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  • There's been a robbery at the McCallisters', setting off a series of similar mysterious robberies around town. Meanwhile Brett does his best to get his relationship back on track with Andie, though she still finds herself drawn to Charlie; Lukas encourages Brett to join the pack and blow off a little steam; Leigh is not herself when she loses an important package, and possibly her connection with Marcus; and Claire reunites with an old friend who questions her transformation to a humble housewife.


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  • "The Gates" - "Breach" - July 11, 2010

    The Monohans are awakened to news of a break in at the McAllister's. Marcus - who has just invited his girlfriend of one week Theresa to move in as she's temporarily homeless- and Nick go to check it out but nothing seems amiss. And since the police can't enter a home in the Gates without permission they're about to pack it in when they hear glass breaking. They go in and encounter a man, as Nick tells him to freeze, Marcus explains this is Mr. McAllister, who is pissed they came in and says the glass breaking was clumsiness. Nick and Marcus leaves and McAllister reassures someone off camera that everything is okay now. We see a woman crouched behind a kitchen counter with blood on her face.

    Nick, Marcus, and Leigh are dedicated to cracking the case and Leigh discovers there's been a breach of the Gates' security system. She thinks she's fixed it until they suddenly get alarms all over town. They check them out and find no break ins. There were break ins at half a dozen other places that didn't trip any alarms, they were played and Nick is mad. He orders a full lockdown of the Gates with all cars checked going out in hopes of catching the guy with the stuff in his car.

    In the course of the investigation Theresa falls under the suspicion of Leigh since she was caught leaving with a bunch of stuff in her car. It turns out it was Marcus' and he asked her to take it to donate it to make room for her. Marcus thinks Leigh is jealous because she's cynical when it comes to love. She says she just thinks it's fishy.

    Leigh discovers that her house was broken into and rushes home to see what's missing. She seems particularly upset that something from a case is gone. It has something to do with her health because the doctor arrives with a prescription for her and says she can't be separated from whatever the thing is for long or Leigh will be in trouble. As she says this Leigh's nose begins to bleed.

    Meanwhile at school Brett apologizes to Andie for telling her he loves her and tells her to forget it and hopes they can be okay. Andie is angst-ridden and her friend says she needs to figure out what's going on with Brett before she can figure out what to do with Charlie. She decides that she's going to break up with Brett and make a go of it with Charlie.

    In the process Brett discovers that Andie has already kissed Charlie and is none too pleased. But instead of going postal on her he takes up Tobias' offer to go "running" with the wolves outside the Gates. He skips a football game to do this and the gang takes off just before the lockdown. So when they return they are locked out. Trying to avoid the cameras Brett hops the fence and lets them back in. He doesn't avoid them completely, however, and his letterman jacket is caught on camera. Nick brings him in for questioning during which his uptight mother - who hassled Sarah at the school bake sale- discovers that Brett skipped his game. Nick lets him go while he checks out his alibi -that his history teacher saw him riding bikes with friends. In the car Brett's mom grounds him and tells him she knows he went running and is incredibly upset because this is how Brett's father and brother Jeremy died, in a "hunting accident."

    Later she confides the hunting accident part to Sarah who consoles her.

    Brett doesn't learn his lesson, however, because after Andie dumps him, he goes running again.

    When Nick goes to check out Bret's alibi he wonders what the history teacher was doing in this part of town until he notices that it's a drop-off point for a courier company. He pays a visit to the teacher and finds all the stolen goods in his house.

    As Marcus and Leigh process the stolen property she apologizes for giving Theresa a hard time and tells Marcus to go be with his girlfriend. After he leaves she snatches up a jeweled box and opens it slowly. We don't see what's in it but we hear the sound of a beating heart. She takes it home and puts it back in its proper spot. She then pays a visit to the history teacher who is out on bail. She asks if he looked in the box. He said he did and thought her house was freaky. He says as long as the charges are dropped he will take all the secrets he learned about the Gates' folk to his grave. She says she has to make sure of that and shoots him, twice.

    In the night's final storyline Clair is still working hard to be a happy homemaker, making cupcakes for the aforementioned bake sale. Dylan is trying to make reservations at a good restaurant to impress some venture capitalist coming to town this weekend but is having trouble. Clair says she will take care of them. Dylan says they're foodies so... Clair says it will be good to have a project.

    While out shopping for ingredients for said project she runs into an old vampire friend named Christian. He's not buying the Martha Stewart act even though she swears she's happy and invites her out for a drink outside the Gates. It turns into a real vampire drink as the two share a patron from the bar out in the back alley.

    Whatever was in that blood did her a world of good because Dylan can sense she's happier and she finally gets the tart tatin right for the big night impressing the muckety muck at dinner who compliments her on her wifely skills.

    Later that night as Dylan sleeps Clair gets a text message from Christian: will I c u? She writes back: yes. We see her slip out of bed and get dressed to kill.

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