"Lonesome Dove" The Plains (TV Episode 1989) Poster

(TV Mini-Series)


Tommy Lee Jones: Woodrow F. Call



  • Woodrow Call : [looks over at Newt after Clara gives Newt the horse]  Women!

  • [last lines] 

    Woodrow Call : I guess it's our fault, we shoulda shot sooner.

    Augustus 'Gus' McCrae : I don't want to start thinking, Woodrow, about all the things we that shoulda done for this good man.

  • Woodrow Call : Didn't you hear me? I said get your boots off

    Dan Suggs : Damned if we will. I said we were horse traders

    Gus McCrae : We're more persuaded by the bodies we just buried. Get your boots off

    Dan Suggs : I don't know what the hell you're talkin' about

    Gus McCrae : You're a black liar sir

    Dan Suggs : Just ask Jake if we didn't buy them horses

    Woodrow Call : 'dyou buy them three cowboys you shot? 'dyou buy them two farmers you burned? Pea, you & Newt get your ropes; tie 'em up

    Jake Spoon : Oh you don't need to tie me up, Newt. Hell I ain't killed anybody. I just fell in with these boys to get me through the territory; hell I was gonna leave 'em first chance I got

    Gus McCrae : I wish you'd taken that chance a little earlier, Jake; a man who'll go along with five killin's, takin' his leave a little slow. Go ahead Newt

    Jake Spoon : Pea, you know me; I ain't no killer. Deets you know it too. Gus I ain't no criminal; now you know that. It was Dan that killed them two sod-busters. Hell I didn't kill nobody

    Dan Suggs : You shut your damn mouth, Spoon

    Woodrow Call : Put 'em on their horses

    Roy Suggs : Where's he goin'?

    Gus McCrae : Pick out a tree to hang you from, son

    Jake Spoon : Gus, I...

    Gus McCrae : You know how it works, Jake: you ride with an outlaw, you die with an outlaw. I'm sorry you crossed the line

    Jake Spoon : I didn't see no line, Gus. I was just tryin' to get through the territory, without gettin' scalped; that's all

    Gus McCrae : I'm sure that's true, Jake

  • Woodrow Call : You're that sheriff from Fort Smith Arkansas, come lookin' for Jake Spoon

    July Johnson : That was a long time ago. I don't reckon I'm lookin' for him no more

    Woodrow Call : That's good, 'cause he fell in with a bad bunch and we hung 'im

  • Woodrow Call : Gus is told his other leg must be removed or he will die. He refuses. Call: What you need legs for, all you do is sit on the porch and drink whiskey?

    Gus McCrae : Gus: I like to kick a pig once in awhile, how would I do that?

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