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  • Nick investigates the death of the last Chief of Police, disturbed by what he's starting to discover about The Gates. Claire Radcliff deals with the repercussions from her recent transgression, fighting to put the past behind her. At school, Andie struggles to sort out her blossoming feelings for Charlie. And Brett works hard to keep dating Andie while fighting off Lukas' tempting offer to "come running."

  • Police chief Nick Monohan's investigation of his predecessor's murder son indicates ha was utterly corrupt and removed honest officers fast, yet the only physical proof forces him to arrest presumably decent ex-cop Chad Taylor. Charlie charms classmate Andie. Simon Ford seems far from protective toward his wayward son Lukas, who is tempting Brett. Thomas Bates seeks magical therapy for his daughter as hereditary succubus.


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  • "The Gates" - "What Lies Beneath" - June 27, 2010

    Two wolves tear through the forest towards a deer. They transform back into a father and son gnawing on the deer. The father is mad that the son is gloating that he beat him to it.

    Nick attends the autopsy of the former police chief. The coroner talks about hearing that the Gates is nice but given the current proceedings perhaps they shouldn't call it the safest place anymore. The chief was shot by someone who knew what they were doing.

    Nick runs into the Gates main money man, Barkley again. Barkley wonders if county isn't in charge of the investigation. Nick says he offered to take lead. Barkley says good and he'll help him manage it and to let him know if he needs anything.

    Back at the homestead it's breakfast time. Dana notices that mom is having two cups of coffee and wonders if she knows about Dad's new case. Sarah says she doesn't know anything. Charlie, who is wearing his nice shirt to impress Andie, points out Dana has broken the rule of cop talk at the table. The punishment is dishes for a week. Sarah shoos the kids and Nick tells her about the case, they are both unnerved.

    Andie dresses and looks at the big blue vein on her back. Her dad offers her a ride. She declines citing a "jeans" dilemma.

    Marcus waits for a coffee at a cart and a pretty girl offers to buy him a coffee. He buys her a pastry. Her name is Theresa.

    Claire crawls in bed with Dylan. She awakens him with a kiss and he fangs out and attacks her. He apologizes. She says Emily is in school and since he's working from home wants to stay in bed awhile longer. They do. He's beginning to think she prefers him all fanged out and aggressive. She says in their room she does.They make out and she fangs out.

    At school Brett leaves a message for Andie saying he really wants to talk. His buddy comes up and reminds him how he almost did Charlie and Andie in. Brett says he wants her back. His buddy can't believe he wants her back and says she isn't the girl for him.

    Andie goes to the doctor about her vein. Peg, the doctor, thinks it's a rash and maybe related to the stress she's feeling about the boys. She tells her to relax and she'll check Andie's blood work. She gives her a meaningful look as she leaves.

    Marcus and Leigh report to Nick. They have some fingerprints to run but not much other stuff to go on with the chief personally, who kept things close to the vest. Nick asks to speak to someone who used to work in the department, a Chad Taylor.

    Claire returns home with a package from Devon's spa labeled "Vine of the Soul." Inside is a card that says "got cravings?"

    Nick interviews Chad about the chief. Chad remembers no problems with the residents. Nick says Chad was fired for insubordination. Chad says that's the new term for knowing the chief's business. He said the chief would make his reports for cases disappear, probably for money, given his lifestyle. One report concerned Claire Radcliff.

    Clair goes to see Devon and can't believe she's threatening her. Devon says the real threat is Mrs. Cooper who saw Clair pull the contractor's car out of her garage. Devon was only able to make the memory disappear temporarily. To do so permanently requires a vial of Clair's blood for a spell. Clair doesn't believe this. Devon says she's not asking for Clair's trust, just her help in solving her own problem with Mrs. Cooper.

    Nick goes to visit Dylan who's annoyed that he's come to visit again. Nick explains about the body and asks how well Dylan knew him. They met once or twice. He wonders what it has to do with Clair. He brings up a file that the chief buried on Clair driving erratically covered in blood on her shirtsleeve. Dylan says Clair gets nosebleeds so the old chief must not have thought it worthy of further investigation.

    At school Andie tries to ignore Charlie. He goes over to her and tries to chat her up. She's cool to him and explains that it's "doctor's orders." She says since she has a boyfriend chatting with him causes stress. The teacher arrives and tells them that they'll be co-counsel on a mock trial case. Charlie smiles at this turn of events and says he won't tell her doctor.

    Brett catches up with Andie after school on her way to a riding lesson. She says it's been a weird few days. He apologizes for being so jealous and it's a new feeling to him and he tells he loves her. She says she wasn't expecting that. The horses rear and whinny in his presence. He says he doesn't have to say anything now and he'll call her later.

    Dad werewolf counsels son werewolf on cutting up the deer they caught. Nick arrives and wants to talk to Lucas Ford, the son, who is Brett's friend. Apparently, Lucas was involved in vandalism last fall. Another of Chad's cases in which the file was buried. Mr. Ford says if his son was involved in vandalism he'd know it and he never dealt with former Chief Phelps directly. Nick leaves and Ford sinks a cleaver in the cutting board. Lucas returns and his dad smacks him across the face and says he's done covering for him.

    Back at the police station they have no info. Nick does say that they do have two guys who are hiding something: Dylan and Ford. They call Chad back in and start sifting through phone records. No hits on the fingerprints but Chad offers that they used to fingerprint the residents and to run it through database. Nick likes this idea.

    Dylan tells Clair about Nick's visit. He's mad that Clair never told him about the incident in which she was pulled over and wonders why Phelps buried the file. She says she paid Phelps off. The phone rings. It's Nick. Clair answers. It's actually Dana Monohan, she's been assigned as Emily's "older buddy" at school and wants to have her over for ice cream tomorrow night. Dylan wants to know why Clair paid off Phelps. Because he gave her the option she said and she said she knew if word got back to him he'd think the worst and not believe her, just like he doesn't believe her now.

    Lucas confronts Charlie at school about his dad "harassing" his family. He says his dad didn't kill anyone but Charlie's did, he read about it online. He calls Nick a murder and he and Charlie tussle. Brett breaks it up. Lucas then throws Brett against a locker and tells him to stay out of it. Brett and Lucas stalk off in separate directions.

    Theresa calls Marcus. She offers to take him out. But he's working as they talk and he scoots her off the phone when he gets a hit on the prints from the chief's SUV. They belong to Simon Ford, Lucas' dad ,who claims he never dealt directly with Phelps.

    Nick goes back to talk to Ford. No answer. Nick checks around back. He peers into the dark and Ford appears behind him and scares him. Nick whips around with his gun. Ford admits that Phelps extorted him. For 10,000 dollars he offered to make Lucas' record go away. He says he wasn't mad at the chief and the only person he's mad at is Lucas, which is personal.

    Andie apologizes to Charlie for what happened with Lucas. He tries to ignore her now. She says life has been complicate. He says it has been for him too. She grabs his hand and asks him to come riding with her.

    Dana and Emily have their playdate as Clair and Sarah walk along behind them. Sarah admits she's a little nervous about the safety about the Gates in the wake of Phelps' murder. Clair says she and Dylan moved there from New York for the same reason and thinks this will blow over and things will go back to being sleepy in the Gates soon. They arrive to find the girls chatting with Devon to Clair's dismay. Clair offers the mother-daughter group a future mani-pedi and to bring the girls so they can have some time at the spa to themselves. She adds if they're ever in a jam, she's great with kids and she knows how important Emily is to Clair all cheerfully threatening. Sarah likes this idea, Clair is noticeably cooler.

    Leigh reports to Nick that the chief's financials do show a big outlay of cash in the last six months. Nick tells her to run the prints from the SUV from the employee database.

    Peg tells Andie that she's identified the mark on Andie's back as "succubus paramour." Dad, Thomas, is not happy. She says with the right course of treatment it could suppress that side of her but it would need to start right away and they'd need to tell her that her mother was a succubus. Dad is agonized. Peg says to tell her about all the good memories she has of her mom - who died when Andie was 12- when he breaks the news. But she has to be told because any male she comes in contact with could be in mortal danger since she's a succubus too.

    Cut to Andie and Charlie riding horses. He's not a big fan. She loves it, it allows her to quiet her mind. Charlie's horse rears and throws him. He pretends to be unconscious. She does not think it's funny. He says she's embarrassed because in the moment before he opened his eyes it revealed how much she likes him. She demurs. But then they kiss. She pulls back at first but then goes back in. Lucas watches from the trees. Andie stops suddenly, hops on her horse and rides away. Lucas eyes the now solo Charlie.

    Marcus tells Nick that they got a hit on the SUV print from the employee database's. It belongs to Chad who claims he hasn't seen the chief in a year but knows about the SUV, which the chief bought three months ago. Chad says he's telling the truth, he swears and points out he's been helping them. But then his gun is the same caliber as the shooter. Chad says he's being framed. They arrest him. On the way out Nick notices a bag of "vine of the soul" tea from Devon's on a counter.

    Emily comes home from the ice cream date full of cheer. Dylan says he can't live like this. They came here to find a safe place and now every time he gets a phone call or sees a police car he worries that the family is going to be torn apart about by what she did. She says she made a mistake but she swears she can get better and asks him to trust her. He says he wants to. She says they'll be okay. They embrace.

    Theresa takes Marcus to the theatre. He asks why she called him. She says he seemed like a wounded bird and thus they had something in common and maybe fate brought them together to help each other.

    Nick goes to visit Devon's spa. Devon is surprised that Chad is the killer but glad that Nick got him. He notices the steep price of the tea and wonders how Chad could afford it since he's been out of work. Devon says it's worth every penny. He also wonders how Chad got it since he was banned from the Gates. Devon says "spadevon.com," it ships all over the world. She gives him a box but he begs off saying he can't accept gifts. She says it's for his wife. He takes it and leaves.

    We get a show-closing montage: Nick and Sarah cuddling on the couch; Charlie sitting in his room; Andie working on her computer as her dad peers into her room; Devon tying up her packages as Clair enters. She locks the door behind her. Devon takes her blood. Clair says she needs to know if she does this than it all stops: Mrs. Cooper, the threats. Devon says that's the agreement. Clair says if she's lying, she'll kill her. Devon says she knows. She takes the blood and tells Clair her problem is solved. She tells Clair to try and stay out of trouble.

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