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Shock value over quality
gring012 April 2011
Warning: Spoilers
The writers are throwing in the kitchen sink by now. The victim wasn't even a "special victim", so why SVU is wasting its time and resources on the case is left unexplained. What was the point of putting so much effort in presenting a suspect who happens to be an Italian immigrant who has not been able to sleep for 15 months, three shy from what is usually determined to be the time victims expire, only to drop the character and move on? It's no wonder that Stabler himself looked bemused when they were taking leave of him. It was a lazy attempt at a MacGuffin which did nothing to move the plot in a sensible direction. To end the episode with a forced use of 'twincest' also reeks of desperation for scandal rather than imaginative writing. The final nail in the coffin is the re-used music that is heard at the club playing in the background which is identical to that used in the background of the Law and Order: Criminal Intent episode "Purgatory." Even the stock music is redundant.

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tiffanilynn-133775 October 2019
This would have been a decent episode but Rose McGowan's poor acting and silicon face made everything sour.
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Secret Swingers
bkoganbing8 June 2016
Tom Irwin is stabbed in a parking lot in a most indecent part of his body. It's kind of touch and go to see if he's even going to survive. But the nature of the stabbing is what brings SVU into the case.

Irwin and his wife at first glance are the most all American of couples, their own teenage daughter has just started dating under the strictest of supervision. But in actuality these two belong to a swinger's club and it's their activities there that get Irwin stabbed up.

Or more Irwin's in particular. He's fallen for a variation of the old badger game by a pair of con artists the beautiful and seductive Rose McGowan and her biker boyfriend Ryan Hurst.

But that's far from the end of it. This story ends in tragedy all around for victims and perpetrators and nobody here is really all one or the other.

Rose McGowan will certainly get the male hormones jumping. And Irwin proves to be one huge patsy. Nice performances all around.
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