Skyline (2010) Poster


Brittany Daniel: Candice



  • Candice : Why don't you take your slut!

  • [the group watches the helicopter take off after landing soldiers on the roof of the building next door] 

    Candice : Where are they going?

    Jarrod : [to Elaine]  Those choppers are coming back for them. We have to go up to the roof and get rescued. We're gonna get out of here.

    Elaine : What if they don't come back? Look what happened to all those planes! What good is it trying to get away in a helicopter? We'll never make it with those things in the air!

    Jarrod : I don't care! We need to take a chance!

    Oliver : A chance? They just nuked a city! And you want to wave hello?

    Jarrod : I'm not kidding anymore, Oliver. You need to back off!

    Oliver : You're in no condition to decide anything and who knows what side you're on? If you go out there and try to run those things will see you and you'll be dead!

    Jarrod : [getting more belligerent]  I told you to back off! Don't make me hurt you!

  • Oliver : [to Jarrod]  All right, I'll bite. What's your plan now, boss man? Because I'm dying for you to tell me.


    Oliver : What? Nothing to say?

    Jarrod : We're sitting on the marina for christ sakes!

    Oliver : I've noticed it, man.

    Jarrod : They're hundreds of boats at the docks...

    Candice : We've been through all this!

    Oliver : Remind us how that worked out last time.

    Jarrod : [trying to think]  Well... uh... we... we'll go quietly this time. We wait until... uh... it gets a little quiet then we'll go down the back stairs and uh...

    Oliver : We tiptoe to the marina on foot... in broad daylight with little cover and search every boat until we find the right one with the key? Great plan!

    Elaine : I can't believe you're suggesting this after what happened!

    Jarrod : What are you saying? Are you saying that Terry's death was my fault?

    Elaine : I was practically begging you not to go, but you and Terry wouldn't listen to me!

    Jarrod : And if I had, do you really think Terry would have listened to me? Huh?

  • [their bedroom is shaking] 

    Candice : [groggy]  Earthquake?

    Terry : [half asleep]  Probably just a tremor.

  • Candice : You're disgusting!

    Terry : What the hell's the matter with you?

    [Candice looks at Denise] 

    Terry : We'll talk about that later.

    Candice : Yeah, we will talk about that.

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