coot.

    Franklin knocks on Tara's door. She won't let him in. He glamors her and she lets him.

    Bill goes up to bed in the king's house but his followed by Lorena. She thinks Bill was faking when he pledged allegiance. He tells her she's won, she deprived him of his home, his freedom and his humanity. He tells her he'll never love her. She kisses him, Bill throws her down on the bed as he shouts that he'll never love her. Suddenly he bites her and he's telling her no and they're having sex. He breaks her neck, turning it all the way around, but they keep going at it. He screams and she tells him she loves him.

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