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We used to look forward to hitting "play" on the DVR to watch this show
kathy123662 December 2013
Warning: Spoilers
My boyfriend and I really enjoyed this show the first few seasons. All of the characters were well developed and each brought a uniquely funny and quirky personality to the show. Molly was the most sane female in her family, yet she was likable and incredibly funny. This season (beginning Fall, 2013) Molly has turned into a completely different character, and unfortunately, at least as far as my boyfriend and I are concerned, she isn't at all likable and is most definitely not funny. We still watch the show each week, and hope that she'll go back to being the old Molly from seasons past. Luckily, the other characters maintained their original personalities and we still have some good laughs when they get some dialogue. A woman who was stable and teaching children for the first few seasons and all of the sudden turns into a woman who jumps out of her classroom window in front of her students because she wants to be a writer is not at all the type of woman Molly used to be. She was witty and smart; now it seems she's lost her intelligence. The show used to have stories for all of the characters...now it just focuses on Molly and what sort of mess she'll get into and out of within the 30 minute time slot. It seems as though she's aiming to be a modern Lucille Ball. Sadly, she really misses the mark and we miss the old Molly.
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An enjoyable comedy with non traditional leads
atangey26 September 2010
I enjoyed watching "Mike and Molly" very much. Billy Gardell and Melissa McCarthy lead a superb cast while delving into a rather touchy subject. Let me say uncandidly my wife and I both deal with weight problems, and for the first time I felt the issues were centered without being insulting. The jokes are "laugh with me" style rather then "laugh at me". Needless to say, dealing with these issues can make a person self conscious, and we see that portrayed in Mike as he is smitten with Molly (and I can certainly see why) but hesitates to make the move to ask her out.

Katy Mixon and the always delightful Swoosie Kurtz make a fantastic addition as Molly's family, and the references to her late father where we learn the genetic connection to her weight issues. The ultra thin pair eating a huge piece of cake in front of an exercising Molly is a great demonstration of how fighting weight isn't always the same issue for 2 different people.

As a matter of fact, it is refreshing to see Mike and Molly both trying to take their weight seriously with the participation in Overeaters Annoymous...and Mike announces his loss of 3 pounds, putting perfect perception into how the battle for weight loss is just that, and without a sense of being preachy for those that may be in the same battles.

I also was pleased with an entertaining performance by Reno Wilson as Mike's partner on the police force. He joked with his friend about his weight, but you could tell it was done with love...not shying away from some of his own relationship issues that I am sure we will soon see expounded. And even with the friendship in the jokes, he also proves to be a real friend in general to Mike.

I hope "Mike and Molly" lasts and continues to follow the lead of the pilot and keep things in the proper perspective. Don't shy from the weigthty problems of protagonists without becoming a holier then though preachy "you better deal with your weight" attitude. As a fan of Chuck Lorre's previous efforts, I am sure we are in for another treat.
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One of the few sitcoms out there where you are guaranteed to laugh for the majority of every episode!
TheTopDawgCritic14 April 2018
One of the few sitcoms out there where you are guaranteed to laugh for the majority of every episode! The writing and the acting (by all) makes this a non-stop laughing affair. Very few sitcoms offer such non stop humor. All actors were cast perfectly - another rarity. A very enjoyable show that deserves a 9/10 from me!
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Jumped the Shark
abavard_2218 November 2013
What started out as a nice RomCom jumped the shark. Not sure who decided to do the "NEW Mike & Molly" but the new stinks. It used to be an enjoyable show about a couple who just happen to be overweight and their quirky friends and relatives. Now it's about a angry fat woman who just keeps doing more outrageous things in her desire for attention. Hey, writers did you notice how NONE of Melissa's movies have been anywhere near blockbusters? Might be a clue.

In the past, there were some great, heart-touching episodes with the others being fair-to-middling but still OK. The key to all of the great episodes were the warmth and genuine affection shown by the characters. The epitome of this was the episode "The Princess and the Troll", some serious issues were dealt with a soft but still humorous touch. The key was that we were NOT laughing AT the character or actor nor even WITH the character. But, rather, the weirdness that accompanies life which makes us involuntarily laugh even when life is not funny. The new show is exactly the opposite. We are expected to laugh at a outrageous fat woman precisely because she is an outrageous fat woman. Now, the show is all about Melissa McCarthy with WAY too many instances of her trying to channel Charlie Chaplin. This isn't even about Molly, but about Melissa. But she's definitely no Charlie and completely misses his sublime ability to inject a genuine story into his antics.
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Great black and white cast
pefrss16 March 2015
I stumbled on this show watching reruns on a channel which shows only reruns and I caught the first two episodes and thought they were extremely funny. What especially attracted me to the show is the fact that the cast is more or less half white and half black . I did not grow up in the States and before I came here , that is how I always imagined it to be. All races living happily together and being friends. Not the reality unfortunately.

After seeing more episodes I saw some stuff I did not care about, Molly becoming a writer and catering to an outrageous famous writer, played by Susan Sarandon. But the show is always saved by all the other players . First of all Mike, stoic Mike who seems improbable as a police officer as you cannot imagine him following any suspect without getting a heart attack, but who makes you wish there would be a police officer like him in your neighborhood. And of course Carl, who is just as lovable and unable to find love. Molly's mother and sister are priceless and I had to look it up where I remember Swoosie Kurtz from. It was the TV series Sisters in the 90s and WOW she has not aged. The always high and always kind sister of Molly is the counterpoint to the always mean mother of Mike and Carl's grandmother balances out with her realism and witty Samuel amuses with his tales of Africa. Vince, Joyce's boyfriend/fiancé/husband is a very well drawn character and very believable, I met a few people like him.

I guess all shows become difficult after a few years. Two and a half men was entertaining for the first year or so and then became repetitive and even the Big Bang Theory struggles . I guess real life is not always so funny and writers run out of good ideas and there is certainly no laugh track running in the background of my life, which is good because I do not like laugh tracks. I do not like to be told when to laugh.
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It was Good - No it Wasn't - It Was Always Bad
PartialMovieViewer28 April 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Was there a plan in the works for, 'Mike and Molly,' to fail? If there was – one word – success. The show started out very funny and got un-funny real quick. Mike and Milly seemed like a likable couple bumbling through life - like all of us. At least that was at first, (and actually Billy Gardell still seems like a amiable kind of dude.) What the heck happened to Molly? It's like she has become the devil's spawn. She is horrible. It is sad that such a promising show found the edge of the toilet and decided to dive in head-first. All of this almost seemed like it was by design. I can only assume that the writers were told to tank the program. They have done such a good job, I doubt we will have to suffer through a reunion show - phew. Anyways – I hope the network can come up with something funny – I don't care if it is original or not, I just want something funny, that is all.
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use to love it
timhughes1022 July 2014
Warning: Spoilers
When the show first started i could not get enough of it. i loved everyone in the show. Loved we was getting this chance to watch a couple meet and fall in love and what not. Filled with tons of great jokes and moments. Well up until the past current season where Molly quits her job to find her self. Once that happened the show became all about Molly, like every episode was about Molly doing something that made no sense at all. Like how can you quit your job when your up to your neck in debt and are trying to have a child. I didn't like how also everything became Mike fault and he was played as the bad guy. The jokes that Melissa McCarthy are saying are just lame and sounds like she trying to hard. This bugged me so much i stopped watching the show and never finished the rest of the season. I hope for one day for it to go back to the way it was.
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And Chuck Lorre Gets the Hat Trick
hfan7722 September 2010
As a long time PA announcer for hockey, soccer and girls lacrosse, when someone scores three goals, I usually say "And (name) gets the Hat Trick!" That's true with Chuck Lorre, who has another hit show in Mike & Molly, which follows his biggest hit Two and a Half Men. With another hit The Big Bang Theory, he joins Paul Henning and Susan Harris as the only producers to have three sitcoms in prime time.

Now to Mike & Molly, I saw the first episode and I think the show is going to be a hit, thanks to the chemistry between Billy Gardell as Mike and Melissa McCarthy as Molly. They meet at an Overeaters Anonymous meeting and after a number of obstacles overcome, he finally asks Molly out. Also contributing to the hilarity are Katy Mixon as Molly's sister and Swoosie Kurtz as her mom.

What makes the show stand out from other shows with overweight characters is that there doesn't seem to be a lot of fat jokes, it's more of a character driven show than weight driven.

One thing you might notice is that there are a couple of references to the Chicago Bears. Molly teaches at Walter Payton Elementary School (named for the Hall of Fame running back) and the cook at Mike's favorite restaurant wears a Brian Urlacher jersey. It looks like the producers are Bears fans.

Could it be they're falling in love? if you saw the first episode, watch it each week and you'll find out the answer.
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jensmith111521 September 2010
Being a huge fan of Melissa McCarthy, I thought I would check this show out even though I hadn't really seen any previews for it. (I don't watch a lot on CBS) Seriously...it was hilarious. Especially for a Pilot episode when there is usually more back story and introductions than jokes and humor. I laughed out loud many times and found Billy Gardell, who I'm only familiar with from his work on "My Name Is Earl", to be charming and funny. Swoosie Kurtz and Katy Mixon were also fun characters. There were definitely a lot of "fat jokes" throughout the show, but they were all light hearted and funny. It's lovely to see a show where the main characters are overweight, and while not hating themselves for it, are trying to get healthy. I hope this show continues to bring the humor and showcase these two great lead actors!
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Really funny.
Shopaholic3515 March 2015
Come on people, this show is super funny. It is actually very plausible that this could be many people's lives. I don't think there's anybody out there who cannot relate to Mike & Molly in someway or another. It may be a little exaggerated but overall it represents a normal chaotic life with embarrassment, insecurities, problems and lots of love.

Every time I watch it I can't help but laugh out loud. It makes my life look almost perfect and always puts a smile on my face. If you don't take it too seriously then you will enjoy it. And yes there are moments when you may be a little bit offended but it's meant to entertain not insult so lighten up.
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Enjoyable, but a lot of recycled ideas
Mike-DD18 March 2014
This is an enjoyable series, but the initial blurb made me think overeating would be a major plot point, but besides being the reason why Mike and Molly met and being a topic in a couple of earlier episodes, it doesn't feature much any more.

The later episodes mostly revolve around Molly's hot-and-cold relationship with her conservative and protective mother-in-law, and Mike's exasperating experiences with Molly's liberal family.

I also love the relationships between Mike and his partner Carl, and their relationship with their seemingly-personal waiter Samuel.

But a lot of the topics seem recycled from other shows - it's like watching remakes of other shows in certain episodes. However, it is still an enjoyable show - I did not expect to enjoy it as much as I do. Give it a chance - it's not the best, but it's still a good choice for an average day.
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Fun and refreshing, but a little dirty
bobbypeg19 November 2010
I love this show!I wasn't sure how it would work out. People have such preconceived notions about fat people that they could/would/might/ shy away from this show. Fat and thin alike. I hope you don't. This show is really very witty and uber-entertaining. Mike and Molly are fat people who know they are fat and yet are still comfortable with who they are. Not even most thin people I know can say that. M&M know that being overweight isn't the best thing for a body to be, so they address in every show the Overeaters' Anonymous angle giving the value of a healthy lifestyle it's due. I think that that's an important part of the entire story. However, just as important is the fact that these two fat people are confident, well-spoken, easy-going, comfortable-in-their-own-skin kind of people. Because of that, they are sexy. Nothing is more compelling that self-confidence. I think the writers and crew are trying to show that. If they're not, that's what they are showing - even if it is by accident. These two actors are confident in who they are and that bleeds into their characters throughout. They easily laugh at themselves in a fondly deprecating manner and are no fools to their shortcomings, but they don't apologize for who they are either. Right On!

I am a lady of substance myself and that's how I am. Love me fat or don't waste my time. It's nice to see this coming across in a show whose premise could easily be a sloppy mess, but ends up being crisp and new and clean. Congratulations!!!!!!
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Started out good - got bad real fast...
nadialindgren6 March 2011
I started with the pilot episode, and I really like the promise of that episode. Then came episode 2 and shortly after all the others where the screen writing seems to have gone from lovingly and witty - to fat jokes and the normal relationship hysteria that surrounds the airing shows. I hate it when you first describe two people as mature and wise - just to transform them into stupid people who can't read the others signals at all. The thing that the couple is fat were adoring at first, now it just feels like an excuse to fire up under the puns and squeeze a few laughs out of the viewers.

I don't find it funny anymore, and I've quit watching.
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Uninventive and unfunny.
hminiarj10 January 2012
This show came on telly the other night and since my hands were busy and I was insomnic at the moment, I watched a single episode and that was enough to make me never want to watch this show again.

Mike is your standard issue comedy cop, complete with the obligatory funny black partner while Molly is your standard issue housewife-type girlfriend. Their relationship is fraught with the generic comedy-show problems which in reality would be easily fixed with 20 seconds open and honest communication but in the world of comedy the obvious path is to talk to everyone but the partner and then decide to do something manipulative and/or passive-aggressive while the canned laughter plays in the background.

The laughs focused on humiliation, awkwardness, and passive aggression for the most part, but many of the jokes in the episode I had the misfortune of watching were homophobic jokes.

The show does get 2 points for the quality of acting from the cast which made the characters actually rather alive even if they were still fundamentally horrible people in general, and for having a cast that isn't fully stocked with pretty people that fit the "pretty actor/actress" mold. But that is all this show brings to the table.
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its not a good sitcom hard to see the appeal.
Qwertyfirebird8 April 2015
Warning: Spoilers
OK I have seen 2 episodes(1 from older seasons and a recent episode) they both had cheesy jokes I did laugh once watching these there seems to me that the suggested laughs are just sprinkled in at times when I wouldn't have even known something was meant to be funny! There are quite a few sitcoms out there today and the only one that really has comedy which is the Big Bang Therory. If you compare these two the Big Bang Therory is much funnier and smarter(there jokes aren't all about fat jokes). And you cant compare 90s sitcoms such as Seinfeld that are so much funnier then them both!

Sorry for that little tangent I'll detail Mike and Molly more well the show has 2 cops one cop that is married to Molly and the other cop who is black (not that it really matters but seems relevant) he has issues with meeting people so anyway this cop is friends with the other cop. As for the plot its mostly based on irrelevant issues with fat jokes the seems to be dumbed down that or the writers actually feel that they actually have a key to comedic success but I doubt it. The jokes are really stale!
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Same Old Lame
he8816 October 2010
I watched episodes 3 & 4. I really tried to like it because I like some of the people in it, but it comes across as a re-wash of the same old sitcoms of days past. The kind of humor that practically says, "Here's a joke...Laugh." instead of being clever and surprising. In fact I really think the jokes themselves are basically re-hashed from other sitcoms....Or at least the set up to them is. I guess there's an audience for this same old sitcom format, but it's not for me.

In a way this basically is an on going problem with most sitcoms as well as most series on what used to be considered the three major networks. There's a serious lack of original programming that's actually original. So many of the shows I've checked out on the big 3 have all come across as some re-wash of some canceled series.The cable networks are grabbing the viewers with much more entertaining programming because they're going with new ideas....Are the programmers at the big three really that blind? Or just ignorant?
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One of the worst of the new season
tmaj4822 September 2010
If you ever find yourself wishing for an old-fashioned TV sitcom, the kind they used to make back in the day, remember: Be careful what you wish for--you may get something like "Mike and Molly," a new sitcom that is reminiscent of one of those old summer replacement shows of the '70s, or one of the countless shows that the Fox network presented in its fledgling days, only to be canceled weeks later. The show revolves around (no pun intended) two morbidly obese singles, played by Billy Gardell and Melissa McCarthy, and their budding romance. The show has been touted as some kind of noble attempt to give equal time to the lives and loves of imperfect people, in this case overweight people. Well, that's great. And how does the show do this? With fat jokes. This reminded me of those Norman Lear sitcoms which supposedly poked fun at stereotypes by reinforcing them with stale, offensive jokes.

This isn't really anything new on TV. "Roseanne" featured Roseanne and John Goodman as a typical working-class couple who happened to be overweight. And one of the biggest stars (literally and figuratively) of '50s TV was the legendary Jackie Gleason. But "Roseanne" focused on other issues besides weight. And Gleason's Ralph Kramden (although rather svelte by today's standards) may have suffered through countless cheap shots about his weight, but he was a sweet, engaging character who wouldn't resort to such dialogue as "My farts weigh three-and- a-half pounds." He may have been heavy, but he was never a slob, which such a crude remark, delivered by Gardell's character, only serves to perpetuate the stereotype of obese people as gross and unpleasant.

Even more contrived than the title characters are the supporting roles: Swoosie Kurtz as Molly's ditzy mother (every bad sitcom needs a ditz--bring on the stupid jokes!) and Katy Mixon as Molly's apparently perpetually stoned sister (every bad sitcom also needs a pothead--dig up all the old drug jokes!) Add in Reno Wilson as Mike's wisecracking sidekick, some cheap pathos about sad, hopelessly lonely fat people, an obtrusive laugh track, and voila! You've got yourself an old-fashioned TV sitcom, destined to be forgotten by January, by which time it should have been long since removed from the TV schedule. I hope.

It earns two stars for following "Two and a Half Men"; some of the fans of that show's lame humor may like this one.
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Hell's version of King of Queens
brob83225 February 2012
I watched 20 or so episodes before I could stand it no more. The show is not funny. I hoped they would get rid of the mother and sister after the first season-nope! They just spout vulgar one-liners and it would be a better show without them. They should let the two stars write some episodes maybe it would work better.

Billy Gardell could be a Cop or a Janitor it wouldn't matter. There is nothing about his character to make you believe he is a Cop except his uniform. The show just feels yucky! So, I will watch King of Queens again and again and again and again and again... If this is the future of American sitcoms I will keep buying seasons of shows from past decades.
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Oh God, no... not another bad sitcom!
fortress11119 February 2011
Well it's better than having to watch one of the 1000 CSI type of murder crime shows on all the networks. But, not much. If you like formula me-too unoriginal sitcoms with lackluster casts and average writing... this may just be the show for you.

Chuck Lorre seems to be running out of gas..."Two And A Half Men" was good for a couple seasons...now it's just all about torturing Alan. The "Big Bang Theory" is still working, but then again the script lines are now just all about nerds getting women. Two and a Half Men was about being the new "Odd Couple". Alan is Felix and Charlie is Oscar...only it's on the beach in Malibu instead of in an apartment in New York City.

Well...here we go. Take two dull, Biggest Loser reality show candidates... and take the best comedy director on television ever... Jim Burrows...(talk about wasting talent)... and throw in some scale writers with nothing better to do. Bang... you have a talented director trying to push horse$#*! up a giant mountain. There are moments... but mostly the female end of the cast fails badly. If only "Victoria" could do nude scenes...then it would just be a bad porn movie. Mike's mom... Peggy is just a cranky old lady. Swoosie Kurt's "Joyce" is a rather bad two dimensional stereotype of southern trailer trash. And her lines are not funny. Nor is her character believable.

Mike's partner...Officer Carl (Reno Wilson) is a good actor, and has funny lines. Go figure. "Samuel" the restaurant waiter character is real enough and has some good lines. That's about it. Mike and Molly's "aw gee" romance lines are hacked reruns of every bad romance comedy you have ever seen. Situations are predictable. Emotion is badly lacking in both the actors and the audience. This series would not work if the two main characters were normal weight. A couple good bit parts and some lines, an ace director, and a very average group of writer's and actors. Yawn. Time to play on the internet.

Shows about morbidly obese people have worked... witness actor Jackie Gleason with "The Honeymooners", "Roseanne", and the series "The King of Queens." But this one does not. And it seems now every Chuck Lorre show on TV has to have at least one vomiting scene during your evening snacking time. Hmmm. I love Chuck Lorre's creations usually... but week after week the writing has to stay strong. Looks like this Producer might have lost his wind, or else he is not minding the store.
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Why are Mike and Molly both broke?
duraflex23 December 2013
The chunky lead characters in this sitcom are both over 40.

She's been teaching and living with her mother in her mother's house for over 20 years. Chicago teachers make good money.

He's been a well paid Chicago cop for over 20 years who lived in a cheap, dingy apartment before marrying Molly and moving into his mother-in-law's house. Somehow, after 20 plus years of steady well-paid employment, they're both poor as church mice. It makes no sense.

Then there is the question of how Molly's mother wound up in a spacious, single brick home that is nicely furnished and she has no visible means of support.

Beyond that, the humor on this show is often crude and offensive.

Hard to believe that CBS has fallen to stuff like this and TWO BROKE GIRLS.
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Worst show on television, period.
Laeddis18 June 2013
This show was created to make overweight people feel that they too were target by the television networks, to make them feel included. But what it actually does is play on all the stereotypes that exists of obese people i.e that they are jolly and merry all the time.

But by far the worst thing about Mike & Molly is the acting, it is so horribly overacted by everyone that i cringe every time someone opens their mouth.

Sorry this show is only the second worst show on television... outranked only by 2 1/2 men, which is, if possible, even more overacted.

Now i am off to wash out my eyes with bleach after seeing an episode of Mike & Molly.
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Everything wrong with Television today and more
Melaniamania11 July 2015
My parents watch this horrible show so I have been exposed to more episodes than I ever would have liked to be.

As I mentioned, the show is terrible. It is nothing but endless sex jokes, clichéd characters and bad acting. I can't believe this show lasted as long as it has, and even though I'm in my early 20's and used to most TV shows and movies relying on crude humor and shock value for views, this one is over the top. For the record I live in Chicago, and I have never met people as disgusting as the characters in this show. That's saying a lot. I mean who discusses their sexual escapades with their families? Ew. The "romantic" plot is dumb and frankly it's embarrassing that people in their forties are so immature, broke, and lost in life. I cannot think of a worse show, steer clear.

I urge people to stop watching garbage like this and demand a little more from your entertainment.
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Fairly good
SanteeFats23 February 2014
Warning: Spoilers
When this show started I really liked it. It was funny and entertaining. I liked the banter between Mike, Carl, and Samuel. Samuel's dry, witty comments are a real laugh. This has continued through out the series to my delight. Molly's character has changed as the show progressed. When she quit her teaching job to become a writer it seemed like she was taking over the series over several episodes. I did not care for that at all. Things have again balanced out and I am happier. Swoosie Kurtz plays Molly's mother whose house they all live in. She is a very funny booze hound with a bit of a sarcastic wit. Along with Molly's sister who is the hot pot head working as the make up artist at a funeral home and after a few episodes, Vince who becomes Swoosie's husband they all live together is blissful disharmony. I like Vince's character as he lends a certain earthiness to the whole show. Then there is Carl's Grandmother who I find to be extremely funny. She lays it down like it is. Mike's mother is played well but her character is a very bitter, unloving (on the surface) person who loves her scruffy dog more than anyone else. I hope this show stays on the air for a few more years, as long as it stays funny.
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Rubbish, hateful work.
peralta-272-53976418 November 2013
Homophobic. Transphobic. Sexist. Agist. Sizeist. The lost goes on. When my obscenely crass GRANDMOTHER tells me to turnoff such hateful trash, that says something. I've no respect for CBS. It's a shame that they produce stuff like this now. We couldn't even make it through this season's second episodes. There was even a RAPE JOKE in there. How does the network approve of this and find it funny? How do the actors even say some of these things? I understand, it's all art. People can say and do what they want. But this was more offensive than even funny. this stuff isn't appropriate at all, and definitely not for prime time television. I'm off to find another comedy show.
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Awesome cast and writing team
beefyboy07187 December 2010
Go Victoria! The show contains some of the most real to life characters. You can relate to or know someone who does relate, reminds you of... characters. Great Comedy, a true gem to CBS. The writing team are true geniuses, Keep it coming!! Every character adds the perfect mix to the cast. The Love Story of Mike & Molly is heartfelt,many can relate when you are in the first stages of meeting your significant others friends and family and their real world and what makes them who they are.

I watch this show religiously over and over, We look forward to Laughing so hard for the 2 hours of Pure Delight that these shows bring to the Monday Night Comedy "Don't Miss" Line up . Mike & Molly,has some of the most memorable "statements" that keep you giggling throughout week.
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