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very disappointing
mattinja23 November 2013
Warning: Spoilers
The movie attempts to expose the socioeconomic environment of Cuba following the recent financial crisis resulting from the collapse of Castro's communist dream. While highlighting the poverty, the movie came across as nihilistic and its portrayal of the modern youth. The characters in the movie were voluntarily infecting themselves with AIDS virus as an escape from desperate conditions. The movie offers no message of hope nor does it show available resources that might offer an alternative to those seeking to get out of the streets. Considering the dire economic conditions obscuring most of Latin America, it is the film's makers duty to not only expose such conditions but to leave a message of hope to the audience regardless of how tragic the plot might be. This movie fails in the latter. The only thing it has managed to illustrate with explicit and gratuitous sexuality is the stupidity and self-destructiveness of Latin American youth living in poverty. Most reprehensibly it shows that these people have no other option but to accept the impasse of their destinies.
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