While We're Young (2014) Poster

Ben Stiller: Josh



  • Josh : For the first time in my life I've stopped thinking of myself as a child imitating an adult.

    Cornelia : You feel that way too?

  • Josh : It's like... he once saw a sincere person and he's been imitating him ever since.

  • Cornelia : I wish you'd look at me the way you look at Jamie and Darby. When we first met, you wooed me with romantic e-mails.

    Josh : It wouldn't make sense for me to send you e-mails now that we're in the same room all the time.

  • Josh : I like our life as it is.

    Cornelia : Yeah. I mean if we wanted to take off to Paris tomorrow we could.

    Josh : If we're gonna do it, we should plan it with at least a month in advance.

    Cornelia : A month is still in the realm of spontaneity.

  • [Last lines] 

    Josh : He's not evil. He's just young.

  • Dr. Nagato : You have arthritis in your knee.

    Josh : Arthritis arthritis?

    Dr. Nagato : Yes. I usually just say it once.

  • Josh : Let's have kids.

    Cornelia : I don't want this to be 'Every time you take a hallucinogen you want to have a baby'.

    Josh : Not every time.

  • Josh : You know, fuck you.

    Cornelia : Fuck you. Don't talk to me like that.

    Josh : I'm saying "fuck you" the way Jamie and Darby say it, where it's not a real "fuck you," it's a semi-playful "fuck you."

    Cornelia : We're not Jamie and Darby. We don't talk to each other that way. If you say "fuck you" to me, it feels like a real "fuck you."

    Josh : It is real.

    Cornelia : Fuck you. And not semi-playfully either.

    Josh : Fuck you. Total, real, cutting-to-the-core, fuck you.

  • Cornelia : My dad likes saying, "The more, the more."

    Josh : That's because your dad has everything and then he gets more.

  • Josh : I've learned along the way you can discover more by allowing yourself to be surprised by what you encounter.

  • Jamie : I really loved your film. That scene with the dogs around the garbage. How did you stage that?

    Josh : I said 'Hey, shoot those dogs'.

  • Cornelia : They made a house out of twigs. And the wolf came.

    Josh : He blows it down.

    Cornelia : Yeah, but what happens in the middle?

    Josh : I keep wanting to do 'This little piggy went to the market, but that's with the toes'.

  • Leslie Breitbart : How's my daughter?

    Josh : How's she seem to you?

    Leslie Breitbart : Seems well.

    Josh : So why are you asking me?

  • [a beach ball hits Josh's head] 

    Josh : Aaaah, what the shit? Watch it!

    Ball thrower : I love you!

    Josh : Ah, all right.

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