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  • No, Love is a full feature length science-fiction film based on an original story by William Eubank, and the music of Angels and Airwaves. Angels and Airwaves' documentary is a separate film called Start the Machine, released in 2008. Edit

  • No. "Love" features a soundtrack by Angels & Airwaves, and the project was produced by them, but they are not featured in an acting position. The main character, astronaut Lee Miller, is played by Gunner Wright, who had a minor role in GI Joe: The Rise of Cobra and was in the movie J. Edgar as Dwight Eisenhower . Edit

  • The score to this movie is made up of instrumental versions of several Angels and Airwaves songs, however the movie itself does not feature any vocal performances by the band.

    The song 'Soul Survivor' (taken from the album also called 'Love') does play over the end credits to the movie, however this is the only song from that album to feature in its original form. Edit



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