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***1/2 for Episode of Good Wife
edwagreen10 February 2010
Warning: Spoilers
The guy who Alicia defends is one of the most contemptible people imaginable. The man is an absolute cad in every sense of the word. In the old days, George Sanders would have been absolutely perfect for the part. Nevertheless, the guy who portrayed the cad, is perfect down to the clothes he wears. He displays a general contempt for others as well as society. He possesses an air about himself where he is so sure and confident of himself as he ready to look down on others.

The ending is unbelievable where the dead victim's daughter turns out to be the killer? Is she really? Did the cad bury the remains of his wife near his step-daughter's home to throw suspicion on her? Even in the ending scene, you are made to believe that the cad still might have been the killer.

As for Christine Baranski, an ardent gun foe in the film, who purchases a gun for fear of a mobster she sent away, she isn't exactly Annie Oakley. Nonetheless, she is wonderful, especially with her delivery and dead pan expression.
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