Paranormal Activity 3 (2011) Poster

Lauren Bittner: Julie



  • Dennis : [Julie and Dennis are about to make a sex tape of themselves; Julie is smoking marijuana]  Julie, do the voice.

    [in a funny voice] 

    Dennis : Dennis.

    Julie : [takes another puff of her joint, then does her funny accented voice]  What voice?

    Dennis : [Dennis starts laughing] 

    Julie : This voice? Dennis, I can't believe you're filming me smoke mari-juana.

  • Dennis : [about to shoot a sex tape with Julie]  All right. It's time.

    Julie : Don't film this.

    Dennis : Why not?

    Julie : It's illegal.

    Dennis : [Dennis starts laughing] 

    Julie : Don't laugh.

    Dennis : We haven't even started smoking it, and you're already paranoid.

    Julie : It's illegal. What if my kids find me? I'm a mother.

    Dennis : Now relax.

    Julie : [simultaneously]  Seriously, Dennis.

    Dennis : [starts mocking]  Seriously, Julie. Let's get really serious. Seriously.

    Julie : Shut up.

    Dennis : Let's be serious.

    Julie : Alright.

  • Julie : [re-watching the sex tape over a mysterious presence from the video]  Dennis. Oh, my God, I look so fat.

    Dennis : You don't look fat.

    Julie : Look at the size of me on top of you.

    Dennis : You look beautiful. You look like you can't breathe 'cause I'm sitting on top of you. I want another shot at doing one of these.

  • Dennis : [static crackling, the timeline is September 1988 in Santa Rosa, California]  All right and there she is. The mother of the birthday girl, my girlfriend...

    Julie : [shot of Katie's birthday cake]  Chocolate, chocolate, rainbow stuff.

    Dennis : That is a good-looking cake.

    Julie : Which is exactly what she wanted.

    Dennis : Beautiful. Just beautiful. And you're beautiful. I don't know how you do it.

  • Randy Rosen : [the guys are looking over the footage from last night]  How many hours of footage do you have?

    Dennis : This is the job, man. I got two cameras, six hours each. Twelve hours.

    Randy Rosen : Twelve hours of footage?

    Dennis : Yeah. Got to do it, man. I'm seriously gonna review it...

    Randy Rosen : ...of footage every day?

    Dennis : Yes. Now, please, I'm trying to concentrate.

    Randy Rosen : That's so stupid. There's only 24 hours in a day, Dennis.

    Randy Rosen : [Julie watches the boys]  Hey, Julie.

    Julie : ...going?

    Dennis : Um... Good. You want to step into my office and do some work with me or...

    Julie : No. You find anything?

    Randy Rosen : Yes, actually. We did find something. We found that your family sleeps all night. Oh!

    Julie : Very funny, Randy.

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