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Analeigh Tipton: Lily



  • Heather : [to Lily]  Speaking of suicide prevention, do you have a boyfriend, Lily?

    Rose : Are you dating anyone?

    Lily : I don't see the connection.

    Heather : You don't?

    Violet : Boyfriends are a primary suicide risk.

  • Heather : [about Lily's friend]  " Zavier " with a " Z? "

    Lily : No, I think it's with an "X."

    Heather : No, I'm certain it's a "Z." " Zavier " Like " Zorro. " It's the same sound.

    [Draws a "Z" in the air with her finger] 

    Heather : Zorro marked his name with a "Z."

    Lily : It's an "X."

    Heather : But Zorro's with a "Z." I t's the same.

    Violet : Okay, let's see if we can figure this out. Used at the beginning of a name, " Z " and "X" have the same pronunciation.

    Heather : But it's Zorro- with a "Z."

    Violet : Actually there were two " Zorros. " One spelt his name with a " Z " and made a " Z " mark for Zorro , the other one spelled him name with an "X" and with his sword he'd make an "X" mark . What was really unfair was that, because he marked his name with an "X", everybody assumed he was illiterate, when actually he was spelling correctly

  • Heather : Doar dorm has the university's highest fatality rate as well as the worst hygiene.

    Lily : Highest suicide rate.

    Violet : No, the highest fatality rate. It's not certain what percentage were intentional and how many were just due to a temporary unawareness of gravity's laws.

  • Violet : Hello! Are you a new student?

    Lily : Yes.

    Violet : Good, we thought so. We'd like to help you.

  • Lily : [about Charlie]  I would hate to think what would happen if one of you guys got her claws into him.

    Rose : That's outrageous! We're perfectly nice! We've met lots of pathetic guys, and nothing very bad happened.

  • Lily : Oh my god! How crazy! He's completely insane. I almost dated him!

    Heather : You can say that about a lot of guys.

  • Lily : There's no logic to the algebra of love.

    Fred Packenstacker : The algebra of love? That sounds like the title of some lame book.

    Lily : It's a title but the book's not lame at all.

    Fred Packenstacker : Love's algebra? I always thought it was more geometry.

    Lily : Okay, the title's not good but the book is.

    Fred Packenstacker : What's it say?

    Lily : Well, that while we're all perverse in our romantic preferences, there's actually this logic, or algebra to our perversity. And it has something to do with how the species has evolved.

    Fred Packenstacker : The survival of the species?

    Lily : Yes, and whether it will continue to do so.

  • Violet : Rose has a very sensitive nose. Have you heard of "nasal shock syndrome?" Any harsh, acrid, or just "disgusting" odor sends Rose into nasal shock

    Rose : This wasn't true nasal shock. Had it been, I'd've lost consciousness entirely.

    Lily : Just from some b.o.?

    Violet : "Just some b.o .?" Omigod, Lily, you must have a very high threshold for pain! That'll serve you well here at Seven Oaks!

  • Violet : I'm not convinced that having a "Suicide Prevention Center" prevents any suicides.

    Rose : Well, the coffee's good.

    Lily : If someone were really determined to destroy themselves, I don't think they'd stop for coffee.

    Heather : I suppose it depends on what it tastes like.

  • Violet : We've gotta keep in mind that these guys are young people. They're essentially immature and... crying out for help and guidance.

    Rose : Though they don't know it.

    Heather : No, they don't, but we do.

    Lily : Um, but aren't they the same age as we are?

    Rose : Only numerically.

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