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Sex & Nudity

  • There is some intercourse in this series but none graphic.
  • In two different episodes it is implied that two different characters were date raped. These implications are done for comedic effect.
  • A woman reaches under the table to grab a man's crotch.
  • Lots of innuendos. These can range from fairly tasteful to shockingly blatant.
  • Characters are often seen in various states of undress. Up to male buttocks, female breasts with stickers over the nipples.
  • The main character is a notorious womanizer. Occasional references to his partners possibly being underage, prostitutes, or transexual.

Violence & Gore

  • Pam staples a staple into Cyril.
  • Sterling lights a character on fire.
  • Strong violence including shootings and fights are often shown. Injury detail is regular in the series.
  • The characters who are killed are mostly anonymous henchmen, and they are shot with almost no thought. Though the violence is often over the top, it can still be shocking. Blood and bullet wounds are shown, and although it is animated it is still often graphic.
  • There are references to torture, though little is actually shown.


  • Sterling wears a shirt that says "Got Dick?"
  • Uses of the middle finger is some episodes
  • The profanity is frequent and often crude most of the time.
  • "Shit", "bitch", and "ass" are often said in every episode, as well as religious profanities such as "Jesus Christ!" and "goddamn."
  • Throughout the episodes is the use of 'phrasing' where someone will say something that seems innocent and then is made dirty by someone else saying 'phrasing.' Like 'I've swallowed all i can from you' - 'phrasing'
  • Some of the language is used in a crudely sexual context. "Cock", "pussy," "twat", "dick", "Nicole" and "balls" have all been used. References to sex acts (such as "snowballing") have been made. Racial slurs such as beaner and dago have also been used in some episodes. "Negro" is used infrequently in season 8, but due to the time period it's set in.
  • One of the main characters is gay. He is frequently teased, albeit affectionately for this.
  • The word "fuck" has been used very infrequently, but is bleeped when used, with the only exceptions being season 7 on Netflix and season 8 on Teletoon (Canada).

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • The main character and his mother are high functioning alcoholics. They are seen drinking almost constantly, and this is the butt of most of the humor on the show.
  • Most of the other characters are seen drinking at some point, in much more sanctioned settings.
  • Some marijuana and hallucinogen use.
  • One character is a heroin addict. His usage is not very graphic, but it is often exploited.
  • The entire fifth season has the characters trying to sell a literal tonne of cocaine. One becomes addicted, which is mainly used for comic effect.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The show's humor can be very dark at times.
  • Random acts of violence have been used for sake of comedy. A recurring gag involves the same character being shot by the same person.
  • Acts of emotional cruelty are sometimes played for laughs. Characters are occasionally shown crying for the sake of a joke.
  • In Season Two there is a two-part episode in which the main character is diagnosed with breast cancer. We see him deteriorate rapidly due to the use of his chemo drugs (this is also played for black comedy).

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