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  • Erica, seeking revenge against Anna, heads to Hong Kong to carry out a mission to strike a lethal blow against Anna. Meanwhile, Anna learns that Tyler's phosphorous level is too low - even after the Red Rain -- and he might become useless to her; and Lisa and Diana bond, beginning to form an alliance against Anna.


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  • "V" - "Birth Pangs" - Feb. 22, 2011

    In the wake of father's death, Tyler has moved to the mothership and is doing pilot training. He has to do a final physical first though, which apparently involves shaving his head.

    Anna tells Thomas that now everything is on course for the next phase of interbreeding.

    Father Jack moves into FC HQ with Hobbes.

    Erica arrives and says she's okay and doesn't want to talk about it.

    Fiero, Eli's guy, shows up. Erica says with his help they can give Anna the war that Eli wanted. Fiero says the FC lieutenants are gathering in Bangkok to work on their next move. Erica will join them as their new leader.

    Tyler's phosporous level is shockingly low, he might not have enough to make him "viable." They look at back-up candidates including Rafael from Barcelona. Anna wants him to meet with Lisa, and that she will bred with whoever Anna says. She has them inject phosphorous into Tyler and sends him off on a mission so Lisa can get cozy with Rafael. If the phosphorous doesn't take in Tyler who won't be useful to them.

    The FC gang arrives in Bangkok. The others don't feel like trusting Erica like Fiero and have their own plans. Erica says their former plans didn't work and it's time to do it her way and bring the fight to Anna. Fiero tells them to give her a chance. They ask for a plan before they'll blindly follow.

    Anna and Lisa chat about their success in becoming Tyler's family. Anna tells Lisa about her need to "entertain" Rafael. Lisa worries about Tyler. Anna tells her not to question her orders.

    Anna checks in with Jack, Sid, Kyle, and Chad via computer from Bangkok. (She's on bereavement leave). Chad tells them that Anna has stopped the live-aboard program which means she must've gotten what she needed. She tells Chad to check in with Lisa. Sid is checking into other boys with similar DNA issues as Tyler.

    Hobbes and Erica talk with Fiero about Eli's son's death, which mirrored the deaths of other infants at the time, probably because of the DNA issues. They've all been looking for the "specialist" Dr. Rye who treated all of the moms, including Erica. She's been found in Hong Kong so the gang is heading there next.

    Anna asks Joshua about the possibility that Lisa is experiencing human emotions. Anna wants him to lie to her, say that his memory is returning and that he's experiencing them too so she'll open up to him, and then he can report back to Anna what he learns.

    Lisa goes to visit Diana. She explains about Anna's orders to get close to a new boy. Lisa denies caring about Tyler. Diana tells her to embrace her emotions since they will give her power as they have Diana. But she counsels Lisa to hide those feelings from Anna. She tells her to protect herself by "entertaining" Rafael, since her safety and V survival depends upon it.

    Chad comes aboard and approaches Lisa about doing an exclusive interview with her. Lisa says if her mother wants it she'll do that. Chad drops that he's "working" with Erica and that he needs her help. He asks about the torture of the live-aboards.

    Lisa goes to a room and begins scanning through pictures of the live aboards who were tortured. Joshua observes her doing this. He leaves without her noticing. He then approaches her and says that fragments of his memory are returning, he knows he was Fifth Column and had human emotions and wants to talk about it with her. She says it's obvious that he remembers wrong. He agrees and asks her forgiveness.

    The FC gang is now in Hong Kong. They meet a contact who has seen Dr. Rye, who's living under an assumed name in a highly secure building. They have a short window to get in and get info: 15 minutes. Fiero and the Hong Kong guy do the hacking as Hobbes and Erica infiltrate. The clock starts ticking and they get to her apartment. Hobbes pretends to be a security guy and they come in brandishing weapons. Erica demands answers but the woman claims she doesn't know who she is. They hold her down and do the flap test and discover she's a V. Erica threatens to skin her and asks where her safe is. They head to the bedroom Before they can open it the woman breaks free and throws herself off her balcony, taking her "burn-me-up" pill on the way down.

    Erica and Hobbes rush to to open the safes with MacGyer-like skill. They have a close moment under the safe that's kinda sexy and then they move on. He blows open the safe and they start grabbing the contents and run. They make it out by the skin of their teeth.

    Back in NYC Ryan catches up with Jack. Ryan says he never gave up their names but Jack doesn't want to hear it. Ryan said he had to keep his baby away from Anna and he needs help. He thought Jack would understand the most about people needing second chances. Jack says he's not a priest anymore so it's not his job to absolve him.

    Erica opens the groovy little gadget that Rye had in her safe, one of those dealies that pops out a movable video screen. One shows a map of the world with 29 cities: the ships are over those cities because there are 29 other boys like Tyler. Erica realizes that this means Tyler is expendable. Hobbes promises they'll figure it out and will keep Tyler safe.

    They examine pre-natal vitamins in her safe. They crack one open and thousands of tiny red eggs/bugs come skittering out, seemingly of their own accord, running across the table away from them.

    Hobbes returns to FC HQ in NYC. Former Father Jack is reading his Bible. Hobbes explains Sid is examining the egg/bugs and reveals the info about the 28 other boys.

    Jack gets a call and it's Erica. He tells her he'll be right there.

    Lisa calls Chad and says she's sending him info about why Anna canceled the live aboards.

    Sid explains that the pre-natal creepy crawlies are the ones that did the work of stripping the DNA strands of the fetuses when the mothers took them. Chad arrives with the info. Anna isn't choosing the live-aboards randomly, she's picking the best of the best from a DNA standpoint and stealing that DNA with her crazy, many-needled torture device. Sid realizes this means their evolution is unbelievable and this is the reason they're keeping humans alive instead of annihilating them, they're using humans to fast track their own evolution.

    Joshua reports to Anna that Lisa didn't fall for her human emotions test and that he saw her looking through medical files although he's not sure which ones.

    Lisa goes to meet Rafael. He's impressed with the ship. She promises he's only seen a small part and once she's shown him the rest he'll never want to leave. She calls him very handsome and starts making out with him. Then she stops and says she can't do it, apologizes, and runs away. Anna watches all of this and is not happy.

    She goes to Lisa, who is looking at a photo of Tyler. Lisa says she's tired of being told what to do and wants to know what Anna's plan is. Anna is shocked her daughter is talking to her this way. She senses Lisa wants to hit her. She wonders what's stopping her. So Anna slugs Lisa. Lisa slugs her back drawing blood. Lisa immediately apologizes and says she didn't mean it. Anna says it's okay, it's just her breeding skin making her feel aggression about being queen. But, and then she grabs Lisa's face hard, Lisa isn't queen yet and until she is she must do what Anna says.

    Anna goes to Joshua and says the problem with Lisa may be worse than first feared. He says inter-breeding can't start without her. Anna shows him a funky looking floating blob. It's a queen egg. She says she had it preserved, the last of her "clutch" and if Lisa's no good they can use this egg, but it's their only alternative. The survival of the egg is paramount, she wants Joshua to hatch it and age it rapidly. He says it will take years since their accelerated growth experiments haven't really worked out yet. She says to run more and use Ryan's hybrid baby to do it. He notes it was more Visitor-like when it was born- lizardy with a tail- so it could be a good subject but it might result in the hybrid's death. Anna says she'll die serving her queen then.

    Erica explains the V master plan to the FC lieutenants from around the world via laptop. They say they're ready to follow her. She says they're going to stop the final group of live-aboards from getting their DNA snatched.

    Tyler returns and Anna wants his phosphorous levels checked. Rafael is still on board but Lisa must be dealt with. Joshua reports that the age acceleration experiment with the hybrid had some unintended side effects including strengthening her immune system, meaning her body has healed itself of its chronic pain, meaning they no longer have leverage over Ryan. Ryan enters and can't believe how much his daughter has grown. What was a crying baby is now a running toddler. She runs to Anna and calls her mommy. Anna says since Eli is dead and the FC is neutralized Ryan's reward is spending a few hours with his daughter. He thanks her, his queen.

    She leaves and tells her henchmen that since Ryan's cover has been blown with the FC he's no longer of use to them and should be eliminated quickly and quietly.

    Tyler is full of excitement on his return. Lisa grabs and hugs him and says she missed him. He says he missed her too but has to race off to do flight stuff. Lisa says she knows he must be upset about his dad and should stop holding in his emotions. He says he doesn't want to feel his emotions, he just wants to feel nothing, be a shuttle pilot and forget about his past.

    Lisa returns to Diana and confesses she does care about Tyler and is sad he doesn't seem to want to be with her. Lisa is grateful to her. Diana says she long ago learned about the usefulness of human emotion. Lisa is moony over Tyler and admits she lost it with her mom. Diana says this is dangerous and she needs to trust no one else but her and keep her presence a secret. Diana says she knows Lisa is afraid but that it will be okay. She then hugs Lisa. Lisa asks why Diana is doing this and Diana says because her mother never did. Lisa likes the hug. She gives Diana some kind of communication device, the little blue ball, so they can talk to each other without Anna finding out. Diana likes this and smiles.

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