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  • To mayor Frank Buckley's horror, making love kills his wife Vanessa. Dylan works out she's poisoned with an expertly potion, containing vampire blood, actually obtained by blackmail from his wife, potentially the spark to start a war with the werewolves. The Radcliffs consider moving out after receiving a morbid death threat at home. Devon is found the culprit, but fled. The kids get along, despite tensions concerning Andie's succubus control medication.

  • Buckley and Vanessa make a controversial decision that threatens to tear apart the neighborhood. Reeling from the discovery that The Gates is teeming with Supernaturals, Sarah pulls away from those who kept her in the dark and seeks respite in her friendship with Devon. But Sarah is about to find out that Devon is the one person she should never have trusted. And angered that Andie and Charlie are once again an item, Brett resorts to drastic measures--ones that will have lasting consequences.


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  • "The Gates" - "Bad Moon Rising" - Sept. 19, 2010

    Sarah is still reeling from the news about her supernatural neighbors and it's causing her to have horrible nightmares. Nick promises her that things will get better and that these "monsters" are actually good people. But, he says, if after a little more time Sarah wants to skedaddle from the Gates he will be totally cool with that.

    So tonight's big issue is that Frank Buckley is dying. So, since it's his and Vanessa's anniversary they decide that she will turn him into a vampire so they can live and love together forever. Apparently, making this kind of decision is fraught with Gates politics, however as Ross (the alpha male of the wolfpack) sees it, Buckley is choosing sides. Buckley would hope that since he's done so much to protect the entire supernatural community that they would understand but the wolves are not happy. The vampires, led by Dylan, aren't much happier since it makes the wolves unhappy.

    Really unhappy about all of this is Devon, who is still seething that her ex-husband not only cheated on her with Vanessa but then married her and now apparently is willing to commit to spending eternity with her. Claire relishes telling Devon that the deed will be going down at Vanessa and Frank's anniversary party at her house that evening. So Devon heads to her back room, grabs the vamp blood Claire gave her, and brews up a nasty little potion.

    She heads over to Sarah's to "vent" her frustration about Frank but she clearly has an ulterior motive. But Sarah is so distracted by recent revelations she's having trouble thinking straight. Devon surmises what has happened and says, "we humans have to stick together." She then places Sarah under one of her spells saying Sarah needs to speak to Frank at the party tonight and places something in her hand.

    Before the party Nick tells Sarah about Vanessa turning Frank and is surprised how well she takes it. She says maybe she's not so easy to shock anymore.

    At the Radcliff soiree Claire and Karen try to be friendly to Sarah, who is understandably frightened of them. They try to convince her that who they are remains the same. Sarah is unsure and heads over to speak to Buckley. She confronts him about bringing her and her family to the Gates, but he tries to reassure her that everything can be beautiful here. Bad timing, then, since at that moment there's a banging on the door and it's opened to reveal that someone has nailed a deer heart to the door with a note that says, "Even vampires die!" Ross assures Buckley it wasn't the pack. They have arrived to reassure Buckley that, after thinking on it, they're cool with his decision to vamp out.

    But there's a problem with that. Later that evening, when Vanessa goes to drain him to start the transformation process, she shrivels up and dies after just a few gulps of his blood. Somebody poisoned Frank with something that won't kill him but will be deadly to vampires, and which makes his blood irresistible to the wolves. Frank, of course, is devastated. Joining him in devastation is Sarah, who at first can't remember anything about the previous evening and then she flashes back and realizes Devon put a vial in her hand and that she dumped said vial into Frank's wine under Devon's spell. So, she actually killed Vanessa. Frank is distraught that someone in the Gates wants him dead and that his beloved is gone, so he shoots himself. Dylan has the coroner incinerate the body. Nick tells Sarah they are leaving the Gates.

    Somehow Devon knows the jig is up and skips town. Claire worries that as long as she's out there, she will have something hanging over their heads: the fact that Claire gave her vamp blood in exchange for her silence.

    In the night's teen angst storyline, the herbal remedy Mia gave Andie seems to be working and she's eager to test that theory with Charlie, who is skittish but willing. When Brett finds out from Lexie and Lucas, after an afternoon drinking in the woods, that the pair are back together and may be able to be "together" thanks to the remedy, he freaks and tears off to Andie's house. The last image we see is Brett with wolf eyes standing menacingly over Andie's bed, eyeing both the girl and her medicine bottle.

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