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  • After his father Simon Fort is gravely assaulted and left for dead, Lucas is a mental mess, ready to leave the pack leadership to Brett, who instead concentrates on Andie, ready unlike her to try the risks of a succubus lover under novel medication. Nick now learns of the werewolf community and its smoldering rivalry with the vampires, which will turn the town into a bloodbath if the killer is a vampire. Ultimately he works out that unpopular Simon, who had enemies in both communities, also abused his family once too often. Christian forces 'rival' Dylan to face his wife's infidelity, albeit past, but pays a terrible price.

  • When Lukas' father is assaulted and left for dead, Nick must diffuse a potential turf war between Vampires and Werewolves; finding solace in their shared angst, Andie and Brett rekindle their relationship; Mia, upset that Peg won't teach her the secrets of witchcraft, turns to Devon for tutelage; and Claire reaches a crossroads when Christian threatens to reveal the true nature of their relationship.


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  • "The Gates" - "Dog Eat Dog" - August 15, 2010

    It's a lovely day in the Gates as the Monahans attend the monthly homeowners meeting, in which each group of cliques sticks together and fights. One pair of men actually fights, seemingly over sprinklers but one is clearly a vampire, Ben McAllister and the other a werewolf, Simon Ford.

    Later, when his wife Joan tries to ease the tension, Simon grabs his wife harshly, yells at her and Lukas and takes off.

    The next morning Sarah runs in the sunshine. She stops when she sees Simon Ford, lying mauled inside the contentious sprinklers.

    Simon lays in the hospital. Nick comes to visit. His wife says he's not in pain. She says it was obviously Ben McAllister. She admits Simon went out the night before. Nick reassures her, and Coach Ross, who, oddly, is there, that he'll find out who did this. The coach tells Joan to consider what she's saying, if Ben McAllister did it, a vampire, it won't end well.

    Dr. Peg finds "devil's weed" outside Devon's spa and points out it's used for dark magic. She tells her to get rid of it and that she won't tell her again. Mia emerges from Devon's backroom saying she's never seen her mom so mad. Devon says sometimes Dr. Peg just doesn't understand but Devon understands Mia's growing up and she's happy to teach her what she knows.

    Clair and Dylan talk about Simon Ford and he concludes it's some kind of weird werewolf power play and not a vampire-werewolf truce break.

    Mia and Andie chat in the hallway. Brett and his gang walk by and wave. Mia is suspicious that Brett's friends now like Andie and wonders if there's something Andie's not telling her. Charlie approaches and Andie runs off. Mia can't explain it to him since Andie doesn't talk to her anymore really either.

    Brett and the gang encounter Lukas and ask after his dad. Lukas is no longer mad Brett's been out running without him and says if he wants to lead the pack he can.

    Nick interviews Ben McAllister, who has an international conference call alibi. He admits to not liking Simon Ford and says he's not afraid of him. He tells him to focus on the people Simon has hurt like Coach Ross.

    Marcus digs up info on a fight between Ross and Ford in which Ross didn't press charges.

    Christian drops by to visit Clair and she's incensed. She tells him to get out. He says he just wanted to invite her to dinner at his place at 8. And if she doesn't come he'll have no choice to tell Dylan that she's been hunting with Christian and lying to him.

    Nick interviews Ross about the fight. Simon beat him to a pulp over a parking space. Ross has an alibi. He says Simon has a lot of friends. Nick says others say different.

    Marcus canvassed Simon's street and none of his neighbors heard anything.

    At school Brett invites Andie to the lake after school. She wonders what he told his friends about her, since they seem to like her now. He says only that she was special, no details. She tells Brett about the medicine and not taking it and almost hurting Charlie. He says he understands and that he was always worried that when they were dating that he would hurt her but he was careful and they were lucky.

    Nick talks to Lukas at the hospital. Lukas swears he and his mom didn't hear anything. Mom was in bed. Lukas had his headphones on. He asks if Simon had enemies but before he can answer Joan arrives to tell him to go back to school. She wants to know why Nick hasn't arrested Ben McAllister. Nick says he doesn't think he did it. They return to Simon's room and he is gone, apparently having jumped out a fourth story window.

    Clair meets Christian. She thinks he seems determined to destroy the life she has. He says he's just trying to save "us." He offers her a ring. She says she can't accept it. He says Dylan was a mistake and that he, Christian should've been the one who turned her, he hesitated but he can change it. She says she never felt that way about him and she's sorry about that. Christian promises he sees how special she is and wants to make her happy. He says he loves her. She says she loves Dylan and if he wants to tell him about the hunting to go ahead because it can't break the bond between her and Dylan. He goes crazy and says the bond can be broken. She says she doesn't want this, she wants to be with Dylan. He attacks her and bites her neck. She screams. Dylan wakes up fangs out, knowing something's wrong.

    The doctor is telling Nick that even if Simon woke up there's no way he left the hospital under his own power. No one entered or left the room. Front security cameras caught Nick running away.

    At school Charlie catches up to Andie and asks her what's wrong. She says she's been thinking and she realized that them being together is not a good idea. Charlie is hurt and doesn't understand. She says she made a mistake and didn't mean to hurt him and apologizes. He asks why. She walks away. He's very hurt.

    Clair returns home, trying to be quiet. Dylan is waiting on the couch. He looks at her neck. She says it wasn't her choice. She tells him Christian did it. He asks if he's supposed to believe this just happened, she broke their bond and she had nothing to do with it. She says no and admits they've been hunting together outside the Gates and when she tried to put a stop to it and him he wouldn't allow it, that he wanted more and he wanted her. Dylan says well Christian is now the only one who wants her. She says she told Christian that's what he would say but she knows it's not true. He asks for her cell phone. She gives it to him. He storms out. She sits and cries.

    Nick and Marcus try and figure out how and where Simon Ford went. They find his IV and hospital gown and cell phone on the ground.

    At school Mia is mad at Andie for breaking up with Charlie and thinks she's doing the same thing to Mia. Andie says it's not true, Mia is her best friend and she knows she hasn't been a good friend lately. Mia tells her to tell her what's going on. Andie says if she wants to know the truth it's that she's a freak and now Mia won't want to be her friend. Mia says she will be her friend no matter what. Andie shows her the crazy succubus back vein.

    Dylan sends Christian a message from Clair's phone asking to meet. Dylan attacks him.

    Mia confronts her mom about not telling her about Andie. Dr. Peg cites doctor-patient privilege. Peg says as long as Andie takes her meds she'll be fine. Mia asks what if she doesn't? Peg says Andie's body will turn on her and kill her. Mia asks if there isn't a more permanent solution. Peg says no.

    Marcus reports the cell phone belonged to a nurse at the hospital. Simon made one call, to Karen Kresky.

    Nick goes to Karen's house and overhears Ross and Karen arguing about helping Simon. She says he called her because he knew she'd do whatever if he wanted if it meant he would leave and never come back. Ross senses someone outside, he puts his fist through a kitchen window and pulls Nick through. He and Karen, eyes wolf blazing corner Nick. He pulls out his gun. They calm down. Ross apologizes and says he thought he was a vampire and he knows Nick knows about the vampires and about them. He tells Nick to put his gun away and that they won't hurt him. Nick does. Ross helps him up. Nick asks them what they are. Karen says their werewolves. As he digests this news they explain they thought Simon's attack was by another wolf trying to assume Simon's alpha dog position but since it doesn't appear to be it must've been a vampire which means the decade old truce between the two parties in the Gates has been broken and that no one not even the humans living here will be safe.

    Nick offers to get Dylan and McAllister to have a sitdown with the wolves. They say they'll try to get Joan to convince the wolves. Now that he knows about superwolf hearing he wonders if Lukas' story about headphones makes sense. Ross says wolves can't use headphones since they'd be too deafening.

    Nick goes to Lukas. Joan is mad Ross told Nick about them. Nick thinks Lukas attacked Simon, and he's right. Lukas was mad Simon tried to hit Joan. Lukas explains that he heard his dad coming down the street and he was clumsy and drunk and when he got drunk he got evil so he went outside to confront him and his dad started yelling at him that he was an idiot and then before he knew it, he hit his dad. And then he kept hitting him, it was easier than it should've been and he couldn't control himself. Joan asks Nick what he's going to do. Nick says nothing. Simon is gone and he can't fault Lukas for standing up to his dad. Problem is he can't tell the others this because since Lukas defeated Simon it makes Lukas alpha dog and the others will challenge him and possibly kill him.

    Brett and Andie sit in her room and she daydreams. He asks if she's okay. She says she's just tired. She worries that she can make Brett sick too, even if he is a werewolf. He says he's not worried. He cuts himself with some scissors and she watches as the wound immediately closes. She's amazed. She wonders about Simon Ford. He says he didn't say they couldn't be killed. She says so they don't know what would happen if say they kissed. He says not until they try but he reassures her when they do, it will be okay.

    Out in the wood, Dylan and Christian talk about rights. Christian says he had no right to try to change Clair. Dylan douses Christian, who is tied to a tree, with something. Christian says Dylan can try to go straight with the fancy house and the regular job and the pretty little human daughter and all the fancy trappings but he isn't a human being and neither is Clair. Dylan douses him again. Then he starts to wipe his face and says Christian never should've come back. Christian keeps saying "we're friends, what are you doing." Dylan gets in his car and says goodbye. The sun rises and without whatever the protective lotion they use on his face he begins to burn.

    Nick and Lukas goes to talk to Ross and explains that since Lukas is only 15 there has to be some way to protect him. Ross says he'll say he decided to challenge Simon, as beta it was his right. He thinks he can handle it. Ross shakes Nick's hand and thanks him for treating them with respect since it's been a long time since there's been someone in Nick's position that they could trust.

    Dylan returns home and Clair asks what he did. He says he fixed it. He says in spite of all her lies she's still his wife.

    Sarah brings Nick a beer in their backyard. She says this case scared her. Nick says Simon Ford got mixed up with the wrong people and she shouldn't worry. She tells him dinner's ready. He asks if she's okay and she says she is and that she loves him. She goes in. Simon Ford shows up. He says he's leaving and he's here to give Nick a warning: vampires are not trustworthy. Nick says he's not on anybody's side especially since he didn't know there were sides until today. Simon says this is good because vampires and werewolves weren't meant to live side by side, it's unnatural and that Buckley may think they can hold it together but the day is coming and Nick doesn't want to be here when it does. He tells him to tell Lukas that he's proud of him. He runs off and transforms into wolf s he does.

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