Paranormal Activity 3 (2011) Poster

Chloe Csengery: Katie



  • Katie : [playing the Bloody Mary game, Katie first explains it]  So, you say Bloody Mary three times.

    Randy Rosen : Mmm-hmm.

    Katie : And then you wait a little bit and then you turn the lights back on; and then you're supposed to see her body in the mirror and she's gonna try to kill you.

    Randy Rosen : Try and kill you. Good game.


    Katie : Yep.

    Randy Rosen : I don't know why you wanna play this- One of us is gonna be dead by the end of it. I guess it's a one-time game. Okay, let's do it.

    Katie , Randy Rosen : Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary.

    Katie : [Randy turns on the light as nothing happens]  Randy!

    Randy Rosen : Nothing happened.


    Katie : You turned the light on too soon!

    Randy Rosen : Oh, come on, Katie. This is stupid.

    [as he walks to the door] 

    Katie : No, no, no, no, no, no, no! You can't leave!

    [blocking the door] 

    Randy Rosen : Let's just go play doll house or something.

    Katie : No, you didn't do it right.

    Randy Rosen : What did I not do right?

    Katie : You need to keep the light off longer.

    Randy Rosen : Okay. Okay. All right. You wanna play Bloody Mary? Let's play Bloody Mary.

    Katie : Okay, ready?

    Randy Rosen : You're not gonna see anybody play Bloody Mary like I'm about to play Bloody Mary.

  • Randy Rosen : [Randy goes to investigate what had happened outside the bathroom; once he's outside, the table nearby is violently trashed right in front of Randy, frightening him]  Holy fuck!

    Randy Rosen : [Randy closes the door, exclaiming frightfully]  Okay...

    [turns the camera onto a horrified Katie] 

    Randy Rosen : Nothing happened.

    Katie : You okay?

    Randy Rosen : Nothing. You're fine.

    Katie : [upset]  I wanna get out of here!

    Randy Rosen : It's okay, all right? We're gonna get out of here.

    [to himself] 

    Randy Rosen : Come on, Randy!

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