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10 Jan. 2014
Camp Camp
Coach Salmons loves being a camp counselor at Camp Camp, but can't help but be competitive with his sister, who leads a summer camp next door. Meanwhile, Bea tries to figure out just where her relationship with Brandon Bubbler stands.
21 Feb. 2014
Surfing the Interwet/Don't Let the Fish Drive the Pary Bus
SURFING THE INTERWET - Ms. Lips entertains herself by watching online videos, including footage from a dating show from the 1980's. DON'T LET THE FISH DRIVE THE PARTY BUS - Milo throws a party on a party bus and attempts to get Mr. Baldwin to attend. Meanwhile, Oscar, Jumbo and Albert recruit some hot boys at Shellsea's request, and Shellsea goes on a mission to get party snacks.
27 Mar. 2014
Fish Taco/Freshwater Lives
FISH TACO - When Finberley accidentally gives a fish taco away to the wrong customer, she unwittingly sets off a chain reaction of events that eventually affects the entire mall. FRESHWATER LIVES - Milo breaks into a time capsule and accidentally resurrects Ezekiel Freshwater, founder of the city of the same name.
4 Apr. 2014
The Big Woo
Graduation time has come and Oscar finally confesses something to Bee.

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