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  • Alcide and Sookie turn to an alpha-wolf "packmaster" for advice on dealing with Russellʼs minions; Tara considers a proposal from Franklin, whoʼs completed his mission for Russell; Joe Lee breaks his promise to Sam and Tommy; Lafayette learns the meaning of patience from Jesus, his motherʼs orderly; Jason meets his match in the mysterious girl Crystal; an heirloom reminds Eric of his past and his ongoing thirst for vengeance.

  • Having escaped from the werewolf bar unharmed, Sookie accompanies Alcide to a meeting with his pack-master. The man has little to offer them and Sookie thinks he's as afraid as anyone about what is going on. With Tara still his prisoner and his mission complete, Franklin returns to his master with the information he required. He also proposes to Tara - which would entail turning her into a vampire. Eric meanwhile visits Russell, the King of Mississippi, requesting his assistance and admitting that he's framed Bill for selling the vampire blood. He also finds a artifact in Russell's home and a flashback reveals an encounter they unknowingly had centuries ago. Back in Bon Temps, Jason's first day at the Sheriff's Office isn't quite what he expected. He does however meet Crystal who seems to harbor some mysterious secret. Terry moves in with Arelene and Lafayette makes a new friend.


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  • Open with Franklin tying Tara up in a chair in Russell's house. Talbot doesn't seem pleased by her presence and the two vampires nearly come to blows before Russell, Bill and Lorena enter the room. Tara looks to Bill for help but gets nothing. Franklin tells Russell he's brought him a present.

    In the study Franklin shows Russell the information related to Sookie's family tree which he took from Bill's home. Franklin says he's fond of Tara, and Russell is now upset Bill seems to be lying to him. Franklin tells him Sookie is in Jackson.

    Upstairs Bill reminds Lorena they have no future.

    Speeding away from the bar, Sookie gets get Alcide to stop his van. Sookie wants to talk to Russell, whom she's convinced knows Bill's location. Alcide will have none of it.

    Eric arrives at Russell's home (to the obvious delight of Talbot) looking for the king. Eric asks for permission to hunt for Bill, whom he suspects of selling vampire blood. Russell brings out Bill and lets Eric know what's been happening. Eric has to admit his role in selling blood for Sophie-Ann. Eric tells of his predicament with Pam and the Magister and Russell claims to have an idea.

    Debbie show up Alcide's and warns him what could happen if Russell knew he had seen the ceremony at Lou Pines. When Sookie appears from a back room Debbie is agitated this girl is sleeping with "my wolf in my house." Sookie defends Alcide and asks about Bill. Debbie has no info on Bill.

    While Tara is tied up in bed Franklin helps her send a text to Lafayette telling him she is okay. Franklin has developed an unhealthy attachment to her.

    Jason shows up at the police station looking to start work. Andy gives him an empty desk and has him answer the phones.

    Sam moves his parents into their new residence. We see a strange animosity between Tommy and Joe Lee. Terry arrives to move in with Arlene. He couldn't be happier to be starting a normal life with Arlene. Sam hires Joe Lee to be his handyman.

    Tara starts biting through her restraints.

    Alcide is planning to go see his pack master. Sookie reads his thoughts and convinces him to take her with him.

    Jason has nothing to do at the station and is getting frustrated. He tells Andy he needs something to do.

    Tara escapes from Russell's place but is run down and caught on the lawn by Cooter.

    Jesus (the nurse who takes care of Ruby Jean) arrives at Merlotte's to see Lafayette in a romantic context. Lafayette doesn't get off work for nine hours but Jesus says he'll wait.

    Alcide and Sookie see the pack master. He tells them Russell has been employing wolves for centuries. Sookie reads the pack master's mind and learns he is terrified of Russell.

    While Jason is washing one of the squad cars the mysterious girl he saw during the meth lab bust drives by in a pickup truck. He hops in the car and pulls her over. She realizes he's not a cop and will only tell him that her name is Crystal. He asks her to meet him that night at Merlotte's.

    Tommy is now working at Merlotte's. Hoyt shows up with a date and it clearly gets to Jessica. She mentions it to Tommy, who seems smitten with Jessica. Tommy is called to the phone. It is a belligerant Joe Lee demanding he come home. Tommy ignores this and hands the phone back to a perplexed Sam.

    Franklin is distraught Tara would try to escape from him. To calm him, Tara lies and says she left because she is scared of the other vampires. He cradles her head and says "there's only you."

    Russell shows Bill the information Franklin got from his house. Bill claims to have never seen the papers. Russell's theory is that Bill is looking into Sookie, trying to find the origin of her powers.

    At Merlotte's, Andy tells Jason he can be a deputy if he can pass the written test, the thought of which is discouraging to Jason. Convinced Crystal isn't going to show, Jason leaves. Jesus and Lafayette flirt over a game of pool. Tommy asks Sam if he can crash at his place that night, citing "brother time." Sam realizes something is going on with the Mickens family and he wants to know what's up. Tommy says only that his father "is a prick."

    Cooter comes into the room in which Bill is being held and brags about hearing Sookie is sleeping with a wolf. This sets off Bill, who manages to get past Cooter and the vampire guarding the room.

    Jason runs into Crystal in the parking lot. She makes cryptic comments about needing to stay away from him. Jason convinces her to take a walk with him. Cut to them kissing. Jason talks about how he could see them having a future. Crystal said there is no future, "there is only now." They continue to fool around in the woods.

    Eric is looking for information from Russell that might help his situation with the Magister. Russell has no updates and tells him to see Talbot.

    While Sam and Tommy hang out, a drunken Joe Lee shows up demanding Sam give back "my boy." Sam fights him off and eventually Joe Lee apologizes for being "liquored up." Sam demands to know from Tommy what is happening.

    Tara continues to deceive Franklin, saying she's into him but that he is neglecting her human needs, like food. This leads to Franklin inviting her out for her "last night as a human." He is proposing and wants Tara to be his vampire bride. Tara is stunned and horrified.

    Talbot shows Eric some of Russell's extensive collection of artifacts. One item immediately grabs Eric's attention. It is a Viking crown, which leads to a flashback . . .

    Human Eric was the son of a Viking king. His father wants him to pay more attention to his future but all Eric is interested in is women. Eric storms out of the room just before a knock on the door. While Eric fools around with a stable girl he hears a commotion. He runs to the front in time to see his family being mauled by werewolves. Eric kills one of them, and we see another bring the crown to a shadowy figure by the door. The man tells Eric not to be a hero and leaves. Just before dying, Eric's father makes him promise he will seek vengeance.

    . . . Eric tells Talbot only that "it's beautiful."

    Bill arrives at Alcide's place. Sookie embraces him, but all Bill will say is that Alcide needs to take her away. "There is no hope for me," Bill says just as Cooter, a vampire guard and Russell burst in the door. Cooter attempts to grab Sookie, who, as she did once last season, conjures up a powerful ball of light with her hands that shoots Cooter off her and across the room.

    Russell finds this incredibly entertaining and laughs as the episode ends.

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