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  • Eric finds himself under investigation and house arrest by the American Vampire League over the disappearance of the Magister. He tells them his entire story and of the danger Russell represents. Tara attends a group therapy session but is surprised by an unexpected late-night visitor. Jason comes to her rescue. Jason is having his own problems as he tries to protect Crystal from her family. The biggest problem is Crystal herself who can't seem to decide what it is exactly she wants to do. At the restaurant, Jessica has a heart to heart with Hoyt, who reveals his true feelings about his new girlfriend. Arlene is convinced that her unborn baby is pure evil. Bill meanwhile awakens in a beautiful garden where he seems able to walk around in daylight and is told of Sookie's true nature.

  • With the ratification of the Vampire Rights Amendment at hand, Nan Flanagan detours to Fangtasia to confront Eric about the Magister's disappearance. A grief-stricken Russell vows revenge against his foes, vampire and human. Awaking from a slumber, Bill uncovers the truth about Sookie's true identity. Jason gets unexpected help as he goes up against Felton (James Harvey Ward) and Calvin. Sam is distressed by Tommy's attitude; Tara encounters a new ally and an old tormentor; Hadley introduces Sookie to a new family member; Arlene despairs about her future; Hoyt confronts his true feelings.


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  • Open with Nan bringing a security team from the AVL to Fangtasia. She's upset that the Vampire Right Amendment is close to a vote and she has to waste her time cleaning up his mess.

    We see Russell arrive at home and find the red goop which is all that remains of his Talbot. He grabs the goo and begins to cry.

    Sookie and Bill shower together after sex. He fixes her fangs marks and they help dispose of a dead werewolf. During the clean-up she asks him about keeping a file on her. He said he felt like he needed to know what she was in order to protect her.

    Lafayette and Jesus are also enjoying time after sex. Unusually, Lafayette doesn't want to kick Jesus out.

    Jason comes home to find Felton and Crystal arguing. She has told him Jason kidnapped and raped her. Felton gets the jump on Jason but Crystal ends up knocking her fiancé out with Jason's gun. Jason suggests they get handcuffs but Crystal says they won't work; she needs rope.

    Given the missing Magister and wiped-down basement, Nan is going to have Eric give an official statement in front of the Authority via webcam.

    Sam comforts an emotional Tara. He suggests she seek therapy but she is adamant that's not what she needs. She says she'll "think about it." Terry calls to say Tommy and a girl are making a lot of noise next door. Sam goes to check it out and Tara opens a laptop.

    Eric explains to the Authority how Russell and his pet wolves have been responsible for stepping in to the affairs of men over thousands of years. Eric tells them Russell killed the Magister but he didn't report the crime because he would like to destroy Russell himself. Nan tells him he will have to remain in the bar in custody until the Authority rules.

    Sam finds Tommy and a girl naked and seeming to be on drugs. Tommy is defiant and thinks Sam is acting like his father.

    Jason and Crystal leave Felton tied up in a remote spot and he calls the police using a falsetto voice.

    The next morning Jesus takes Ruby Jean back to the hospital. She indicates that maybe Jesus is good for her son.

    Jason and Crystal arrive at the station. Andy tells them Kevin was ambushed last night after someone called in a report of a man tied up with vampire blood on his person. Jason suggests that Andy try to tie the man who jumped Kevin with the drug dealers in Hotshot.

    Tara attends a support group of females and runs into Holly. Holly gets up and talks about moving past her rape as Tara watches intently.

    Hadley asks Sookie to meet her at an aquarium. When Sookie arrives she tells her about being involved with Sophie-Anne and telling her about Sookie's powers. Hadley introduces Sookie to her son Hunter and requests that Sookie confirm whether he has Sookie's powers. He does. A terrified Hadley rushes away with Hunter.

    Arlene is convinced Tommy has been stealing her tips. Tommy is a jerk to both Arlene and Sam.

    Holly finds a weeping Arlene in the back room. She comforts her about Tommy's attitude and Arlene tells her the baby isn't Terry's and that the baby's father was "pure evil." Holly asks Arlene if she wants the baby and Arlene admits she doesn't. Arlene won't go to the clinic but Holly has another suggestion.

    Bill wakes up in his coffin and finds himself in the fairy realm with Claudine. Claudine thinks that Bill must have killed Sookie, since she can see that he drank her blood. He tells her Sookie is okay and swears that he loves her. Claudine thinks he wants to take Sookie's light and says that "we" have always protected her. Bill tells Claudine that Sookie needs to know what she is.

    Eric and Pam continue to wait for the Authority's decision. Eric tells her he will take the punishment alone and tells her the reason for killing Talbot. He says that if he "can't go on" she must make a new vampire.

    At Merlotte's Jessica sees Hoyt with Summer. He introduces them and Jessica's fangs accidentally come out. When Jessica leaves Summer says Hoyt made the correct decision by "choosing life." In another booth Crystal tells Jason she's worried T-Dub knows she's a snitch. He tells her about Hotshot being taken down and Crystal starts to panic. Lafayette tells Tara about the budding relationship with Jesus. Jessica walks over and apologizes to Hoyt when Summer steps away from the table. Hoyt admits he hates Summer.

    We see Russell land on the roof of Fangtasia and witness the Vampire League security guarding Eric. He has Talbot's remains in a glass container and pledges before the urn that the people who are protecting his murderer "will suffer."

    Nan walks into Fangtasia and tells Eric that the Authrotity is disavowing any knowledge of the interview and basically giving him permission to kill Russell on his own. Unfortunately for Eric they are not giving him any assistance to kill the much older and stronger Russell.

    Calvin enters Merlotte's and demands Crystal come with him. Jason jumps up and challenges him to fight outside. Calvin has words with Sam and Sam proceeds to violently beat Calvin up. Calvin is so badly hurt that Lafayette and Jesus have to rush him to the hospital. Against Jason's wishes Crystal goes with her father to the hospital.

    Franklin shows up out of nowhere and grabs Tara. He has been told that Tara was the one who tried to kill him and that she never really loved him but he needed to see for himself. He is particularly mad that Tara never mourned him when she thought he was dead. She basically screams at him to finish her off because it will mean she will be free of him. Jason appears from behind with a shotgun and tells Franklin to leave her alone. He reminds Jason that he is a vampire and the bullets won't hurt him. Jason shoots him in the chest, instantly killing him and tells us he was using wooden bullets.

    Bill goes to see Sookie. Sookie asks him about Russell and Sophie-Anne coming after people "like me" and he tells her about seeing Claudine. "Sookie, I know what you are," he says.

    Nan is on the way to the airport and is drinking from a willing human female. On the limo television is a broadcaster discussing the vampire rights bill. Mid-sentence Russell shows up behind him and pulls out a huge chunk of his spinal column. With the piece of spine still in his hand he tells the camera that there is no reason for such a bill to be passed because humans are not the equal of vampires.

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