"At the Movies" See You in the Morning/Disorganized Crime/Speed Zone/Checking Out/Little Vera (TV Episode 1989) Poster

Roger Ebert: Himself - Host


  • Roger Ebert - Host : [reviewing "Speed Zone"]  You know what I would've done before I made this movie?... In fact, I wouldn't have made this movie. That's what I would've done.

    Gene Siskel - Host : Yeah, I was hoping you'd...

    Roger Ebert - Host : I would've taken everyone who, who was working on the screenplay and who was working on the production, working on the direction, and I would've chained them to a theater seat and I would've put all kinds of little meters all over their body and I would've forced them to look at "Cannonball Run Part 1" and "Cannonball Run Part 2".

    Gene Siskel - Host : Mm-hmm?

    Roger Ebert - Host : And then, I wouldn't have allowed them to use anything in this movie that they didn't laugh at in the first two movies. Now...

    [Gene chuckles] 

    Roger Ebert - Host : since the first two movies have NO LAUGHS, AT ALL, WHATSOEVER, they would've quickly realized that there were also NO laughs in this movie! Not ONE.

    Gene Siskel - Host : Not one.

    Roger Ebert - Host : I sat there in a room full of people, and I listened, and NOBODY laughed even ONE time for 95 minutes, because this movie is NOT FUNNY!

    Gene Siskel - Host : Yes. Other than that, Mr. Lincoln, how did you enjoy the play?

    [Roger chuckles] 

    Gene Siskel - Host : Uh, it's, it's shameful. I mean you feel there, I felt depressed, really depressed at the movies, depressed that I had to be there. Y'know, we already had one film

    ["She's Out of Control"] 

    Gene Siskel - Host : earlier this month that made me wanna quit my job.

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