"Mildred Pierce" Part Five (TV Episode 2011) Poster

(TV Mini-Series)


Guy Pearce: Monty Beragon


  • Monty Beragon : Sit down a minute and take a lesson in interior decorating.

    Mildred Pierce : Love lessons in decorating.

    Monty Beragon : Do you know the best room I was ever in?

    Mildred Pierce : No, tell me.

    Monty Beragon : That den of yours, or Bert's rather, over in Glendale. Everything in that room meant something to that guy. Those banquets, those foolish looking blueprints of houses that'll never be built. They do things to you because it's all part of him and that's why the room is good. And do you know the worst room I was ever in?

    Mildred Pierce : Go on. I'm learning.

    Monty Beragon : It's that living room of yours in the same house. Not one thing in it, until that piano came, ever meant a thing to you - or anybody else. You see, a home isn't meant to be a museum filled with Picasso paintings or oriental rugs like this place used to be. It's meant to be furnished with things that actually matter. Let's have this place the way we want it. And if you don't like the "pie wagon" corner, I do.

  • Veda Pierce : Does it make a difference what she thinks? Or what she pays for?

    Monty Beragon : You thought you held the strings on everybody, didn't you? You thought you could come around and dress me up and use me as bait to lure your famous daughter back to the teat!

    Mildred Pierce : No.

    Monty Beragon : But it was live bait, Mildred. It was live bait! And guess what? This time the quarry and the bait fell in love! No kidding! And for the first time in your life, there's nothing, you hear me, nothing you can do about it!

    Veda Pierce : Darling, please. All this screaming. Get dressed now and we'll clear out.

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